Lee's Donuts

4013 Telegraph Ave Ste D, Oakland
(510) 654-2645

Recent Reviews

DreDay 5000TX

Always the best tastiest treats. Not the place to go if you're counting calories, hahaha. Otherwise, enjoy the friendly staff and superb quality coffee, treats, and donuts.

stuart cohen

Great fresh donuts and egg sandwiches along with coffee. Perfect for a fast breakfast.

Loretta Lovett

Was not fresh m.

Missy E.

During the pandemic I started to try new donut shops. I finally got to this particular Lee's Donuts. Not all Lee's are the same. This one, 5 solid stars. I got a dozen because how else can one truly know? Wow. All of the dozen were amazing. The yeast ones were my favorite. The plain glazed rated as #1 best. Fluffy and light like cotton candy with perfect amount of glaze. My next favorite was the huge yeast dough butterfly shaped donut. It seemed to have a light sprinkling of cinnamon but not exactly as much as a cinnamon roll. Also great buttermilk donuts. I'll definitely be going back soon!

John Lee

Doughnuts are SO fresh. They all have a nice pastry taste/quality to them.The ones with chocolate frosting… made me realize store or mass produced chocolate frosting doughnuts skip the chocolate.If the setting for their food was in a more hip place, their doughnuts would be characterized as “artisanal” or “craft”.

Daniel Sherman

Lee's has delicious doughnuts and pastries! I definitely recommend this place. ?❤️

Mariam A

Can be busy but love they croissants ! And muffins?


quick kind service, donuts are always fresh. great variety, best prices in Oakland!

Rosa Peralta Hernández

The best apple friter

Roger Taylor

Can't go a day without em' ?

Bu Ali

Homemade donut? ? pastries and they cook some food to order-??

Aisha Higgins

They have the best freshest donuts also their sausage ,egg croissants. It be so hot and freshly made

A Gg

Lawrence make some good Donuts and Sophie is a good waitress

Hector M Camarena

The best donuts in town

Octavio L.

Their donut selection is amazing along with their breakfast and lunch meals which all taste amazing and their staff are so nice

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