Old Weang Ping

6217 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland
(510) 430-8771

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Darrell's Moto Diary

Very good quality Thai

Dasha Sominski

Absolutely loved this spot. Such a wonderful family atmosphere and really cool feel overall. The food was delicious!! The first pad Thai in Oakland that felt real. Loved everything about it!

Noemi Rosado

The food here is amazingly delicious. We are always completely satisfied. It is simply wonderful, authentic Thai food. The staff is friendly and the restaurant itself is very cute, quaint and cozy... Old Weang Ping is a true Oakland Hidden Gem.

Paula S.

Very yummy! Prices are good. Quantity is just right. This is my new favorite spot for Thai food.

Richard Trego

This restaurant is awesome and broad, the menu was yummy and the prices were very fair. quick, efficient service and very personal waiters. Will definitely recommend this spot.

maynard garritty

This is some pretty reliable thai food. These folks do a great job of front of the house Covid protocols which I very much appreciated. I had three dishes and mango sticky rice. One dish, sorry can't remember, was okay. The mango sticky rice was a good iteration of the classic. But man-oh-man, their beef noodle soup was absolutely amazing. Delicious broth, rich and redolent, fresh veggies component, the meat was okay, but the broth was so dang good nothing else (in the world) mattered. I'd go back and get the soup and experiment around the menu to find more gems like that and add this place to my list of happy places.

Roger Ordonez

Amazing food. Lots of great options from the menu and they served me right away. The atmosphere is very nice and warm.

Minerva lopez

The food was delicious ? friendly people and the best part is that it's walking distance from my house

Emma N.

I love this place so much. This is One of my husbands and my favorite spots to get dinner. Everything they make is so fresh and so delicious. Their steamed sticky rice is amazing. Their eggplant dish is probably my favorite on the menu. This place remains a family favorite, so glad that they're still open.

Stephanie R.

My go-to takeout spot during COVID. The food is always good, they take phone orders and it's always ready by the time I get there! I love the papaya salad and the pumpkin curry. You can't go wrong with their noodles, either.

Holly H.

I really enjoy the food here- and in this pandemic times, it's take-out only, so their seating issues don't affect me! Great, thoughtful service (you order on the phone, and they ping you when your order is ready!)

Sierra N.

I'm sad to leave this review because this place seems to be a small, family owned business and I really wanted to have a pleasant experience at this place. Yet, this is my honest experience.

I called and placed an order over the phone. I was hoping to get corn cakes, mango and sticky rice and pineapple fried rice. When I requested mango and sticky and corncakes, the person I spoke to immediately said they didn't have any of those. This was okay, but it left and impression that they didn't have a lot of things on their menu...
When I arrived at the restaurant to pick up my order, I walked through a lobby like area filled with beautiful plants and water fountains/ponds. I like the aesthetic of this place very much. As I approached the table to get my order, I was startled by a rustling sound come from the plants. I looked and saw something dart fr the area I was close to then heard a rat squealing. I brought this to the attention of the person helping me with my order and they seemed offended that I shared that with them by saying "how could you say that".

I almost left without my order at this point but I genuinely wanted to try the food since I love thai food. The pineapple fried rice was simple- it wasn't bad but it wasn't restaurant quality.

I wouldn't suggest this place for other people to go to. There are other options in the area that have better quality of food and service.

Adam T.

Worth going to just to see the place - super unique and down home. Really sweet service and the food is always on point.

Daniel C.

Love the food here!  This review is for the troubled white men who have moved into this part of town.

To a certain white patron, do not call other patrons of color or people whom you do not know "buddy". You don't have to say "thanks buddy" to another patron who chose to wait patiently outside and simply practice social distance while you spend more than the amount of time necessary to sign your bill, leave your tip, take your food, and leave. You don't have to say, "thanks, buddy" or even express gratitude at all to someone who  just wants to practice social distancing during a pandemic which has killed 400,000+ Americans.

White men, when you call someone a term of endearment whom you do not know, which is often used for animals like dogs or cats, you are likely either 1) insecure about your toxic masculinity; 2) trying to hide your own white supremacy by covering up racial epithets which you imagine to yourself with muttering such demeaning words like "buddy"; 3) you think that by frequenting a Thai restaurant that you're somehow immune to perpetuating microaggressions against people of color; 4) your IQ is so low that you just are unaware of how your words are perceived by others; 5) you've never seen the related episode on this issue from South Park; 6) you are a legitimate sociopath; and/or 7) your command of the English language is so limited that you lack precision in word choice.

I love the food here! But to the white guy clearly not from Oakland, you do not have to thank a patron for waiting outside for you to leave so that person can enter without having to come within 6 feet of your personal space. You especially don't have to call that person "buddy" when his ethnic group has a COVID mortality rate that is over 3 times higher than yours. Maybe to this white takeout patron, you're so entitled that you don't practice social distance with others, so you get shocked when others keep a safe distance from you? Maybe if people like you stopped with the microaggressions and actually helped make social distancing the norm, we wouldn't have lost over 400,000 lives to a pandemic when countries like Thailand flattened the curve thanks to their lack of entitlement. Are you as distraught as people of color to see white supremacists storm the Capitol earlier this month that you find yourself distracted with your choice of words to complete strangers? Food for thought in case I ever have to see this patron again because this restaurant is worth putting up with what I perceive as this patron's implicit white supremacy/toxic masculinity/insecurity.

The food here is delicious. The service is superb. Just make sure that you are respecting hardworking people like the folks at this restaurant since certain patrons have little respect towards other members of the community.

Jeremy K.

Went there for the first time yesterday and I extremely impressed with everything. I went there with some friends from work, who had been there before. I called the order in, and the lady on the phone said that it would be 25 minutes. We were on our lunch break, and we work right down the street from there. I ended up ordering an order of Gyozas, Roti with a fantastic Curry Sauce and Samosas for my appetizers and went with the Thai Chicken Fried Rice. When we arrived there, they are only basically allowing one person in there at a time due to the current Pandemic and six feet rule, once you pay for your food, you must wait outside until your name is called. The lady at the cash register was very nice and helpful. Once we got back to our job, I started with the Roti and Curry sauce that was absolutely fantastic, I shared my leftover Curry with my friend for her Thai Fried Rice. I then went in on the Samosas that I shared with my friends and they were absolutely delicious, and then it was onto the Gyozas and they were awesome. Finally, it was onto my main course, and added the Curry Sauce and it was outstanding, I was so full that I ended up bringing the rice home for dinner.

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