Monster Phở

3905 Broadway, Oakland
(510) 788-4459

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R L.

Love monster pho. Nice, clean tasting pho in large portions if you get the monster size. Was really impressed with their covid precautions! They check your temp, there's outdoor seating with dividers between tables. They also gave drinks in closed containers - coffee cup with lid for tea and a sealed boba cup for water. Maybe a bit overkill but I appreciated their efforts to be as safe as possible. It just really made me feel like there was respect for everyone's safety! Also the outdoor seating is just higher quality than some of the other places doing the same.

Cristina C.

Really good pho and I love the portions they give. Great lace to go when you're trying to beat your hangover.

C H.

Foods are fantastic here. We love the pho. The broth is so flavorful. The grilled chicken and imperial rolls are perfect. 5 stars.

Ton T

From the moment time Monster opened, the owner has always insisted on using the best ingredients, and treating his employees right.

M M.

I ordered chicken pho for my elderly parents and the rice noodles were perfect because they were soft for eating. I would have maybe skipped the chicken next time since it was a little too challenging for them to chew. In their late 80's it was more than enough soup for the two of them and they ate it all up. I order extra noodles just in case. It was been a long time since I've come to Monster Pho, but I can tell you that two experiences have really shaped my view of the owner. I have a family member that suffers from mental illness and at one point, years ago, he came to pick up soup for my parents and he became very verbally abusive and angry to the owner. There was no reason, this is how mental illness works sometimes and instead of yelling back, threatening with the police or kicking him out, he responded with compassion. Clearly seeing something was wrong and my family member, that compassion and calm allowed for my family member to be de-escalated and he purchased the food and left with no issue. He was very regretful and embarrassed of getting so angry later. My family member is a big man and very strong and anytime police are involved in situations like this I fear they will potentially shoot him. (he has not hurt anyone before) Today when I picked up my food I was very touched to see an entire cooler of individual water to-go cups with lids and thinly sliced lemon and lime slices for people to take for free and their free community produce garden for people who need it. The jalapeños looked great, but I am not in need for free food so I hope the people that do take from it are actually in need financially or that unfortunately have food insecurity rather than shopping around with the wagon. I also read how someone attempted to donate money for their cause and they refused to take the money. This is all very meaningful and generous and I hope that the universe continues to bless this family and staff with health and great business. Thank you Monster Pho!

Sophia S.

This place is welcoming and the food is good. Simple menu and options for most. I enjoy the vermicelli with grilled shrimp and the veggie imperial rolls. It's hard to find veggie imperial rolls anywhere ( they are always pork). Staff is friendly and attentive. The food is always fresh and tasty. Great place to visit!

Elven B.

After a night of drinking, nothing hits like a bowl of pho. I expect a good bowl of pho to bring me back to life and Monster pho did not disappoint. Initially, I was in a bit of sticker shock given the prices, but that didn't stop me from adding an appetizer of egg rolls and viet coffee to my life giving meal. As we waited for our orders to arrive, a homeless man slowly walked by and stopped in front of the store. One of the waitresses walked outside and handed the man something wrapped in paper. I assume it was food, and thought "oh wow, that's really cool of them." As they parted, the man walked away, and the waitress who had come back inside, grabbed a sealed cup of water and went running after him, to make sure he had something to drink. I was blown away. I came in with expectations of feeding my belly, and while that was accomplished, I had also witnessed actions that fed my soul. I will gladly support an establishment that supports its community. Keep up the great work Monster Pho!

Paloma Flores

The best Pho in the bay area! Chicken wings that smack harder than the average. Their customer service is above & beyond! The parklets are a plus for warmer days when you want to eat outside. Safe, Clean, and delicious food. You cannot beat it!

Alexa A.

I love their COVID-friendly outdoor setup! Almost feels like you're in southeast Asia with all the cars zooming by, inhaling smoke from passersby, and hard seating as you slurp up your pho. I love my go to: regular beef pho with rare steak (pho tai). Really can't go wrong with any combo of meats, though.

shay proctor

Best Pho I’ve had along with amazing service. The atmosphere is pretty as well.

Ron A.

Super tasty & pandan waffle is thoroughly flavorful: Get it! Looking forward to Pho Eating contest & T Shirts/gear.

Steve Sag

The best Pho I ever had!Broth was on point! Crazy delicious! I would come here every day! The Owner was very super friendly & this place is busy! Try to get here early to get a seat. I also like their Mascot. The guy at the table next to me said it was the best broth he ever had also. Peace.* From my girlfriend “Better than all the Pho I had in Vietnam!”


Very yummy. The fried tofu is the best protein on the menu.

Kanza Muzaffar

We came here at 3pm on Friday and there was no wait, everyone was so nice. It was perfect weather for pho outside and we finished that bowl quick!! We shared a regular sized bowl between two people and ordered brisket, flank and rare steak which was delish. Usually theres a little pho left but we tore through it before I got a picture :)

Martina F.

I am very disappointed in today's meal. The chicken wings and imperal rolls tasted horrible. Tge chicken tasted like it was old and sitting hecka long.I think the oil that it was fried in needs to be changed also. The monster vermicelli was not the best either. The chicken was stringy,the beef was nothing special and the shrimp was alright. Overall not happy with it all. We couldn't even finish our meal.

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