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Grant Edward Miller

My friend suggested that I try Homeroom as I love Mac ‘n cheese. I was amazed with the selection! I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese and my friend ordered the Garlic Bacon Mac ‘ Cheese. Wow! I loved every bite! The waitress was also fun and friendly with so many smiles. It made for an enjoyable outing. Thank you!

Yuko F.

Not impressed and I think the rates aren't so accurate. It's just a Mac and cheese done with good ingredients. I never thought mac and cheese can serve just warm, not hot. It's okay but not worth of wait and my money. I think what I make would taste better with great ingredients. I was recommended to my neighbors so I took my cousins from Chicago but I should take them to other places since there's better places in Oakland if I'm spending that much money.

Lynn T.

Let me start off by saying I LOVE cheese and can taste the quality of the cheeses in these macs! Homeroom's mac is an upscaled twist to a simple dish. The Jalapeno Popper Mac with bacon (add-in) was DELISH!! If you're contemplating on trying this- don't. The macs here are very dense and filling. I appreciate the bacon bits being thick chunks on the inside and little chunks on top. It may seem pricey but it is worth it for the quality and I always walk away with leftovers which makes for a great meal the next day :) I've also tried the biscuit with honey butter and their honey butter is to die forrr. Service is also steller and aesthetic is very trendy!

GrillMeister Kush

Super mac and the friendliest staff! Love it when the food is great and the people even greater!!!

Melissa Mahan

Love this place! My favorite is the jalapeño popper Mac and cheese with bacon and broccoli added in.

Maria Camarena

Always an amazing mac and cheese place, their most popular never disappoints! EVER.

Bryce C.

It's hard to go wrong with Mac and cheese but it's also hard to justify spending $12 on a bowl of it. Homeroom is definitely a good place if Mac and cheese is your thing. I wasn't a huge fan of the al dente style cooking. I got the jalapeño popper Mac and it was somewhere between okay and good. I think I might have enjoyed something richer like the aged white cheddar. I liked being able to order directly from the table and pay on my phone. Be careful parking here at night cuz there was broken glass all over the street.

Steph C.

We went to Napa last weekend (our first vacation since pandemic, and since becoming parents) and stopped by Homeroom on our way from the Oakland Airport, as it seemed easy and kid-friendly and was also the most yelped business in town. It was more a low-key spot than a destination restaurant, but it suited our needs perfectly, and the food was fantastic. We found convenient street parking and were able to walk in without hassle at around 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon. The place was fun, cheerful, and relaxing, with bright colors, chalkboard menus, and mac and cheese-themed wallpaper. We seated ourselves and were able to order on my phone. A minute later, a server came by with our drinks, and the food followed shortly after. Homeroom offers beer and wine, which I always appreciate at casual restaurants. We got 16 oz. cans of the Pizza Port "Chronic Ale" amber ale and the Karl Strauss "Boat Shoes" hazy IPA. Both tasty and refreshing, a good start to a boozy vacation weekend. The menu is built around mac and cheese, so if that's not your thing, this is not the place for you. We ordered three macs and two sides for four adults (the kid ended up sleeping through lunch like an angel) and this was more than enough food. We could've gotten away with just two macs, but I regret nothing. The original Classic Mac was satisfying and cheddar cheesy. The Gilroy Garlic Mac, the most popular item on the menu, was rich and creamy, loaded with garlic and gouda and pecorino. We added grilled chicken, and this worked well. My favorite of the three was the Tikka Mac-sala, with grilled chicken, gouda, pecorino, and masala sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and cilantro. Tons of flavor, and the Indian spices paired beautifully with all that cheese. For our sides, we ordered the elote bowl and the spicy cauliflower and these were both solid. The elote was a zesty mix of roasted corn, serrano peppers, cotija, Tajín, cilantro, and lime. The spicy cauliflower was roasted with paprika, pecorino, and crushed red pepper. If I lived in Oakland, I would be back at Homeroom soon and often. The place was charming and kid-friendly, with great food and a beer and wine license--basically restaurant gold for parents who like to drink.

Rai L.

For the mecca of Mac N Cheese, it is very underwhelming. Not to say that it was bad, but I was expecting a little bit more of a shock factor or tastiness for $17.75 per plate. Nothing stood out specifically and the Mac was a little more undercooked/al dente than I like. If you must, then go for it, but don't go out of your way to try it.

Caroline Madsen

The Mac and cheese is amazing! Their salads are also super good. The people there are so kind and serve food pretty quick. Over all it was a really good experience and I would recommend.

Dom Q.

Amri, let it be known that she was super welcoming as a first timer! Great customer service and attitude. Thank you!!

Saahil S.

The good stuff. Best mac n cheese in the bay, hands down. This place is my pick-me-up and guilty pleasure. My go-to is anything with bacon and breadcrumbs, I think it adds a nice dimension to the mac n cheese no matter what you get. The one point of improvement I have is on the QR code order experience, I ran into a few issues with the website on my phone and had to order at the counter. Took a while to get helped. Food's still great though, would recommend.

Chandni D.

10/10 best Mac & Cheese ever! We came here on a Saturday night around 7/7:30pm and were able to be seated right away. They have a fantastic outdoor patio with heaters! We started off with the vegan Brussels sprouts. We didn't like these that much, they were flavored well but needed to be more crispy. For our main we ordered the Elote Mac and let me tell you, this was AMAZING! It literally tasted like elote, the bites we got with the cheese, cilantro, and lime were divine. Most mac and cheese get soggy but this pasta was cooked to al dente perfection. I would 100% get this one again for sure! For dessert we got the peanut butter pie and banana cream parfait, both were 10/10. Overall, I am 100% coming back for the elote mac and maybe even to try a few more flavors :)

Corran [Fedge] Horn

I ordered the vegan buffalo mac with broccoli. It had breadcrumbs on top. It was very delicious. I will most definitely go back and have it again.


So many choices for a carbfest. The Gilroy Garlic was my favorite. Great options for vegetarians; delicious dessert (the chocolate cookie sandwich that looks like a giant oreo) rendered the people in my party silent -- I looked up and they all had their eyes closed savoring their dessert. Friendly service! I'll be back!

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