Sparky's Giant Burgers

4120 Redwood Rd, Oakland
(510) 531-5617

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I had a hot link sandwich and fried mushrooms. Love the open outdoor atmosphere and the food was fantastic

Angelica Cuevas

I really like the bbq bacon burger, the curly fries and sweet potato fries was so good.My son and I was there for the first time after a long work day and we are very happy with our dinner.

Jakob Jones

Always great! We discovered this place by accident years ago and now it's the go-to anytime we in the area. Love the sweet potato fries. Every burger / salad on the menu is great.


I've been here before and had some issues with their food, mainly their fries which always seem greasy to me. But BOY, their salmon teriyaki platter is great. You're given a very generous piece of salmon with sauce (they have to be careful not to overcook it), on a healthy bed or rice, and a nice green salad on the side, with ranch dressing. When I first saw it, I figured I'd eat half, and take the rest home--it's that generous. However, it was so good, and I was that hungry, so I ate it all. I had a large Arnold Palmer to go with it which was perfect. The proportions were exactly right. It was late afternoon and empty enough we were comfortable sitting at one of the picnic tables. Everyone who came was masked. I do wish the gal at the window had been wearing a shield in addition to her mask, which was below her nose due to her glasses, but she kept well distanced. I love that they also have a huge pump bottle of sanitizer for their guests. One other element, along with the company of my friend, which made it perfect, was the lovely fragrance of jasmine and eucalyptus. Since I am one who has rarely been out since March 2020, everything combined to make this a lovely experience.

N. T

I should come to this place all the time back in the day. I think one of my favorite things about it is I feel like I'm up in Tahoe or something even though I'm in Oakland. It's always peaceful up there. You can order and then screen when you get there and then pick up. Or you can call your order and ahead of time. I do miss the personal touch of going in which is probably why I can't give it five stars. But that's not to their own fault. I also thought that the food was a little more oily than it used to be. I mean super oily. But it has such a great menu. There's something for everyone. You won't be disappointed trying this place out

Mike Nolan

Classic burgers, great fries and shakes... Sparky's is always consistent, clean and delicious! Need to get you burger on? Now you know where to go....

Christine Ferguson

Food was just eh, I got sweet potatoes and BLT (NOT) and I asked for BBQ sause and told me it was $1.70 so I passed. Got a BLT was more like a tomato sandwich with a little bacon. Very dissatisfied as I was told this was a good spot by the neighborhood. $15 for a tomato with little bacon sandwich and a side of sweet fries.It wasn't busy at all so no excuse.A lady was sitting outside said she'd been coming 4 years(10*) and it's gone downhill. Her bread was stale also and was different bread

Vernon M.

There burgers ok. Nothing spectacular but it's good. The price is a bit high for burgers and fries.

Marissa G.

I went here yesterday for the first time and omg that was probably the best burger i have ever had!! Cooked perfectly, seasoned perfectly, so flavorful and good! def 10/10 would recommend!!

Dave M.

+4 stars for the Niman Ranch burgers and hard-working staff. -1 star for the $3 16oz fountain drinks which they won't refill. Dear management, that $0.03 you saved by not refilling my Coke just cost you $3 because out of principle I'll drink water from now on.

Martin I.

Hidden burger joint up in the Oakland hills by highway 13. Just stumbled upon it with a friend, while looking for a gasoline station. Cozy looking burger joint with outdoor seating. A very welcoming atmosphere with large trees surrounding the area. My friend and I both had burgers, one with cheese and the other without. Also had their fries, which wasn't greasy, give that a plus. Very tasty and with fresh ingredients. Not a dry or over cooked burger. Would definitely go back and try other items on the menu. It's a good size menu with different selections. Got lucky on this one. Definitely check them out.

Tyler G.

Good quick home made burger This place is exactly what you expect when you go in there. The burger was good, nice size well made good taste. The tuna sandwich was just ok lacked a little flavor but still ok. (Would stick to the burger next time) the shake was great and so were the fries. They have a cool outdoor seating area and a quick order process as well. Overall a good place for a burger fries and a shake. Well be back!

Leo G.

First time going to Sparky's. Grabbed a couple burgers today for lunch, and glad we did. Real good burger joint with big portions, so true to the name. Ordered a cheeseburger with grilled onions and pickles. They say you can't mess up a burger, but I've had a few messed up burgers, and Sparky's does it right. Our order of curly fries was huge, and the fried zucchini's & mushrooms were similarly portioned. Hot, crispy, and great with ranch. You order from an iPad to the right of the window. Very convenient. Great outdoor seating on a warm day. Legit spot.

Michael S.

I'm on a mission to have every cheese burger in Oakland that's a non chain. Sparky's served a great cheese burger, exceptional and hot out of the fryer curly fries, and a good sized Diet Coke. I eat out twice a month for lunch and Sparky's serves a great burger. The secret is never order through Door Dash or any delivery service in which your burger will grow cold and your fries go limp. Get off your keister and go to Sparky's and order and eat a great hamburger.

D Man

Stumbled upon this place by accident and when I seen the smoke coming out the top I knew it would be good, and it was even better than I was expecting. Will definitely be stopping by again.

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