Snow White Coffee

3824 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
(510) 808-7655

Recent Reviews

Chamaine Woffard

I drive across town for this locally owned place. I love the cappuccinos.

Sydne L.

The guy was nice and my latte was wonderful! Plus they carry the oat milk I like which is another plus! Will definitely be returning :)

Leon S.

Best coffee in Temescal for sure! Friendly and interesting staff. Small choice of baked goods, but high quality

Arely C.

I love the simplicity of this place. Straight forward in and out. I had the 89' the cup size is pretty small but it was sooo worth it. Also got the keto coffee which in my opinion it was bitter but an acquired taste not nasty. My sister did not think it was bitter at all but also she does drink black coffee and loved it. The shop also sells local artist items.

Gabriel Sinkin

Delicious coffee in a very convenient location. Infinitely tastier than the in-hospital offering and only a short walk away from Kaiser Oakland. It is my go to coffee shop when I'm in need of a cuppa the good stuff and can't stay too far from Kaiser.

Lauren N.

Oakland is full of cafes with a full menu and staff/owners who value community and their customers, this is not one of them. In fact, the owner is so blatantly rude and makes you feel like you are such an inconvenience or an idiot for asking simple questions. Go to Blue Bottle or Timeless and you won't have your day ruined.

Katie R.

Nice little coffee spot to enjoy a latte. Not much selection in the way of pastries but the coffee was solid and there was a cozy little patio with a couple of metal tables and chairs to enjoy it at. The patio area blocks the wind just enough and the painted building and bright red chairs really brighten up the space. Casual vibe, good coffee, and friendly staff, what more could you want?

Wendy Buttram

Delicious drink and had a great experience with the owner Alex!! Will definitely go back when we’re in town!!

David J.

Very balanced sweet creamy ice espresso drink. there are succulent for sale as well though they are a bit pricey.

Ted T.

Excellent cappuccino; deep coffee flavor and smooth, rich milk. Also great with oat milk. Super friendly.

Jen N.

First time here and my latte was so good! The Vanilla scone...amazing. Great coffee and great service!

Hope-Anna B.

Friendly, talkative Barista, bomb coffee, and a chill/modern environment. I drink coffee for enjoyment (so not daily), but only a handful of times have I been able to drink coffee without any sweeteners because it's roasted and brewed so perfectly. I'd definitely come back.

Kevin K.

Popped in quickly for a cup of joe to go and was very impressed. Gentleman behind the counter was very friendly, offered to top it off when i said "no cream" and had a unique straw technique to flip the lid onto the cup. Quality of the coffee? Robust, rich, bold without any bitterness. Super smooth. Wish my cup had been a little bigger but given the quality, I was very happy. Of course, I took my pic after I splashed it into my cup holder - and that's on me! Next time I'm in the area, I'm hitting up Snow White!

Kenneth Pitts III

The owner is awesome. He let me bring my dog in was cool to him. I was just accompanying my friend because I typically don't drink coffee. But, I had the best cup of my life here. Highly recommend it!!

Dach Shellman

The pour-over coffee had a looovely flavor and texture, and I was able to get a savory scone. It's often difficult to find pastries that aren't sweet in cafes, so I was super happy!! The outdoor seating and this gorgeous mural made for a magical-FaceTime-breakfast date with my mom! highly recommend

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