Taron Bakery

12901 Sherman Way, North Hollywood
(818) 765-7722

Recent Reviews

L. Vram Gamalyan

Everything is baked fresh constantly and delicious!

Sue Thotz

Our family wandered in not knowing what we were in for. We bought one of everything and were not disappointed. Everything was fresh, flavorful, beautifully spiced! Service was excellent. We have discovered a new favorite. Thank you, Taron Bakery!

Faris Hamati

Outstanding food and service highly recommended

Alex Karapetyan ..

It got Expensive they made it small Taste is not the same anymore Dough is messed up Cheese is like 2 times less now. Bot going there anymore

Jeffrey Sherman

Best lahmajune I’ve had. Bakery is clean and was not crowded. They have another location in Glendale which is also fantastic

Ray D.

These peeps know absolutely nothing about customer services. They're rude and act like you've done them wrong. The tone, service and overall experience was just awful. I will NOT be returning!

Ruzanna B.

Their customer service sucks. I called and the lady was not so nice, I had a few questions for her since I've never been there before and she was impatient and even hung up the phone before I can say bye.

Elizabeth A.

My favorite spot for lamajun, boreks..etc. Their lamajun is not only the tastiest, it's not greasy at all. I would recommend calling in advance with large lamajun orders because they sell fast and it takes some time for them to make them fresh out the oven.

Elmen Tsarukyan

Delicious food and a service unlike any other


The best armenian bakery I have been to in Los Angeles

Tanya A.

I have visited this location many times and have had a good experience.  However, this was my first visit since COVID and I am so disappointed in Taron Bakery's complete lack of respect and adherence to COVID requirements and laws.  No employee wears a mask.  They have signs "requiring" masks, but it is all for show.  They do not wear masks and every customer that walks in does not have a mask on.  There is no hand sanitizer on the counter for the employee dealing with customers or for the customers.  This is a business that requires the cashier to also handle/package the food for each and every customer.  The fact that they do not wear masks is disappointing and shocking.  It is currently the law to wear a mask and require customers to wear a mask.  Their disregard for the law tells me they probably disregard proper sanitation as well.  

Furthermore, I paid with a credit card and the cashier ran the card and processed the payment.  She took it upon herself to add a tip to my order even though I was never asked and never agreed to pay a tip.  This is FRAUD.  When I asked for a receipt, she provided me one with only a total so that I would not see the tip that she added for herself.

Nune Hovhannisyan

The lahmagun is very testy but workers not friendly and rude

Leah A.

Here's the thing. A customer should not have the burden of dealing with bias when they enter a place of business. I called ahead today at 4pm to ask for the hours. A young woman answered and said the hours are until 5pm tonight. I put the time and effort together to walk to the restaurant wear a mask and do all of the necessary things to enter the restaurant. When I enter the bakery I greet the young woman who is there. She narrows her eyes at me and gives me a greeting back in a hesitant tone of voice. I ask her if I can make a small order maybe10 or 12 pastries. She says, of lehmajune? I say, yes and maybe half of a different type of pastry. She then changes her mind and says, "we're closed," and doesn't give a single explanation. I look behind her and see an entire platter of cooked pastries. I ask again. She says, we're closed. You can come back tomorrow morning. As a customer when I take the time to enter a business there's something about the business that draws me in. In this case it was the food because it is good and prior to today the service wasn't bad. However when a business stated that they will be open until a certain hour and the cashier narrows her eyes at you and says the opposite of what she said on the phone less than 15 minutes before, this makes you, as a customer, feel belittled, undervalued and ignored. Especially when while the cashier could not see me on the phone she was willing to state the hours of business but immediately on seeing me (I am a woman of color and not Armenian) she openly tells me the exact opposite of what she says minutes before. The trust and credibility of a business is directly related to how the business treats its customers. Treating another woman of color with bias on a whim because there was no one else in the store to hold the cashier accountable is disrespectful, creates a sense of mistrust with the customer and leaves customers feeling undervalued. Yes there is bias towards other women of color and while I would love to be a loyal customer and support small local businesses-the feeling of suspicion and mistrust I felt after having the cashier narrow her eyes at me and openly tell me they were closed at 4:30pm when less than 15 minutes before she stated on the phone they were open leads me to believe this is not a trustworthy business that welcomes customers of every race, shape and size. I would like to ask that the cashier receive training on implicit bias and be trained and held accountable in treating all customers with respect as well as give the correct hours of takeout and ordering instead of turning customers away and costing the business money as well as losing credibility in the eyes of local customers.

S B.

The worst customer service! Ask the old lady behind the counter a simple question and she yelled she didn't have time to answer the question. Instead of yelling that, she could have answered the question. So rude! I rather drive an extra 5 minutes and get food from Sis Bakery in North Hollywood.


They have the best Armenian pizzas that I have tried, try the rest of their baked goods, all delicious, spinach boureg, spice cheese boureg, my favs.

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