Sweet Bar Bakery

2355 Broadway, Oakland
(510) 788-4997

Recent Reviews

Reina C.

I ordered several vegan cookies and desserts. But the scone omg, this is the most delicious scone i have ever had in my life.The cranberry scone was not to sweet not too salty just delicious perfection. I will definitely be ordering more especially for the holidays.

Brandi Seals

This bakery warms my soul. From the friendly and warm service to the fresh baked pastries and hand crafted lattes. The staff really bring their best. You can absolutely feel the passion. I’m obsessed with this bakery even more so with their blueberry lemon scones.

Judith Justice

Good selection of sweet and savory options for food and drinks. Great stop for a quick ham and cheese croissant or birthday cupcakes you meant to get earlier in the week...

Greg Kasimatis

One of our favs! Awesome bdfast and coffee... and gluten free cakes!

Rishi R.

Love this spot. Family owned and very well-operated. Consistent high quality (fresh) food and coffee. Would recommend.

Naomi Walenta

I needed 3 dozen lemon bars for an event, with only 24 hours notice. Not only did Sweet Bar bakery come through, the lemon bars were perfect! Tart, tangy, delicious, topped with two blueberries each. Thank you Sweet Bar!

Valeria V.

I stumbled across this bakery some weeks ago while walking on Broadway in dt Oakland - and I'm glad I did! The space is large, open, and welcoming, but no frills and no pretentiousness. Staff is also welcoming and genuinely care about their guests. I was asked multiple times if I enjoyed my sad which, which I did. There are many options - from sweet breads, to pastries, to sandwiches, to cakes. Everything is made in house, too, which is always a great sign. I was so hungry I got carried away and ordered a chocolate chip cookie, a snickerdoodle cookie, a blueberry polenta muffin, an everything bagel, and a cubano sandwich. The chocolate chip cookie is one of the best I've ever had in my life. It was moist, sweet, with semi sweet chips, and crumbly. It tasted fresh. The snickerdoodle cookie did not have as much cinnamon as I like, and was not overly flavorful, tasted more like a sugar cookie, so that was 3/5. The cubano was delicious. It was also enormous. Bread was ciabatta. The pork was a little on the dry side but otherwise flavors were 5/5. The blueberry muffin was too sweet for me, but still good. 4/5. I have yet to try the everything bagel, which I am saving for breakfast tomorrow. It smells great, is nicely covered in all the everything seasoning, and feels soft but sturdy to touch. There are many tables and ample space for people to hang out or work/study. The music wasn't too loud and the songs played were all classics. I noticed from other reviews that some people commented on the price, which is a little higher than other places ($2.50 for a cookie, $13 for a sándwich). While I agree somewhat, for example I think the muffin is too large and overpriced for $4.50, I believe the other items meet the price given the large quantities. Overall, great experience and will definitely be back.

Joan L.

Yes, it's not cheap. After biting into my turkey sandwich on an everything bagel, I had no regrets. Holy crap. This sando early in the morning, with a Columbian in house roasted drip...the best way I could have broken my blood test fast. Plus, it's super relaxing in this bright and open place. Rumor has it the croissants are to die for. I used to go down to Lakeshore for morning num nums...but it really takes a strong stomach to face what's going on there. Uptown is my new am jam.

Liberty A

In house roasted coffee ok, cupcake dry but still gotta try the sandwiches, they might raise the rating.

Karen P.

Great cafe with lots of seating. I love their cashew milk chai! It's become a treat for me to walk over and pick one up. The staff are really polite and welcoming.

Jerome S.

I just stopped in here now to get a latte and the cashier was very polite made me an excellent Latte I don't know how their bagels taste I'll be sure to try them next time is a good place though I always pass by here on my way to work

Jam S.

To find No WiFi AFTER investing in a cup of Joe and bagel. otherwise With wifi it would be 4 star I suppose. Great location and space. Staff seems personable.


Thai tea is delicious. Staff is friendly. Clean place with lots of room to spread out. Will go again

Jim Williams

Super awesome good times! Tofu and portobello with onions! Local, rootsy, clean, tasty.

Lyle Burlingame

This place is amazing!! They have the BEST fresh bagels and pastries as well as amazing coffee sustainably sourced from coffee farmers and roasted in house on a Bellweather roaster. I bought 10 pounds of 3 different kinds of coffee for my family as gifts and they love it. I usually buy 7-10 bagles at a time to last over a week. Try the Jalepano infused cheese bagel

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