3407 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland
(510) 251-0329

Recent Reviews

Alexandria Maisoka

Friendly staff, beautiful cocktail selection. Thanks Asher for the great drink recs. They were accommodating to my dietary restrictions.

Jeremy Bird

This place is a gem. Great people. Food is delicious. Drinks are lovely. Highly recommend.

Damon Castlen

The fried chicken is easily the best thing on the menu. Will definitely get it again!

Melina T

The churros were really a coming to Jesus moment for me. Amazing food and awesome service! Will definitely be returning

Kiki Devoramonifa

The park let, the service, the food, the location are the best.

Mimi Kidane

Awesome place to be great Service

Olaywa Austin

Great service and staff! Tio for you non drinkers...Best no-fi beverage game in Oakland!

Andrea Brown

This has been a favourite restaurant for my husband and I. Haven't been there since the pandemic, it was wonderful to be there again. Food is just as great now as it was then.

Mikaila S.

This is a cute find in the area. There is lots of indoor and outdoor seating! Everything is ordered online through you phone which is easy but there is no way to make substitutions. That can be frustrating for anyone with specific dietary needs. The food is satisfying but not out of this world.

Pat M.

The cocktails were great, and I could imagine even greater in person (we got take out). Food was also great, especially the sea bass!

Nicole A.

So excited to finally try Shakewell!! Met my Aunt Barb here on Wednesday for an early dinner and everything we ordered was fantastic! Our server Asher was a doll, he explained every plate perfectly and paired a glass of wine for me as well. Can't wait to get back, thank you.

Brent Mather

So glad to be back! Shakewell is a great destination for any occasion. Excited to have in-door dining (spaced out and very clean) with many of the same great pre-pandemic recipes... and a few new ones! Looking forward to Brunxh next time!

AR Stokes

Chicken was very good!! Moist ...better Chicken sandwich than Popeyes by far!! I was disappointed by the tip applied at the end! $25 tip! When our sever was seen once! That's beside the point! Give people the choice of tipping, you should let people know your charge for seating!!

Christian E.

The value just isn't there. Their wrap for example has two kofte meatballs which are totally unbalanced with true rest of the wrap. It's all cabbage anf then you get a meatball in a bite. It's just not that good.... Go somewhere else that has higher quality Mediterranean food without the guise of being higher end and prices that simply don't line up with the dishes

Gillian Dawson Y.

Very gracious service. I felt well attended even though most of our ordering was through the QR code. Fried Chicken, croquets, arugula salad, paella with prawns, churros were the choices we made for 3 of us...with cocktails. More than enough I assure readers. Full of flavor - everything. Dipping sauces added variety but dishes were great on their own too. Nick and Asher...thank you!!!

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