Shimizu Cuisine

4290 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
(510) 653-7672

Recent Reviews

Belinda L.

Love the sashimi here and we have been going here for 5 years. Food and service have always been consistently good. However, they recently raised their 14 piece sashimi dinner from $25 to $31. The food is getting a bit pricey.

Connor Loudon

Excellent sushi! Everything was so fresh and tasty. We got a few rolls and then the spicy edamame.The fish was flavorful and fresh, the rice was delicious and the rolls were wrapped so perfectly! They also provided a healthy amount of Wasabi and ginger which are my personal favorites.Highly recommend! They do dine in, but takeout was so easy!

Mindy L.

Tasty, convenient, a little pricey. First time here and sat inside for lunch on a Sunday. The specialty rolls are $15-17 on average. The orange blossom was good but not sure I'd get it again for that price. Didn't see it on the menu, but asked for an order of salmon sashimi and got a 4 pc for $11.75 and it was delicious! Great quality and would get that again. Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Served a complimentary miso soup too :)

Vannitsa H.

It was my first time here. Overall the food was good, I only tried the rolls. I really like the Salmon Lover, it was really good for me! This place was actually a small tiny restaurant, but it was clean and cute. I don't really know why they had so many waitresses, because the place was actually small and there service was still kinda slow even though they had plenty of staffs. But overall, I love the food! The rolls were so delicious! Will be back again!

Justin B

Incredible service and 5 star food! The Uni was fresh and sashimi had a delicious variety. We came here for the first time to celebrate a birthday dinner and WOW, so impressed! Price was good as well. We will definitely be back with more friends ?

C Squared

Shimizu used to be a great spot to go for mid-quality sushi for a reasonable price. Not the kind of quality fish you'd get at Kirala or Kamado in Berkeley, but also not the price tags either. Now, Shimizu is MORE expensive than even the premium sushi spots. For example, chirashi is now $28.50, which is $3 more than Kirala, Kiku, Kamado, and Mitama, all of which are PREMIUM sushi spots. I'm no snob—mid-tier sushi is a great meal when it's affordable and accessible, but I just can't afford this, and there are better options elsewhere.I understand that thanks to covid, places have been struggling a lot and prices have gone up, but unfortunately these prices are just too high to justify me ever coming back in. If I can get better quality fish at a cheaper price elsewhere, there's just no reason to pay $11.50 for a philly roll. I hope Shimizu is able to find alternative solutions to making ends meet because the current pricing doesn't seem sustainable to maintain their consumer base.

Brandii Pryor-Hudson

Try the flaming dragon. It was amazing and fun to watch blazing at the table

Murphy T Lau

Teriyaki & Sushi Pretty Good.

TJ deVroede

Food was awesome. People running it are even awesome-rrr. Going again, soon.

Rossi Snipper

So far, hit and miss. I had their Oyako (Chicken) Donburi last week and it was superb (5 stars), but today I had their Katsu Donburi and it was underwhelming (missing the nice fry on the pork). In both cases they were generous with the meat. My wife enjoyed the grilled squid & the natto maki ... but hated the futo maki (although this is because she's a traditionalist and doesn't like avocado in her nigiri).

Chris G.

Such good food! Try this place you won't regret it! Fast service and fair prices! I love their spicy options!

M V.

I used to love this place. The quality of fish you get for the price point is still really great, and my 3-star rating is not based on the food quality, but on the portions. Like several restaurants I've gone to during this year, they've skimped on their portion size significantly. I ordered a speciality roll and a handroll and both were very small. I was pretty shocked by the handroll, especially. I understand times are tough, but I really wish places wouldn't cut corners in this way.

Llyana L.

This is undoubtedly the worst sushi I've ever had. I'm so surprised at the good reviews. I've never seen unagi that I didn't love, but this was it. Tasteless and dry. Not enough Hamachi to even provide flavor. What gives?

Margery Toi

Fabulous, fresh sushi and sashimi. Some of the best I have had, both dining at the restaurant, as well as taking out to eat at home. Our Mother's Day feast was terrific, and they even had someone in the parking lot for pickup orders, so we did not even have to get out of the car. Great job, Shimizu!

Tiffany D.

When your go-to sushi spot is closed, it never hurts to try some place new! I was pleasantly pleased with Shimizu Sushi, you can tell the fish was fresh & high quality. We ordered several rolls to share & have to say all were great, it really comes down to what your fish preference is. Sushi: I ordered the Una-Avo & the Double Salmon roll and was happy with both! I love Unagi & Salmon so was glad they had different variations of rolls that included that. Unagi & Avocado came with a generous helping of unagi which I appreciated. The Double salmon was tasty & filling but It can also be overkill so if you want to cut down on your fish amount, I recommend simply ordering the salmon-avo roll instead of the double salmon roll. You'll even save a few bucks that way too. It's the same item just without the extra salmon on top. The two rolls were filling & the perfect amount for me. My friend ordered their California, Shrimp Tempura, & Spicy Spider roll. The California & Shrimp Tempura rolls were standard. They said Spicy Spider is definitely their favorite, it comes with Spicy Tuna, avocado, & shrimp tempura. They enjoyed the balance between spice from the tuna & creaminess of the avocado paired well with the crunch from the shrimp tempura. Overall, if you're in Piedmont, definitely highly recommend this place especially for takeout. We had an opportunity to take it out in our balcony. They offer drive thru pick up system if you feel more comfortable staying in your car. If you are meeting someone for dinner, Shimizu is located next to a public library & school where they have picnic tables if you'd like to enjoy sushi outdoors as well. Plenty of street parking next & around the restaurant to make your pick up trip more convenient. Looking forward to coming back to try their other items!

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