Rodini Park

11049 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 358-4802

Recent Reviews

Michelle Jackson

Amazing Greek food! Brasied beef and falafel are absolutely amazing. The cucumber mint lemonade is a must try! You get more food than one can eat in one setting. Pita bread is the best I'm ever had, seasoned perfectly. I will definitely be going back before I fly back home.

Tyler Hall

So good! Always good. The Spinach Pie is great, just my Aunt used to make. So incredible.

C Hdz

First time and last I'll come to this Place the Food was DISGUSTING! I tried the regular pita with chicken the chicken was the worse part tasted old and dry I just hope I don't get sick ?, Also had a side of park fries reg/ sweet potato mixed some cooked some not. It's a cute place but other than that it's not the business. Very overpriced the food was thrown together and tasted one star quality.

Sara Ludwick

I don’t like leaving bad reviews but this place really threw me off! Such great reviews but the meat was so dry.. I got the classic pita which was loaded but the flavors just weren’t there! Cute ambiance must be reason for such high reviews?? I’d skip this place there are so many other great restaurants nearby to go to instead.

Tamara Quinones

@Sara Ludwick you have to go on a Monday and try their Monday special chicken. It’s beyond juicy & delicious and if you get it on rice, the juices soak into the rice beautifully. Its all I ever crave on any given Monday.

Nash Holcomb

Very good food! So many good combinations. Good service!

Trey A.

Rodini has been my go-to during the pandemic. Always excellent and fresh. Very reliable. I get takeout twice a week at a minimum. Perfect for a healthy lunch that still tastes great. Schwarma Chicken salad is my favorite, but I also enjoy a "Big Fat" gyro when I'm hungrier. Excellent baba ganoush and tzatziki. Also check out the daily specials. I especially like the Monday roasted chicken thighs and the Friday Lamb Shanks. P.S. parking SEEMS hard but there is actually a garage around the corner on Blakeslee Ave. with free parking.

Steven H.

Great spot! They even have gluten-free pita which is great for me. My kids love it here too.

Michaela T.

Grat place to eat Greek food with a modern and rustic ambiance. The spinach and the salmon spinakopita are both a melting in your mouth experience. The variety of lemonades they have are unique and refreshing, my favorite is the rosemary lemonade, but I also like mixing them together and create my own combination. The bakery and the freshly made pastries are amazing, their baklava cheesecake it's a croud pleaser. Defenetly a must try!

Brian Cooper

Delicious shawarma, three kinds of meat and there is fish too! Delicious baklava!

Matteo Crismani

Awesome selection of treats to follow up your hearty picnic with. Whether you get dinner for your whole family or just a snack at lunch, don’t miss their juices with wonderful flavors made right in the shop!

Regine S.

Huge disappointment ‼ Not the first time I ordered 2 dishes: The Beef and lamb gyro platter with brown rice and salad And chicken shawarma platter with the brown rice and salad The meat in each plate was extremely dry And the rice was hard and dry, like old! The hummus seemed sour in each dish... Omg I could not even eat anything. Painful and waste of money‼ I ordered before many times, and 8 times out of 10 it is bad, this my very last time.

R'Chelle M.

Stopped in and ordered a Chicken Shawarma salad and wasn't disappointed. All of the ingredients were fresh and the staff was great. I definitely plan to go back and explore the menu.

Anthony Deverell

All in all food was okay… portions were a bit overwhelming and the proportions dealt by certain vegetables were a bit excessive, tzatziki sauce makes your mouth burn when you eat it by it self and the meat has way to much pepper or whatever seasoning they put in there , overall service was exceptionally good and i liked the attitude of this one gentlemen their .

Caleb H.

We were in the mood for some gyro and found these guys nearby. So darn good! The bread alone is worth my eternal loyalty. It was pillowy with just the right amount of chewiness. So much better than 99% of pita I've had. The gyro did not disappoint either. Flavorful and with a great texture. I love the customizability of their menu. All the add ons were great on their own and added a lot to the meal. I will be back here regularly and often. I can't wait to sample some more of their items.

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