Daughter Thai Kitchen

6118 Medau Pl, Oakland
(510) 823-2354

Recent Reviews

Gary Mendelson Varela

Fantastic and delicious! We will be returning.

Mabel Cabading Zaguirre

Love the place, foods are great tasting and drinks are excellent Good service too.

Richard Furuya

This place is the go to place. The food is fantastic (especially the Hai Yai chicken) and the service is great. The only reason for the 4 vs 5 stars is the price, but in order to get great food you should expect to pay a premium price. But I just wish it was a little less :-). We dined in for a party of 3 and were sat near a doorway entrance. Given that this was still during a crazy time of Covid, I really appreciated the location. My wife and I were here a couple of times before and loved the food, this is why we keep on coming back. This place has a great atmosphere and wonderful food and staff. Please enjoy.

Courtney Tobie

Food was amazing. My friend ordered so im not sure what all we had but for sure it was all great. We sat outside the waiter service was ok. Table was leaning a bit but once the food came out forgot all about it. Also a bit pricey but worth the trip.

abel yp

Their food is really great. At first I was worried about the price but when they explained the $25 deal came with soup, two appetizers, and an entree I realized how great of a deal it was. The food felt very authentic and had a lot of different flavors. This is the best Thai food I have ever had.

Cindy Hsu

Superb Thai food. Pretty spicy even for someone who’s lived in Thailand for a while. Highly recommend the crab curry but it’s very spicy. Would definitely come back again. 10/10

Johnnie Lau

Delicious and picture perfect food to make all your friends drool. Nice little spot in east bay with very cool repurposed decor. Perfect place to visit after a hike in the redwood regional park. I think Farmhouse Thai kitchen in San Francisco is one of their restaurants which is good there too.

Olivia Falk

Incredible. To die for. Must. Go. Everything was absolutely delicious! I have eaten here quite a few times now and every time it’s so good. Even when I took food home it was still amazing! But having it in person for the first time in a while really hit the spot. You MUST buy the fried chicken. It’s so crispy and the curry and roti that come with it match the flavors perfectly. Any of the meat you get you can’t go wrong with. The slow cooked beef ribs in the khao soi and the wagyu beef in the slow cooked beef curry just fell apart they were so tender. All the portions are very big (we had a lot of leftovers!), so I would say it’s reasonably priced. Overall, I always have good experiences at Daughter Thai and highly recommend whoever is reading to go!!

Matt W.

I ordered the Red Curry with Chicken and bell pepper, bamboo shoots and basil. As good as any Red Curry I've had. I ordered it spicy and it didn't disappoint! It's a bit pricey but worth checking out. I'll be back to try the other Curry's.

Allan A.

Finally had an excuse to be in the area and decided to drop in for lunch. Really cute place and the staff were very attentive. Decided to try a few things beyond the usual Thai food i tend to pick out. Except Pad Thai. I always order that. It helps me guage the authenticity of the food. The ahi appetizers were great. Nice mix of flavors and texture. Pad Thai was good but could have been a bit better but the star of the show was the basil bomb. Crisp pork belly that reminded me of the Filipino version, nice mix of seafood and a fried egg on top. Comes with rice and some spiced vinegar. Highly suggest accenting your dish with it. Puts the meal on another level. Next time I'll see if I can sub fried rice. Mmmm

Vuyelwa W.

Thai with a twist ! Daughter Thai is located in Montclair with a cute renovated space pretty florals and disco vibes music. We came here for a bite and cocktails and we had a bit of a wait not too bad since there was a bar at the back while we waited! Cocktails Ordered: Thai Lady ,Muay Thai Punch, Thai Caliente and the Elderflower Spritz! All were amazing! Entrees : Hay Thai fried chicken southern style which came with roti and a yellow potato curry and rice and Tom Yumm soup which was soooo flavorful! Loved everything. Service was impeccable! Food was on point and fresh delicious and worth coming back for more ! Highly recommend Daughter Thai.

Clarize B.

I came here for Father's Day with my family and have been meaning to try it for a while. My parents had chosen to sit outside and asked to sit inside after the first appetizer was brought out. They brought us in and I feel like for the whole meal they were kind of annoyed with us. The servers were a little standoff-ish and I don't think anything we did was that annoying aside from switching from outdoor to indoor seating. The Thai Tea Limeade and Thai Tea were both very good. The limeade was very refreshing. The Egg Rolls were presented wonderfully with an amazing hot sweet sauce at the bottom. Seemed a little skimpy to cut the egg rolls in half horizontally to make it seem like more. The crab fried rice was good and came with a side of two sauces, one more seafoody and the other hotter. I do wish it had more crab though. A soup came alongside it which was a little bland but gave off old school get-better-soon soup vibes. The Basil Bomb was my favorite dish of the day especially for the perfectly crispy pork belly pieces. It was perfectly seasoned with a slight tang. All the proteins were made correctly and none were overdone. The Tsunami Lobster was alright, out of all the seafood the scallops were by far my favorite. The curry rice at the bottom was especially lovely. The Mango Sticky Rice was a smaller portion than expected and I do wish it was more coconut-y. The mango was a little sour as well. The Bread Pudding also missed the mark a little, wish it had more caramel. Something I really love about this place is the atmosphere and the indoor decor. You can tell it's very well put together, organized, and come from people who hold a passion for food. The presentation for every dish was impeccable and incredibly appetizing.

Santhosh Jose

Great vibe. Very similar to FarmHouse Thai in terms of the menu, the ambiance etc. The menu is interesting, with some interesting choices. That said, definitely not the best Thai food that I have had, by a long stretch. Found some of the basics like the Pad Thai a bit lacking. Would recommend the place for the interesting appetizers and drinks.

Katie Handy

So, so good. Favorites include Island Thai Tea (alcoholic), Samosas (best I've ever had), Slow cooked beef, crab fried rice. Not cheap, but worth it for a nice meal out.

Melinda Sterne

Excellent food, excellent service. Highly recommend.

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