Cholita Linda

4923 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 679-2423

Recent Reviews

Jackie O DA Ceo

Best fish taco

Sharon Florez

Great fish tacos! 3.50 ea. Great price n delicious.. everything's great..

Sammy Singh

Come for the Chicharron de Pollo plate! But also try the ground beef plate. OMG they are to die for. Also don’t skip on the yucca fires or your plantains. You won’t be disappointed by the food, wonderful Latin vibe and music playing, or the efficiency of the staff.

Ia Hernandez

Best plantains app n the Bay Area.

Jen W.

Everything is delicious, but we keep coming back for the fried fish salad has lots of good veggies and flavor, and the Cubano sandwich is awesome. Could eat one every day!!

Evangeline E.

This place is sooooo bomb!! I had been eyeing it for a minute now and Im so happy to finally try it. I definitely see what all the rave is about those fish tacos are to die for - probably the best fish taco I've had in my life. Additionally I got the papito sandwhich and it was so flavorful; the plantains and the carmelized onions really complimented each other. I washed it down with mango passion fruit agua fresca and it was killer. For dessert, I tried out their coconut pudding with mango sauce and my mouth is watering just thinking of it. It kind of reminds me of a spanish version of Thai mango sticky rice - same flavor profiles and even the texture of the pudding reminds me of sticky rice too. Parking can be challenging but I just parked in the plaza lot next door. Currently there is no sit down dining take out only. This would be a 5/5 place but I took off a star because they got my friend's order wrong. She got the cubano sandwich and it was even labeled "cubano" - as she was eating it she felt it tasted off. When we looked at it they actually gave us an entirely different sandwich despite the label. Nonetheless Ill be back!

Howard Hall

Great food in the heart of Temescal/Oakland. Best Cuban food I've found in the Bay.

Ernesto U.

Ordered delivery several Tuesdays ago when I was in the mood for some tacos. I didn't have the best experience because my food was delivered to my neighbors who almost ate my food. Thankfully I intervened just in time. Anyway, the delivery mix up may not have been on them and the food more than made it up for it. Months later, I was hesitant to order delivery because of the mixup mentioned above, but I was craving Caribbean food and the closest I could find to that was a sandwich Cubano and some tostones so I figured this place was worth another try. Boy am I glad that I did. First let me say that their sandwiches' descriptions were so enticing that I decided not to stick with my original order. I opted for one papito, one lechon, an order of tostones con picadillo and a mango/passion fruit agua fresca. The sandwiches were both good. My partner, however, didn't care for the sweet plantain in the papito with the steak (he's Mexican), I (as a Salvadoran) didn't mind the combination of flavors. We both agreed, though, the lechon was amazeballs and my mouth is watery just writing about it. I think it's the sweet potato that does it for me. The tostones were delightful. I have to admit I hate olives and was turned off when I saw them in the picadillo but I didn't mind them. The tostones with some aji Amarillo are extra special (go ahead and splurge a little). The agua was also just what I needed without knowing that I did. All in all I'm super impressed that this food has been on point in delivery and that's made me want to check out this place in person. I can't wait!

Alexandria Maisoka

I love their sangria, though it is ice heavy, my favorite aguas frescas is the blackberry lime. The tofu tacos are excellent, to veganize it hold the crema, we always order the yucca fries, platanos maduros, black beans & rice and a side of chips & guac. My kid likes their veggie torta we hold the cheese. Fresh, flavorful food, fun & funky atmosphere with colorful touches and a charming back patio area. This place gets real busy but is worth the wait, they opened a togo spot next door, we get takeout often since the pandemic began.

Maria Escalanti

Chicken chicharron plate,lechon sandwich all great food

Alexis B.

Love, love, love! Such a great find. I moved a month ago and this location is a block away. I always order the fish tacos. They are a great price and AMAZING! Lightly battered with fresh toppings and delicious sauce. The cabbage adds a nice texture and the sauce is just the right amount of spice. I've heard great things about their sandwich's too, but I'm a true taco believer!

Angel L.

Not often will you find a place that serves up sandwiches like this!! I've been here once in 2017 and now finally again in 2021..I remember so fondly the taste of the sandwich I had and been meaning to go again. It still did not disappoint. ORDERING SYSTEM -Order online or on the kiosk when you get there -Order before tho so you do not have to wait in line!! -Mid June 2021 still all take out ASADO SANDWICH - 5/5 -MY FAVORITE! The steak is perfect complement with the sauce -Bread is so unique..the pressed bread makes it have so much texture PAPITO SANDWICH - 4/5 -Still good but I like the meatier texture of the beef in the asado more -The plantains threw me off a little but I think it might be a favorite for some TACOS - 4/5 -Pretty good!! The sauce was so fresh and meats/fish was marinated well I will be back...and not 4 years later this time! ;)

Alec E.

Papa? Nope. PAPITO! This sandwich right here.. ooouuuiii! Grab yourself a papito when you drive by this place. Phenomenal. Plantains in your sandwich? I never knew a sandwich could change a person's outlook on life. The Swiss cheese is melted to perfection. You could eat one half now then save the other half for the next day if you wanted to. This sandwich literally holds it's own. CHIPS AND GUAC Do not ever sleep on these chips. I have no idea how they fry these chips. They do not ever go stale, even after refrigerating them. Hands down the best tortilla chips I will ever eat. The guac could be eaten on it's own. It's a match made in heaven when you eat the chips with their guac. TLDR; Papito, chips and guac are the go to order. If you're not feeling all the carbs today. The fish tacos are goated too.

Alvin Anderson

I ordered the Baja fish tacos, and Cubano. I never had a Cubano before but I am going to make this my go to sandwich from now on. All Cubanos scratch that, all sandwiches will be compared to this one. Bread was flavorful and soft. The ham gratifying, The pulled pork with the Swiss cheese and mustard, mouthwatering. It was a damn good sandwich. Nice part of town also. Probably would've been better if Covid protocol wasn't in effect.

Bay Area T.

A simple spot to get a quick bite on. Two fish tacos with some chips & guac does the job. Solid taco joint. If you're in the area, be sure to check them out.

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