Asmara Restaurant

5020 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 547-5100

Recent Reviews

Elrasheed Moh'd Ahmed

Excellent service and delicious food, very nice friendly staff, every one should fist them and enjoy the delicious food

Taniesha L.

My favorite Thing about Ethiopian restaurants is how much food they give you. This was my first time trying this place and I am very satisfied from the customer service to the flavor of the food. There is no parking in the front of the place so I had to park across the street in the plaza which wasn't too bad there were a lot of open spots and normally there isn't. When I walked in I was greeted immediately, very sweet and very good customer service, he then handed me a menu and I looked it over and placed my order. I got the doro wat , which is a piece of chicken and some red sauce and an egg, it came with veggies and salad. I was in a rush so I was very pleased that the food came out within 10 minutes. I went on a weekday in the afternoon and the place wasn't crowded at all a quick in and out. I was happy because I drove 20 minutes away and when I got home it was still hot and fresh. I am adding this place to my list of Ethiopian restaurants.

Al-San L.

spacious seating and good service. oh yeah, and the food is really good too lol. it gets a bit loud inside once it gets busier, if that's something that you're worried about. there are also plenty of vegetarian/vegan options. generous servings of injeera, i would recommend getting the gluten free version (it's better!)

Kadeja A.

food was delicious and the service was amazing. Super friendly and welcoming, I'm kinda disappointed in myself for not trying this spot earlier. Cant wait to go back!

Ike Cark

I’ve tried other Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurants in the area but Asmara by far is the best one of all. I’ve eaten here many times and during Covid-19 pandemic closure, take away home. We as family enjoy this food so much and keep coming back regularly.Great food, environment, owner and staff is friendly and quality is always consistent. I’d recommend it for sure if you want to try something different and healthy. Don’t forget to try the home made honey wine with your food. Bon-a-petite!

Meredith Broome

Great food, fabulous service, always a favorite!

Iamher T.

OKAY TRULY THIS IS THE BEST ERITREAN RESTAURANT HANDS DOWN!!!! When I was a teenager my aunt would always bring my cousins and I to eat the Asmara the employees were always very nice and the food has always been amazing!! My favorite dish is the chicken and greens oh and the potatoes that comes with the dish are just mouth watering the bread is also amazing it's like a perfect sourdough taste not too thick not too thin it's perfect to eat with your dish if you've never had Eritrean food I promise you this place will not disappoint you this restaurant is a must try definitely oh and make sure to get the chicken and greens dish spicy I usually don't like spicy but it's really good for this dish it's just a hint of spicy nothing too much I will be going back this week so I'll post pics then

Asmar F.

Overall, Great food and atmosphere. We tried meat and veggie combo and it was enjoy for two of us.

Julia Robinson

Delicious meal with AMAZING homemade honey-wine. Great service! :)

Hager Tube

?? clean and Tasty

Marlo French

Delicious food! Great service

Khrishna M.

Great food, great service staff, and the bar selection always pleases. It's great that Pandemic Restrictions have relaxed to allow indoor dining

Bikku K.

Great food, generous servings, good value. The family who own the place were always super friendly with our young child before the pandemic and have been thoughtful and accommodating since. We love this place, it's one of our go to spots!!

Kckc C.

We ordered the vegetable combo and the meat combo. It was okay. I've eaten a lot of Ethiopian food around Oakland and this was the least flavorful of all of the meals I've had. The greens seemed like they had no seasoning at all. A lot of the lentil dishes were very bland. The meats were delicious though.

Mei G.

I love this place. Always and forever. I order by phone and my food is hot and ready by the time I drive down there. I miss their spacious dining room but am happy to support take out until we can return.

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