Kingfish Pub & Cafe

5227 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 655-7373

Recent Reviews

Barney C.

The perfect place to chill and grab a solid adult beverage with friends, or strangers or stranger's dogs. Such good awesome fur boy and girls. This place is so clutch that I came here two times in one weekend. I can wholeheartedly say that it's a good time in the day and the night. 10/10 - Would Highly Recommended!

Gevonte Brown

It is a upscale dive bar. Staff was nice drinks were good no complaints. Not a very diverse place but maybe because of the night.

Luke J.

Best Pub in Oakland, hands down. Great team, good ambiance, and a nostalgic setup. If you visit Oakland, definitely have to hit this place up for a drink or two with friends.

Jennipher Galvan-Speers

A friend always rents out their private room for parties, which is fantastic! Downside is the general area is way too packed for covid times. It's a bit overwhelming.

Fredrick Mitchell

First time going with my wife. The bartender that looks like great value Ray Liotta is great. Drinks are good! Good pour sizes!! Check them out!

Richard Yannacone (Siggy Fraud)

This place is awesome! A’s games great drinks and beer. Dog friendly!

Jay Dilorenzo

Too many lames there

Alexis B.

Great local pub. It was the 4th of July and a lot of places were closed, but not Kingfish Pub! Came in for a few beers before heading to a family BBQ. They have a lot of great local beers on tap and a variety of canned and bottled beers. The inside bar is on an old Berkely basketball court. If you head into the back you pass a shuffle board and enter into a great courtyard. The bar in the back is also stocked and there are plenty of TVs to watch the game. You feel like you are inside, but are actually outside and it's great. This place is always popping on the weekends. So next time you are looking for a place to meet old friends or are trying to make new friends, keep Kingfish Pub in mind.

Michael H.

My favorite sports bar! Check it out on Telegraph in Oakland, Ca. Great and friendly service. Love this place.

Hannah D.

$8 cocktails. We had a busy but very attentive bartender, I believe her name was Alex. She was awesome and funny and made us STRONG drinks. We sat in the back bar that was an indoor/outdoor space. I got 4 drinks and a bag of chips and it was $33?!? Would recommend and we are going back.

Myles L.

Great ambiance, including a cozy indoor bar and a long outdoor bar. The cocktails aren't expensive and the shot and a beer special is a deal. The beer selection is limited.

Sam Sargent

Great vibe, great history...

Dixon Minnick

It’s fine. It’s a dive bar; nothing remarkable positively or negatively. Go here if you’re into dive bars. Don’t if you’re not.

Ms. Mage

Solid social distancing protocol.Nice outdoor, but covered space. Good prices for good drinks.Super appreciated.

Penny Ambriz Carter

This has always been a great place to play shuffleboard and enjoy good times.

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