Rush Bowls

350 17th St, Oakland
(510) 590-9068

Recent Reviews

Olivia R.

Best açaí bowl place out there! Nothing better. Love everything on the menu. Service is unreal. PB IS A MUST!!

Audrey I.

Any opportunity where I can justify having dessert for breakfast, I'll gladly take! No hesitations. After church, my friends and I hit up Rush Bowls, and I got my usual PB and J Bowl with chocolate chips. The smoothie base itself was light, yet filling and was very peanut-butter forward which I enjoy. If you're looking for a fruitier bowl, I'd suggest ordering something else though (maybe the beach or jungle bowl?). Also, ALWAYS GET THE PEANUT BUTTER TOPPING!! The peanut butter is freshly ground in-store which makes me feel more bougie (since I'm a Skippy fanatic), and you can definitely taste the difference compared to popular PB brands. The Berkeley location is also very similar to the Oakland location, so kudos to this franchise for maintaining consistency! I'll definitely see myself coming back if I'm in the area.

Taylor D. J.

Yummy Yummy Dairy-free options with a huge portion! My favorite is Beach bowl & extra banana and almond butter. Give it a try, you won't be regret it!

Simileoluwa Adebajo

Had the sweet heat and loved it! Plus great sizes for the smoothies and loved supporting a black owned business

Imani J.

Cute spot! It was a 75-degree sunny day in Oakland when my wife and I stopped in, looking for something cold and refreshing. TASTE: 4/5 We ordered the Southern Lemon Smoothie and the Lemon Squeeze Bowl. Both were refreshing and fresh, although I was expecting more of a flavor punch from the smoothie. The Lemon Squeeze bowl, which includes honey drizzle and crispy granola on top, was particularly delicious. We tried it topped with sliced strawberries, which were also very fresh. SPEED: 3/5 We arrived at around 3:30pm, and there was no line (great!), but it took approximately 10 minutes to make our order. We didn't mind as we were just taking a neighborhood stroll. However, if you are in a rush (no pun intended), the speed is something to keep in mind. VALUE: 4/5 After tax, our order for a smoothie and a bowl came out to $20.76 -- that's enough to get a dim sum lunch or two burritos in the area. However, the portions at Rush Bowl are huge! I get full easily, so it'll probably take me a few days to finish this smoothie. Realistically, you could probably buy one smoothie and share with your s.o., or buy a bowl for yourself and have leftovers if you freeze it. SERVICE: 5/5 I didn't catch the name of the guy who was working the cash register this afternoon, but he was super friendly and courteous! That's the type of service that makes me want to return to a place.

Aliyah B.

Very fresh, very tasty, my go to smoothie and bowl spot another good bowl to try is the oasis

Theresa Owsley

Excellent customer service thanks Miracle!

Natalie A.

I came here for the first time and didn't really know what to get. Thankfully, I was given some great recommendations by one of the employees. Customer service was great, the bowl was delicious and overall a great experience. This place is worth the visit!

Daezela I.

Loved this place!! The smoothie bowl was AMAZING! Customer service was great! The peanut butter is beyond GOOD! After yoga at the lake, this was spot on!

Auintard Henderson

This newly opened black owned business in the cut of downtown Oakland serves some delicious healthy alternatives to get you through the day stop by check them out give them support.

Lupe Lopez

Fast and easy to order online, taste great

Elisha S.

Come to rush bowls a few months ago. It had been on my list for a while .. I was definitely not disappointed and was mad it took me so long to get here..I have been expanding my taste buds . It seems weird to me to blend avocado.. something about it just isn't right with me.. so I got the green rx smoothie.. I couldn't even taste the avocado.. but the smoothie was soo good.. highly recommended

Shinobi Shiranui

Omg g for gosh!!!! Love the owner/staff at this place!!! Very accommodating with food allergies and food/drinks are delicious!!!! Come here n get your grub on plus some. The menu is diverse with explanation too. Please go here as I'm planning my visit to go n buy again. Don't forget tk ask for the Peach Cobbler! Oh yaaaaaaasssss!!!! Increíble panitos. Dale y vete allá para saborear (Do it and go for tasting)???

Sarah K. Lee

Every single time I come in here there’s at least a 15 minute wait.... and not one of the staff says anything about it!! I’ve given them so many chances and they just can’t get their act together. NOT WORTH IT.

Julia A.

DELICIOUS. Great portions for the price and I LOVE that they offer a "dairy free" option when ordering online. THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF THE LACTARDS! They offer pup bowls for your little friends and they allow you to bring them inside for a quick order or pick up. AMAZING to be able to walk my puppy there and to get treats for both of us! The store is very clean and smells like a fresh fruit bowl when you walk inside. Highly recommend if you're looking for an awesome smoothie or acai bowl place in the neighborhood!

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