India's Clay Pit - NoHo

5667 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 980-5400

Recent Reviews

Galina Capanni

Beautiful decorated place for Events

Gevork Asatryan

Great food and good convo with the Tony, the owner, who appreciates customers time when waiting for take out. Thank you for the wonderful first timer experience (although we got take out)

Loren Cooper

First time trying this restaurant unbelievable samosas the lam samosas is the one on the bottom and the photo and the potato samosa is the one on the top the tikka masala was very delicious and so was it naan. I'll be back when I have a taste yum! yum!

Gary Moy

Wonderful food and staff. We highly recommend!!

Ron S.

Just picked up dinner from this place. Let's just say they failed in ever aspect of Indian food and this is coming from someone who is Indian. Heck even my wife who's Mexican said the food had absolutely no flavor or salt. Chicken RAW and rotten!

Koresh R.

Very tasty food, I liked the spices. I tried their shrimp curly with a side of white rice and some bread it was very sweet yet spicy Would give 5 stars but the waitress wasn't very interactive or didn't know how to explain the menu much and also they didn't have lemonade only soda.

Jodi P.

I will provide details of my experience, but to summarize as succinctly as possible, DO NOT EAT AT INDIA'S CLAY PIT RESTAURANT - POOR FOOD, RUDE STAFF, GREEDY OWNERSHIP WHO DON'T HONOR DEALS! UPDATE: I JUST SAW SOMEONE POSTED A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE IN MARCH - MY EXPERIENCE WAS IN JULY....SO, THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED INCIDENT AND THEY CLEARLY KNEW ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND DID NOTHING TO FIX IT! I don't write reviews often, but I had such a horrible experience with this restaurant that I want to be sure others know who they are giving their money to when they dine at this place and encourage you not to do so, especially since the food wasn't good, either. I purchased a groupon worth $20 towards dinner for 2 valid for dine-in or carry out. I placed an order to be picked up and mentioned the groupon on the phone. The person who took the order said she didn't think the groupon was valid for carry-out. I told her I believed it was and that I would double check before I arrived. I was about 4 miles into a 5 mile walk at this point. I checked the groupon and confirmed that it was valid for carry out. When I got there, the woman said that she told me on the phone it wasn't good on carry out. I said you mentioned that you didn't think it was and I said I would check and it specifically says that it is valid for carry out. She became argumentative and said that Groupon knows the restaurant will not honor this deal and I need to take it up with them. She said it was for dine in only. I asked if I could speak to a manager. She said no. I had walked 5 miles and had another 5 mile walk ahead of me to get home and really didn't want this to be a waste of time, so I said, fine, put my food on a plate and I will sit at an open table and dine in. There were plenty to choose from since the restaurant was basically empty. She then said that I couldn't do that because it had to be dinner for 2. I asked if the issue was that I didn't order two main meals, but rather spent the $20 across one entrée, appetizers, and naan. I even expressed willingness to buy another entrée to accommodate, if that was the issue. She now said that wasn't the issue and again said they would not honor the deal. At this point, she offered no explanation for why they wouldn't accept the groupon, she just wasn't going to. I again asked to speak with a manager or the owner and she wouldn't allow me to. To be clear, they had already made the food and I tried to understand the issue and offer ways to work with them, but the restaurant wouldn't work with me. The restaurant simply didn't want to honor the deal and she continued to argue with me. I was sitting, drinking some water when she came over and told me she had called the owner and explained the situation and he said it didn't matter - the restaurant will NOT honor the deal. So, this isn't a case where you may not want to punish the owner for a bad staff member - the owner was aware of the situation and this is how he chose to run his business. In another example of ineptitude, they gave my order to another patron accidentally and when he brought it back in, I told him it was mine, so he gave it to me. I opened it, tasted the food and then I decided it wasn't worth arguing with them over because the food wasn't even good. In fact, all of the things I had ordered were quite bad! No wonder they had so few people at the restaurant and were so unwilling to honor the groupon - they knew once people ate the food they wouldn't come back for more, so they can't afford a loss leader program. The fact that the woman was more willing to throw away food they had already made than honor a valid groupon is mind boggling to me. I always try to find the bright sides, so I walked away from the experience (literally) thankful that I didn't waste my money on bad food, Groupon did give me a refund, and now I have the opportunity to help other good people and spare them from giving their money to this horrible business. DO NOT PATR

arvind kumar

Service is worst, food is good, but don't order red wine, I ordered red wine but give something like red color soft drinks which having lots of bubbles and very sweet, never drink such red wine in my whole life.

Ash A.

Horrible service. Short staffed. If you like your food cold, this is the place to go.

Annalee Stone

OMG this place has the best saag and chicken tikka masala- literally the best sauce ever. I drive 15 miles to pick up this stuff- totally bomb.

A Stone

OMG this place has the best saag and chicken tikka masala- literally the best sauce ever. I drive 15 miles to pick up this stuff- totally bomb.

Manisha M.

Yuck! Their food is disgusting. Ordered on Uber Eats and could not find a place e to leave a review. Their "Manchurian" is a hot mess, I can't even describe what the blob of nastiness was. And their "biryani" came with peas and boneless chicken. This is not what o dian food should be. Disgusting.

Michael S.

I used GrubHub to order over $80 worth of food for pickup on a Thursday night. When I picked up my order I asked if rice was included with my food. The manager said no. I asked for four orders of rice (one order for each dish). They charged me $13 for the rice. I have ordered Indian food in CA, WA, NY, MD, and IL. I have never had to ask for rice, let alone pay a ridiculous price for a reasonable amount of rice! WTF? The food was...standard...nothing to complain or rave about...


Very very good Indian food. The lamb biryani, saag paneer, curry and naan we all really really great. Staff were very sweet and accommodating as well

lizy ryan

We have been ordering from Indias Clay Pit continuously (sometimes up to 3 times a week) during the past year. They have the most delicious food and a wonderful and passionate staff. Thank you for serving north hollywood!

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