362 17th St, Oakland
(510) 603-1040

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Janet Acquistapace

Seriously addicting and tasty food! The chicken is so delicious. Also love the gluten free and vegan options. The shichimi dry rub is my fave on the chicken. Shout out to the fried edemame in miso garlic sauce.

Sereisith Meas

Some of the best fried chicken I've ever had. The Sando is great.

Bill Caldwell

Good food. Tasty chicken burritos.

S F.

This is the most delicious and most inconsistent restaurant I have ever experienced. I have ordered the same thing each time (Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce) and then driven it home 20 minutes away. The first time I got it the chicken was nice and crispy but the sauce was on the side and there definitely wasn't enough. On my second visit the chicken was again perfectly crispy and tossed in the delicious sauce. Heavenly! On my last visit the chicken was crispy in some spots and the sauce was poured over at the end like an afterthought. I really wish they would decide how it is to be served and then stick to the plan! It has always been delicious but I will only be back if I feel like rolling the dice once again.

Romar S.

One of the best fusion fried chicken I've ever had! Fried chicken with Japanese flavoring.

Jonaya P.

Today was my first time trying. I got the 4PC fried chicken with orange honey aioli sauce, rice, and mixed salad. The food was NOT giving what it was supposed to gave! The sauce on the chicken was good & the portion is huge for only $13 and that's why I gave it 3 stars instead of 2. The chicken was over or under cooked. The food was NOT made with tender love & care (trust, I'd know cause I'd be able to taste it!) I would go back only to try the deviled eggs but I wouldn't lose sleep if I never eat here again.

Nancy L.

New favorite: that Karashi Honey is so good! I didn't think it was that spicy but it had just a little tingle. Definitely packed with flavor and my new favorite flavor here, hands down. Their chicken is super crispy and the dressing is still hella bomb.

kariana w.

I had no intention on coming here. Didn't even know this place existed. I was actually going to another business called Rushbowl a few stores down. I parked right in front of Aburaya and the words "Japanese fried chicken" caught this black girls attention. I'm sure I walked in looking a bit confused. I didn't even look at the menu I just said Fried chicken please. He asked did I want a 4 or 8 piece and then pointed to the different flavors. I chose the miso flavor. Now normally before I go out and eat at a place for the first time I know something about the place prior. I typically don't like eating at places I've never heard anything about especially when there aren't any customers inside. That's usually an indication that the food isn't all that good. That's not the case for this place. That chicken was hella good frfr. Oh and the dipping sauce was hella good as well creamy and very flavorful. I will definitely be back.

Amanda C.

So I was able to snag a photo this time!! Came here on a second date and I thought it was really cool! There is no indoor eating, so takeout is your only option. We ended up taking our food over to Lake Merritt so the food had cooled down a bit. My guy friend ended up getting the Fried Chicken Sando, which was absolutely massive!!! Like we joked about how this was the Mega Sandwich of all time because in order to get your mouth around it you literally had to strain your mouth. He also said the chicken had really good heat, like not killer heat but just enough to give you that nummy flavor! I ended up getting the four piece fried chicken and a side salad.... I honestly thought that I was gonna get small pieces of chicken and not 4 giant pieces of chicken that were the size of my face, like these pieces of chicken were like the equivalent to 12 chicken nuggets from McDonalds. The Garlic Miso Flavor of my Chicken was on point! I really enjoyed it, but I thought that the salad was necessary to cut though all of the flavor, like I needed a pallet cleanser. I would recommend! Just know that the servings are big and you might want to share!!

Rebecca B.

Aburaya is the best. I love Japanese fried chicken. They have dry and wet rubs. I got around to trying their bbq wet rub and their sansho dry rub. The bbq was so flavorful while the sansho had a tingling kick to your mouth that came unexpectedly. I recommend ordering extra miso ranch as well. I'm excited to try their other flavors for sure. One of the coolest things is they play punk rock music and sell lots of booze. ;)

Susan C.

This spot is very unique. It's a combination of a restaurant, fun shopping place for drinks and Japanese themed things. Lots of drinks and other knick knacks for sale here. We ordered a few drinks and box of 8 pieces of chicken. with garlic miso. The chicken is great, some pieces are much smaller than others. The chicken came out bet hot but we didn't know where to eat it. There were some empty parklets nearby so off we went. So yummy. Maybe not the best fried chicken I had. So just a heads up that this restaurant is still taking the pandemic very seriously. You have to be wearing your mask inside, use the hand sanitizer by the front doors. Absolutely no eating inside

Leon Li

Hands down the best chicken in the east bay


Delicious fried chicken! Their ranch goes so well with the chicken and cabbage. I'm really looking forward to getting their food again! ??

Brittany Watkins

Best gluten free fried chicken I've ever had anywhere!! It's because it's not fried chicken trying to be KFC. It has it's own unique flavor and accompanying foods to complement it.

Jeff W.

Had a craving for fried chicken at lunchtime and searched Yelp for a place. I never heard of this place before even though I worked in the area for a few years and frequent restaurants on the same block. I ordered the fried chicken with the dry rub, and opted for an extra piece of chicken and rice. I'll say this meal was huge. While I paid a little extra, the value is there. You could probably split this lunch between two people. It was probably too much for a work day lunch. I'm a huge fan of dry rubs. I like the spices and seasonings, and don't want to get splattered on with sauces especially at work. This dry rub was very good and left a slight zesty tingle on my tongue while eating it. This is complemented well by the cabbage and rice too. What I didn't like was how it was applied to the chicken. It wasn't evenly applied to all sides - it almost looked as if it were dumped in on one side only. So some bites had little dry rub, and other bites were too overpowering. Also, two of the 5 pieces of chicken were super dry, at least for my tastes. I don't know if this is normal for them, but it was too dry when served with the dry rub rather than a sauce. I would go back and make modifications- no extra chicken and try a sauce instead. Maybe it'll be a better experience and I'll update my review.

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