Spinning Dough

2935 Market St, Oakland
(510) 250-9882

Recent Reviews

Gordon R.

EXCELLENT PIZZA. AMAZING SERVICE. Anyone who leaves this place a negative review can stick to Pizza Hut because obviously they have taste for shit.

Piero Rocca

Crust - 4.5 stars. Nice and crispy but a little thin and saggy from the middle.Toppings - 2 stars. Tomato paste not tomato sauce, basil not fresh and not soaked in garlic olive oil. Cheese is underwhelming.I'm Italian and this Margherita is not worthy of being eaten. Do better.

Sonha Nguyen

Great pizza, salad and wings! I've tried it all. Solid. And the staff is super nice. You'll feel great about supporting small biz too!

Sterling Ripley-Phipps

Great pizza, some of the best in the Bay. Big pies with excellent crust.

Terrence B.

Finally found a place that makes a proper thin crust pizza. Crispy and flavor balanced. They are friendly and the place is very clean. Yes, perhaps not as cheap as the big corporate product, but in my book very worth it.

Nathan E.

After driving by Spinning Dough a number of times, I was really curious about it and ordered a couple of pizzas last week for our weekly family pizza night. We had two pizzas and salad and can't wait to go back. One pizza - pepperoni we ordered for our daughters, which they loved and an "adult" pizza with sopreseta and honey, which was amazing. With some chili flakes, the adult pizza was perfect. Bear in mind that the pizzas are large - 18" if I remember correctly, so one pizza should feed three to four people. We over-ordered, but were happy to have the leftovers. Can't wait until they can reopen for on-premise dining so that we can get the full experience. Looking forward to adding Spinning Dough to our pizza repitoire.

Ben Lupinetti

I’ve been going out of my way to visit this off-the-beaten-path spot for years because the pizza is never not excellent. They have their combinations of cheese, toppings and sauce down to a science, and the crust has a subtle garlic flavor that is absolutely delicious. Leftovers are great the next day too.

Matthew Lopez

This is among my top three pizza spots in Oakland. Never not great; top marks.

Benny T.

Spinning Dough is the jam. There are so many creative pizzas on the menu. The crust is amazing, the quality and amount of ingredients is amazing, the homemade sausage is so damn good. The price is great, and the owner is a straight chiller who deserves hella credit for these amazing pies.

Paul P.

Nice crisp thin crust pizza! Kinda hard to park sometimes, but call your order in and they are very efficient and they'll have it ready for sure when they say it will be ready, every time. The people there are super nice. Not greasy or sloppy like most Bay Area pies.

Nick G.

This pizza is not good. The margarita pizza was garbage. Pretty much inedible. It was 18 inches and cheese was appropriate for a 10 inch margarita pizza. The dough is oddly textured with flour cooked at wrong temp, and the crust is well over done. For 30 dollars a pizza...fuggedabout this pizza. It's garbage. You would be better off to buy degirno and add some fresh veggies and save 20 bucks.

Misha T.

Very solid pizza that gets dinged because it's just a bit too pricy. Our two pizzas after tip was like $80. We got the pepperoni and the seafood ones and they're kind of tough to compare since they're so different. But If you think you'd be in the mood for one or the other, I don't think there's a wrong choice here. Whining about price aside, I'd definitely go back.

Nate K.

Best pizza I've ever had in the Bay Area! The sauce was perfect, cheese was perfectly melted, and the crust was perfectly cooked with perfect crisp.

Andrew R.

Come as often as I can to get the corn pizza. Dude is cool, pizza is crazy good. I'm normally a meat eater but the corn pizza huts the spot. Corn pizza. Get the corn pizza.

Lenny T.

Damn good pizza, and I say that as a New Yorker. The crust is properly crispy. Now if only it were priced like pizza back home...

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