Kahuna Tiki

11026 W Magnolia Blvd, Los Angeles
(818) 853-7447

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Kayla A.

Got here , they decided to close an hour early . Bummer , change your hours this is a huge inconvenience to people who get off work late

Shay F.

The first time I went here 11-20 4stars Pros- friendly waitress, quick service, strong drinks, fresh fish Cons- a lot of the sushi had mayo, not everyone could find something they liked. Last night 03-21 2.5stars Pros- strong good drinks, friendly waitress, fresh fish Cons- SLOW service, difficult menu, lobster & mac was mostly cream and a lobster SHELL (not much lobster- no cheese) rice tastes like leftovers from yesterday. SLOW so so so slow service. Service was so slow last night that even tho we wanted to we decided not to order more food- didn't want to wait for it (hey at least our bill stayed low- lol) & menu was so bad we couldn't find much we liked on it anyway. However ppl are still friendly, drinks are still strong and good & the fish is fresh. Next time we'll go here for drinks & an app before going somewhere else for actual dinner.

Rita F.

Jsyk- the very next night we went to The Messhall in Silverlake bc we were still craving oysters and wanted to shake the stink of Kahuna Tiki off of us. We had 30 proper oysters, proper "grown up" drinks, dinner and still managed to spend less than what we spent the previous night. Juss sayin.

Amali C.

Kahuna Tiki is a slap - great food, fun cocktails, it feels like you are in a dingy hawaiian oasis within North Hollywood. If you are looking for something fun and different to do definitely head here

Rita S.

Finally persuaded my husband to have sushi here, and I don't regret that. Really pretty spot ...can be romantic too cuz it's dark at night. That might be the one thing I didn't like because I can barely see what I'm eating and if there are bugs by my feet since it is an open place. Sushi was good, presentation was better lol. The aloha pizza - (crispy rice w/ tuna) had an interesting twist with the fruits on top. - 10/10 Tsunami roll was a Cali roll with baked lobster- wish ut was creamier- 7/10 Ouha roll was good bt the albacore inside was way too thick, made it difficult to eat. Wish it was cut a little thinner- 8/10 Overall good experience.

Sev A.

Just a great looking place with pretty good Polynesian food. The sushi rolls are fresh but I feel like some of flavor is missing. Can't put my finger on it. I would give it 5 stars but their tiki drinks are pretty weak. Flavor is almost there but not quite. So close to a 5 star. More like 4.5. Would highly recommend though. Would order more from the non-sushi menu since everything else was spot on.

George A.

Made Sunday "Luau" Show Dinner reservations LAST Week and arrived at 6:30pm for 7pm reservation. We asked to be seated near the Stage when we made the Reservations, When we arrived we were seated at the Worst Table in the place, behind the show area with many empty tables in front of the Stage. Host said we couldn't be switched, asked the manager who also said NO. I wonder Why that was???? Street Parking was Terrible, parked two blocks away. Had the Kauha Pig Sandwich which was "So So", Asian salad & Vegi Tampura with did not come with Tampura Sauce, asked for some and was met with what's that (It came with Ailio sauce). Wife had the Hawaiian Fried Rice (Bland). Had to go find the Waitress for ordering another round of Drinks. The Luau show was just OK, I don't think I will be coming back anytime soon.

Michele Kerr

The show was terrific. Very entertaining and made me miss Hawaii. The food was ok. It took about an hour to get all of our food. There were 8 of us

Kristopher W.

Horrible food, Even more horrific drinks. Came with a party of 3. All of the sushi didn't have any flavor!? I just don't understand how sushi can be so bland. We all ordered 3 different tiki drinks and every single one of them tasted like soda with cheap liquor poured in. We didn't finish any of them. The waitress left our finished food and plates on our table the entire time. One of us ordered fried rice which came out 20 mins quicker than our sushi! How does cooked food get finished faster than raw fish?? 2 stars for the ambience of outdoors. Other than that nothing else was good about this place. Will not come back. NO BUENO!

Malva Bee

We came ove on burlesque night, the girls were fantastic. The food was just okay, the services with a beautiful smile, but seems that the waitress was new, as wherever you asked she didn't know the answers.

Rachel S.

Cool spot but you gotta make a reservation or you will end up sitting inside with the sushi chef (which is not a bad thing, but we came here because we heard that the atmosphere was a lot of fun). I tried making a reservation on line but it filled up fast and so I called on the phone but no one picked up, left a message but didn't get a call back until the next day. So my friend and I sat inside with the sushi chef. Waitresses also don't come by as often, only when they pick up sushi orders. We both ordered a cocktail which was pretty tasty and not too sweet - the Kahuna Paradise. Also ordered two rolls - the Oahu (Spicy Albacore with crispy onions) and the South of the Border Brah (Yellowtail on inside, spicy tuna on outside) rolls. Both were good but the Oahu was really good. Overall a cool spot with good food and drinks. If you want to atmosphere though, make a ressie for the outside area.

Sophia P.

Food is always amazing here. Service is good too. They have show time too normally after 7. Definitely recommend making reservations. Nice little dinner spot.

Brian B

What a great tiki bar! I love visiting tiki bars in new cities and this was a really great find! The drinks were amazing and the atmosphere is perfect. Definitely worth a visit! Highly recommend!

Anna Maria Sophia

Good food, friendly waitstaff, and a fun environment. Kahuna Tiki is a cool place to relax with friends.

Cng D.

Love the atmosphere here! Especially during the nighttime. The outside seating makes the vibe a lot more romantic if on a date or simply a night out with friends. Food and drinks are delicious! Been here 3x and all 3 visits have been amazing .

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