Low Key Burrito

1922 E 4th St, Long Beach

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Nick C.

Definitely make the trek for Lowkey! Follow their Instagram to see when/where they will pop-up next. When I went, they were at Mad Lab Coffee, and I had an amazing breakfast burrito. Make sure to come early too--I came about an hour before they were going to close and I got one of the last jalapeno crusts and one of the last burritos overall. The burrito is huge and very rich, so you will likely have leftovers. You can easily split a burrito with someone too. The owner Matt and the rest of the staff were so incredibly kind. Thank you to all of you for all the hard work you put in to make this delicious food. Looking forward to be back!

Paul A.

I'm literally from Texas, I know burritos. Disappointing. They didn't have avocados, and they were experimenting with cheap tater tots instead of the regular potatoes they usually use. Aside from those gaffes, the "grass fed beef" was weirdly lumped ground beef. There wasn't a real balance with the food so it super salty. I saw them salting the tots, the eggs, and the meat adding to the cheese crust; it made me feel like I was licking a salt rock in the ocean. No fresh ingredients, and no salsa. They need salsa, something to save what's going on there.

Sophie B.

I had been following Lowkey on Instagram for quite sometime now after seeing them on a show (I think on Hulu). I was excited to see they were popping up right by my house outside a coffee store on a Saturday. I arrived around 10am and there was around 10 or so people before me. The line moved a little slowly, but that's to be expected so they don't overwhelm the cooking staff with orders. I ordered the tri tip special with creama, pickled onions and salsa verde, plus two other burritos for my husband and his dad. The young girl taking orders was super friendly and bubbly. It took approximately 20 mins or so for the burritos to be ready, but I didn't mind waiting. The owner Matt made some chit chat and apologized for the wait, said they were a staff member down today. I drove as quick as I could to get home with the burritos still warm on arrival. Everyone around the dining table was silent except for their audible groans of appreciation for the delicious burritos. There was ample tri tip in my burrito, more than I ever expected. They were heavy and delicious. The pickled onions gave a refreshing hit to the bites that cut through some of the heavier ingredients such as the cheese. All plates were licked clean and 10/10 approval from our household.

Skyler B.

They actually have multiple pop up locations so make sure to check their social media to make sure you're going to the right spot. Definitely make sure to come early because their meat was all sold out. Their burrito is super fresh, all the salads and jalapeños cheese works great together

Lee F.

You get a massive Breakfast Burrito here. I would pay an extra dollar to get it wrapped with cheese. It tasted great with avocado. I would eat here again for sure.

Erik L.

The short rib burrito was an ambitious undertaking and came in at $39 per. The components were great but felt it was missing something to counter balance the fat/richness- The pickled red onions were not enough accomplish this.

Adam F.

I still miss the old food menu at Rosemallows, before they switched last month to temporarily only serving drinks, with rotating food vendors providing the food - but I have also been enjoying the variety. I'd been hearing about the new cheese-crusted burrito trend for a while, and the pictures looked fantastic, so when I saw these guys would be at Rosemallows last weekend, I made sure to check them out. They just had one burrito with a bunch of addons, so I got one with almost everything ($13 - $8 for the base burrito with eggs, potatoes, cheese and salsa, add $1 for onions and peppers, 2 for bacon, and $2 for jalapeno cheese crust. I skipped the $2 for avocado - figured it'd be rich enough.) My only major complaint, at least that night, was that it took ~20 minutes to put an order in and another ~25 to get the burrito) - but it was good enough, I'd say it was worth the wait (plus I was at a great bar, so the main consequence of waiting was that I had to order an extra cocktail, haha.) Anyway, about 45 minutes after I walked in, I had a breakfast burrito in my hand, and it was a *monster*. There was plenty of everything, gooey cheese everywhere, bacon everywhere, everything just the right proportion, and of course, the jalapeno-cheese crust is just brilliant, and perfectly spicy, too. (Though my other minor complaint: it was odd Just they just gave me a burrito wrapped in foil instead of a plate - the cheese crust is a bit crumbly, so I kinda got cheese crust crumbles all over Rosemallows' counter...) I'd definitely get a burrito from them again anytime they were in the area - but next time, I'd check first how busy they were, so I could prepare for a possible wait, haha.

Victoria M.

I finally got to try their special of the week which was a red tortilla burrito with garlic sauce and some salsas. It was delicious as always but a little more wet than the basic burrito. I think I will go with the basic next time but this is a good alternative for someone who wants a big heavy burrito. Trust me, you'll be full.

Majd B.

Probably one of the best burritos I've had in LA. The cheese crust is such a unique concept and gives the burrito a very nice nutty 'Millard' taste that is super addicting. Once you try the cheese crust, a switch will flip inside your brain and you'll forever be addicted. I've been here 3 times in the last 5 weeks and I am planning on making this burrito a nice special occasion staple in my life. The owner is also super nice and it's always great supporting young passionate entrepreneurs living the American dream! They are also super generous with their servings. Here's my recommendations. If you feel like eating a nice somewhat light fluffy burrito, get their regular base burrito with the cheese crust. If you want to stuff your belly and have a nice special occasion burrito, get the specials that they have regularly (tritip, brisket etc). If you want to get the specials, make sure to arrive early because they might sell out. Another tip is to make sure to bring extra napkins and extra hand sanitizer with you since the cheese crust can get a little messy sometimes. Overall, a great unique burrito, run by a great owner with reasonable prices for the portion sizes and quality of ingredients.

Brian V.

I'm a huge fan of breakfast burritos and Lowkey is no exception. I have been following them on Instagram for a while and been meaning to go and I finally got my chance. They have a few pop-up locations on a rotation which includes one in West LA. This is the one I went to. It was easy enough to find them and the ordering was easy as well. The thing they do here that kinda sets them apart is the grilled cheese crust that wraps around their burritos. They have unique specials from time to time like their version of a Crunchwrap, but I opted for the breakfast burrito since this was my first time. The wait to get it took a bit long (because they are really popular) so be prepared to wait or bring stuff with you if you want to feel productive during your wait. I brought back the burrito back to my place and cut it in half. Beautiful! I got the basic egg and potatoes, but added veggies and a bit of the cilantro cream. And of course I opted for the crusty cheesy exterior as well. I was so happy that I did. Not only did the crust add that caramelized cheese flavor, but it added a nice slight crunchy texture that contrasted well with the fillings. Another bonus is that the price wasn't too bad and is in line with what you would expect (about $10 with the add ins). Because I am a fan of breakfast burritos this is definitely going in my rotation.

Danny N.

Thicc burritos. Nice workers. The burritos are good! I had a special that included a 14 hour smoked brisket and I added a jalapeno cheese crust. Quite good. Expensive tho. 16 bucks. I got really full though. Also there are normally lines for this but I was like the first one there at their pop up.

Sarah C.

5/9/21 First time trying their burrito! This was a huge burrito that could be shared with 3 other people. Well, for me that is. :) Tried their special for the week, the Burrito Supreme. Added the Veggies and Jalapeño Cheese Crust. The jalapeño cheese crust is a must! Spicy and you don't need any other sauce unless you like fiery spicy. Best to eat right away. Mine got soggy on the way home. Some parts of the cheese crust was crispy though. Lowkey Burritos aren't currently at their brick & mortar location. Their location changes weekly. Follow them on IG for weekly updates on their specials and locations: @lowkey_burritos

Paul L.

I couldn't find a Yelp page for the location in Long Beach, so this is where I will leave my review. The total wait time for me was less than 15 minutes. But the line can fluctuate. By the time I received my burrito, the end line was twice as long. I guess I beat the rush hour. Since there is a void for the Long Beach location, this review is solely based on food. What I ordered: BURRITO SUPREME - Grass-fed seasoned beef, Guacamole, Crema, Cheese Crust - Lowkey is most notable for its cheesy-crusted layer on the outside of the burrito. I've read many raving reviews about this --some proclaiming that it was the best burrito they've ever had. Although I appreciate the ingenuity of creating a CHEESY CRUNCHY texture, I felt the burrito price was quite steep. Pound for pound, a burrito at Chipotle would still outweigh this burrito and cost less. The taste of the burrito was enjoyable. At some point, I do wish they expand their menu by including cheesy breakfast tacos, as well as come up with their seasonal drinks.

Any H.

HOLY BURRITO!!! This spot was recommended to me by a friend and omg I wish I could take them back to Florida with me! These burritos are out of this world. First of all, they are huge! I got 2 meals out of mine. Second, they are wrapped in cheese!! WHAAAAAT?! That's really all you need for a bomb burrito. We got there super early to be first in line and we saw how everything was made the morning of super fresh and they make the burritos right in front of you. They offer different specials and are at different locations so make sure to check their IG for the spots! Can't wait to go back! I'm still thinking about these burritos.

Steph H.

STEPH JUDGEMENT: Very good, very decadent breakfast burritos, but be prepared to wait. I got wind of this pop up through the LB Post, and since their LB pop up site--Lord Windsor Coffee--was within walking distance, I decided to check them out. The parking in this neighborhood is horrible--walk or ride a bike if you can. When I got there around 7:30 there were already a few people in line, so I grabbed a coffee at Lord Windsor to help me get through the wait. They started taking orders a little after 8, and it was a little slow going because people had questions and this one guy's venmo wouldn't go through. They can only take cash, venmo or zelle, fyi--they don't have a credit card machine (at least not on the day I went). Just bring cash, to be safe. I got two basic burritos and added on veggies (grilled peppers and onions) and cheese crusts (one with jalapenos, one without). There are way more (meaty) add-ons you can get, of course, but what I got was still very flavorful--even though I forgot to add salsa--thanks in no small part to the decadent cheese crust! The jalapenos were very spicy, btw, so proceed with caution. All told, it took about an hour from when I started waiting to when I got my food, and quite a line had formed by that time, so you will be waiting regardless. It was a calm, respectful crowd, though, so it was a nice experience. The two burritos came to $19, so they ain't cheap--a good occasional treat.

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