Piroshki Bakery Bros Cafe

6005 Vineland Ave UNIT 106, North Hollywood
(747) 203-1459

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Linda F.

We ordered a original burrito, a triple cheese burrito and beef pies and split it between four people. The portions were perfect! I loved that it wasn't greasy at all. Even with so much bacon and cheese. All the ingredients complement each other. We can't wait to try everything else on the menu.


Croissant and burrito were very dry and tasteless...couldn't finish unfortunately. Next time will try the puffs instead

Josh Budry

Their breakfast burrito is fantastic and everyone who works there is exceptionally friendly. It's easy to miss if you're just walking by but this isn't a place you want to miss.

Jessica C.

Not only was my food late and cold but they got an order wrong and drinks. I ordered 1xGiant bagel with toppings with toppings that they charged extra for. $0.30 extra side of hot sauce; avocado $1.35; No meat vegetarian. The French toast specials they gave me are croissants and not sliced breads. Look at the attached pictures it's all wrong. Never again! I'm pissed because I gave them a 20% tip. Never again!

Supriya C.

I don't like writing bad reviews and especially so for family owned businesses. This review reflects the experience I has yesterday. We ordered 4 Georgian puffs and 2 breakfast burritos. First off, the cashier told us it will take 30 mins after he charged us the money. I wish he had told us earlier because we were really hungry and did not want to wait 30 minutes. But I did not want to ask for a refund so we waited. When we got our good, we ate the Georgian puffs right in the car and they were nice and flavorful but I started feeling sick right on my last couple of bites. We got home and by that time I could not stand the smell of the burritos. Everyone else in the family ate the burritos and said they were okay taste wise. And then all four of us got sick and had diarrhea. Given that it was our breakfast, we cannot pin it on anything else. All four of us had stomach discomfort all day and my son is feeling unwell even today. Not sure if the meat was off or some ingredient did not agree with us. Given the number of positive reviews, I hope this was an exceptional situation and not the norm for them.

M N.

Pleasantly surprised by this little gem! They have one of the best bacon burritos in the valley. They are pretty generous with the bacon too; felt like I need to get my bloodwork done after eating lol So good!

Ccy Y.

Most underrated breakfast spot. I didn't try their award winning breakfast burrito but only their classic burrito. The classic burrito was spectacular even without the extra items. It had cheese surrounding the whole burrito and unlike other places, they aren't stingy with cheese or bacon. The French churro and sweet puffs were also spectacular. Also the prices are reasonable and the business isn't stingy with sauces or coffee. I just wish there was one closer by me in Sunland! It is worth the drive though.

Lee F.

I've been here twice and the breakfast burritos are sensational. The Triple Cheese Breakfast Burrito is so good. The feta cheese inside the burrito makes it super delicious. I am so happy I discovered this place. A unique burrito experience you got to experience.

Katerina A.

Went last week and had great service and a really great breakfast burrito here! It was a little oily from the freshly cooked bacon but so so good. It was big enough that I took half home as leftovers. Will definitely go back. It's great that they serve breakfast all through the day. Sometimes I want a breakfast burrito for lunch, is that a sin?

Nellie C.

The open faced piroshky from @piroshkibakerybros in Noho. So delicious and flakey. Check them out for Russian treats like this.


Absolutely delicious!I loved the burritos as well as the pastries they offer here!! The service is absolutely wonderful as well...

Nathaniel L.

The breakfast burritos here are amazing. I get the three cheese every time and Im never disappointed. The lady who runs the front is a sweetheart and always offers me an extra treat or drink. A+ on the service and the food!

Jonathan T.

This was one of the most amazing "Burritos" I have ever had. The triple cheese with the beef kept me full all day. It was huge too. I will be coming back for sure. Sadly I do not remember the guys name, but he was extremely nice when I showed up to pick up my order. Thank you for that. I had the mini pancakes as well, ugh they were really good as well. I was stuffed. Thank you again!

Josue G.

Had their classic breakfast burrito with added avocado, my God, so freaking delicious. Not sure what the side sauce is made from but it tastes amazing paired with the burrito. Definitely will be coming back here.

Chrystle Y.

After taking two bites, my husband said, "this is really [email protected]$&ing good!" He's a huge foodie and thinks the triple cheese breakfast burrito might just be the best breakfast burrito he's ever had! I had the classic breakfast burrito and substituted the bacon with avocado. What a great combo! The hot sauce they give you is not spicy and gives the burrito extra dimension. We also ordered the Nutella puffs. Devine! We were so excited to try our food based on the reviews so we didn't even leave the parking lot in the back to eat. I'm glad we didn't wait. Customer service is spot on. We showed up right at 9am and were treated with absolute kindness. We were also offered complimentary drinks from Grandma. This place is such a special gem.

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