Famous 2 For 1 Pizza

6726 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 503-1011

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Jeff Clarkson

This is our favorite pizza place for a few years now. We always get the large combo with jalapeño juice sprinkled on top and well done! The guy makes our special order so perfect every time. Also, we can’t wait to eat leftovers the next day or so because I swear, it tastes even better which is hard to imagine it’s so good fresh out of the oven. The delivery people are friendly and the prices are great as well.

Ministerio Tocando Puertas

Hey guys this is Alex I just wanted to tell you guys this is awesome place to be very good customer service I do recommend highly this place once you get to know them they become family and that's very important for me to have a restaurant that treat you like family, the staff from there is pretty awesome even though the owner when you know him for the first time he looks scary but he's a big teddy bear.

Trin H.

|[ t r e s p a s s ]| Minus -100 stars!!! STOP and I repeat STOPPPPP TRESPASSING into private property and forcing unsolicited ads thru my door!!! Not much irks me more than this for marketing. I bet this is the same owner as "Famous Pizza" where I left a similar review previously for constantly bombarding me and my neighbors (and I'm sure many others) in a private gated building with this trash! :( |[ s h a d y m a r k e t i n g ]| I'm not sure this is even legal. It's one thing to post things outside in public but to trespass and somehow get into a locked community and then tucking your trash AD into my door for me to HAVE TO take the time out of my day to rip up and throw out this piece of trash honestly ticks me off like no other. |[ f o r c e n e v e r w o r k s ]| THIS IS THE WORST MARKETING TOOL and in fact makes me NEVER want to give you any business even if you were the only restaurant in business. Get your stuff together and earn your business the legit way -- with quality food and reputation not HARASSING AND MAKING PEOPLE MAD. Reporting this business in any way I can. STOP LEAVING ME TRASH!!!!!!! |[ S T O P ! ]| Honestly, it gives off a desperate vibe as because I've a feeling your food is just that bad. :( leave me alone and stop invading my privacy and forcing trash into my home! :(

Steven James

Very good pizza ?, definitely recommend I just don’t understand the name 2 for 1. Is there some kind of special Im unaware of? Although I’d say using grub hub makes delivery a bit slower then other pizza places

Benigno P.

I ordered online and the outdated website allowed me to order when they were closed. I had no idea they were closed since it says the new hours have been updated but are nowhere to be found on the website. I was going based of yelp which said they were open. If they weren't open I shouldn't had been charged for something I didn't receive.

Aldana W.

Super great deals for a very reasonable price! Large double deal for $24!!! Pizza is always delicious and dough is fresh!

Oscar Gurrola

Great food and great customer service! You have to try their pizza and wings!

Marc Medina

Food was so delicious. 1st time I went to try their food and was so surprised at how good it was. I went back the next day. I've been back 5 times in 1 1/2 weeks , the food is that good

May S.

WARNING: they do not wear gloves and don't cover their noses with their mask. I have ordered from here about 5 times now. My boyfriend loves it, and the first two times were delivery so I had no idea.

THEY DO NOT WEAR GLOVES AT ALL WHILE MAKING YOUR FOOD. The big ass dude won't even wear a mask, today is the first time I saw one on him and it was on his chin. BRO. WHAT THE HELL.

Last time, he had NO MASK NO GLOVES throwing toppings with his bare hands on multiple pizzas. I watched. I really didn't want to order today but my boyfriend loves it. I specifically wrote in the notes to please wear gloves and a mask. I got there ... NOTHING. Big ass dude had his mask on his chin and no gloves and gave me a death glare. I am never coming here again, I'm reporting them. I don't even care about a refund.


Marc Krupa

Best local pizza best crust great cheese for a small pizza shop unpretentious very good quality imma cook I should know I've made pizza for a job

maria Betancourt

Good pizzas but you waite alot time because is small business but good pizzas an cheap

Amy A.

Cant believe I'm saying this so far the best flavored pizza I tried in the valley and I tried a lot of pizza spots most of them were dried no flavor this in the other hand was so  good  got the large 5 topping pizza Ramon still took my order even tho he was closing thank u Ramon def coming back! After finding this spot will not be going elsewhere

Richard L.

One of the best pizza spots ever I had this a lot enjoyed n the 90s so to find one had to try it, great customer service great pizza all and all I enjoyed my my experience here.

Rony Benavides

i have been having the best cheesy breads I ever had here I'm always gana come back for more time to time :) in general I love all the pizzas here!

Ollie I

Highly underrated it’s great pizza

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