Belotti Bottega

4001-B, Piedmont Ave, Oakland
(510) 350-7619

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Puneet Gurnani

I was attracted to this place due to the ease of take out and the promise of fresh pasta. I wasn’t disappointed. Both my pasta dishes were amazing. My daughter is vegetarian and she was spoilt for choice. The service was prompt. The prices seemed a tad high but the quality and flavor was on point

Stephanie C.

Wow I stumbled across this place randomly and am so glad I did. Absolutely the most delicious pasta ever. So much better than store bought! So delicious and cooks super quick in just a few minutes! It's like high end fast food but a million times better. YUM!!!

Maureen F.

Food superb. Service mostly indifferent. We had a waitress who was delightful and attentive, but when she left at the end of her shift it went downhill. We started our 3:00 PM reservation by waiting 10 minutes to be acknowledged by the male host. This same surly person continued with bad service at the end our meal. We did notice that the fluent Italian speaking customers had great service from this man. I don't know if we'll return. The food was great , but after spending $145.00 for two, refilled water and more than a grunt from the wait staff would be a nice touch.

Grant C.

This tiny little Italian restaurant may be the best Italian food I've ever had. Now I've never been to Italy, but this place is pretty amazing. I brought my husband here for his birthday and we were stunned with how amazing the food is. This is the kind of place you just want to keep coming back to year after year. The standout for me was the tortolloni in a clear bone broth. It looked rather plain at first sight, almost like something you might get out of a can and serve a toddler. But looks are deceiving. This was so sophisticated and bursting with flavor. The pasta was perfectly made. They make all their own pasta and the dough was perfectly al dente and had just the right amount of egg flavor. It was stuffed with cheese in these impossibly tiny little rings that were bursting with flavor. The pork bone broth was an umami bomb. What an amazing dish. We also had a creamy mushroom tagliatelle, which was equally amazing. The mushrooms were super fresh, seasonal, and local. The pasta had an amazing chew. The entire meal was perfection and I can't wait to go back.

Jeff Katz

I really don't like giving out 5 stars, since I think there's always room for improvement. Belotti is absolutelycan the best authentic Italian food around. Who would think to order spaghetti at a restaurant. If you don't, you'd miss out on the best sauce ever. I can praise all the dishes here but I've got to get back to eating. Yummy.

Brandon F.

OMG the Spaghetti with burrata cheese is to die for. I have not found anywhere else that does it like they do. Wish I lived close by to still get this dish.

Nerissa B.

Nice intimate setting, with a nice ambiance. Parking was a bit hard to find especially in this neighborhood - but lots of other cool shops/restaurants nearby to check out after eating here! Food was great, nice sized portion for the price. Homemade pasta was buttery and smooth and melt-in-your-mouth good. Dessert - i got the panna cotta - was also amazing

Vanessa M.

What a wonderful surprise. I was craving authentic Italian with subtle flavors and this hit the spot. We are vegetarians and it was still delicious. I look forward to many future meals.

JoAnn S.

My partner has sweared by this place for years, however, we recently had a bad experience with the Asparagus Ravioli at $17 a pound. It all stuck together, so he returned it. The woman working there gladly gave him another order, and she put an extra flour coating on them. When he got home night before last, he added extra flour, and put in the frig. Then the next day--it was all stuck together--like the first time. It was too wet and it became a fused mess, again.

Sara S.

*COVID-19 REVIEW* Due to COVID-19 we've been ordering food on Doordash quite a bit. We came across Belotti Bottega and decided to try it on Friday night. The menu looked great and the sauces sounded more interesting than your typical marinara or alfredo sauce. We tried the Tagliatelle which came with a sangiovese wild boar sauce and pecorino cheese. The cheese had fully melted by the time it arrived, but was still delicious. The sauce was rich and paired well with the homemade pasta. Unfortunately due to travel time, the fresh made pasta had congealed a bit, but was still tasty. We also ordered the Agnolotti stuffed with beef shank and pork. It was our favorite bite of the meal and the pasta itself held up well in transit. The filling was super tender and flavorful, and the whole dish was coated in a savory brown gravy-like sauce that I literally drank until my bowl was clean. To finish off the meal we tried the two dessert options: Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. The tiramisu was our clear favorite and was light and fluffy with plenty of espresso flavor. The panna cotta was a bit of a disappointment and tasted more egg-y than custard-y. The texture was also a bit too liquidy and didn't have that wobble that I enjoy from a panna cotta. Overall, this was my favorite Italian dinner I've received through a delivery service and will definitely be ordering from them again! I hope to try this place out in person one day.

Kim D.

the fresh pasta here is pretty good, no-fuss pasta but if i had to pick which one i preferred more between belotti bottega and italian homemade company, i'm not sure which one i would pick. belotti bottega definitely feels more authentic than italian homemade company though. we've tried the casoncelli, the agnolotti, and tagliatelle and they're all good. the tagliatelle is probably my favorite out of the three. the lattuga salad is meh, i wish the lemon dressing was thicker and creamier. the panna cotta is delicious and a good palate cleanser after the meal!

Miles Callan

Stellar as always, they always find a new way to delight me each time I go with cascancelli, tiramisu, lasagna, or frankly just about any of their sauces.

Rachel S.

Hi Michele,

Thanks for responding, however, please do your research before responding to customer complaints. I know that in the customer service game, responses to bad reviews are generally as much for your future customers as the one who was unhappy, but good business people strive to address both.

I work in customer service, so I know what it is to have your team drop the ball and have had to respond to negative reviews both for things within our control and things outside of it. It's no fun.

It actually was no fun for me to write the review, because you were one of my favorite restaurants, but I gave your team the opportunity to recover the experience that night and they didn't, so I wrote a review.  I completely understand that on any night mistakes can happen, and I really understand that on "peak" nights mistakes frequently happen and would have been more than open to an offer to resend the food the following evening or the following weekend. I would have been open to an offer of a free glass of wine next time I dined in. An offer to have the manager call me to work something out. Anything other than the lack of concern shown.

If you had done your research prior to writing this inaccurate response, you would have discovered that I spoke to BOTH of your locations that evening, as well as Caviar. I initially called the restaurant (because I didn't know which number handled Caviar orders), and was (as you state) redirected to your takeout location, which I then called. I also chatted directly with Caviar. The takeout location was still open when I talked to them and they directed me to Caviar. However, once Caviar reached your takeout location, they stated they were closed. I called back to see if anything could be done and asked if the other restaurant could remake the meal and they said they didn't deliver. Which would have been understandable and even forgivable if anyone had shown any concern that I was spending my Valentine's day out in the rain looking for my meal and then on the phone with both of your locations and on chat with Caviar only to end up with nothing.  

I would have appreciated the apology and could have moved on and taken down this review if you had reached out to me directly, but it rings pretty hollow when you respond publicly trying to blame me for calling the wrong location and Caviar for not reaching you-which isn't even remotely accurate.

Zach S.

Great noodles! Each dish I've had here has not disappointed. Recommend trying the pappardelle ai funghi - long wide pasta, plenty of hen of woods mushrooms, and a beef reduction.

Lauren S.

One of my favorite places ever! My favorite dishes are the agnolotti and the tagliatelle - so delicious. Also the bruschetta, my favorite! The service has always been really great, looking forward to going back!

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