The Lumpia Company

372 24th St, Oakland
(510) 835-5885

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nicole suber

The cheeseburger lumpia is my new favorite! I can't wait until they expand their menu.

Keisha Warren

It's Not the spot. Instead, try FOB kitchen at 5979 Telegraph in Ave Oakland. It was just the welcoming and positive staff I needed after being shunned and having the window slammed in my face earlier that afternoon at "The Lumpia Company" located on 24th St in Oakland. Their hours of operation were drastically different on line than their actual store hours. I arrived 5 min after they'd apparently closed. They kept changing their minds on whether to place my order or not. First they said they would accept the online mistake and honor my order, but then returned and said no, and to come back next day or go home and make them myself with some frozen one's he would sell to me at a small discount, then closed, or proceeded to close the window while I stood there. He pointed to their window sign explaining that they closed at 2pm. However, their website said they closed at 9pm. I can be pretty easy going, but this was unacceptable and felt they displayed cheap & foul customer service. Especially after I'd driven 30 min in just to try out their place, which I had also mentioned to them. Advice to that crew: Please don't get so comfortable with your good food reputation, that your value with people/ customers start to slip. I've seen great places in Oakland come & go due to bad business. And clean that window too! I found FOB Kitchen on 5979 Telegraph Ave later that day and was more than happy & satisfied with their amazing food, (Lumpia and more ) an awesome inviting staff, and great customer service. I recommend FOB to others looking for mouth watering, authentic Filipino food, (delicious Lumpia) a cool bay area - small restaurant vibe, easy pricing and great overhead music inside/outdoors. Very satisfied, no kidding (-' Will definitely return with others. Tell a friend. ?

Andres A.

5 stars as usual.pulled up and ordered the cheeseburger lumpia plate we also ordered the Shanghai (pork & shrimp) and an order of the turkey & veggies lumpia's. All 3 were delicious the turkey & veggies is my favorite I can see why chef earl (E40) loves these lumpia's.I forgot to mention that E40 is part owner.

joyce Allen

First of all I want to start off by saying they open On-time, customer service from beginning to ending was great and I also must say the food wasn't greasy cooked freshly presentation awesome taste awesome keep doing your thing we drove all the way from Fremont to try it out and we'll definitely repeat this cycle loved it

Anthony Pete

Excellent lumpia and garlic rice. Chicken wings are great also.

Jessica A.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT BOMB!!! So I tried their food truck during foodie land a few years ago it was these cheese burger lumpia so I decided to make a visit to try the menu. And let me just say I'm smiling to ear to ear although I got the wrong lemonade and not raspberry the food made up for it.

Lisa S.

When I went to the lumpia restaurant I was thinking I was going to try the pork belly Chips you get it in San Francisco the food there wasn't all that maybe the San Francisco restaurant is better And it's pricey and to me it's just really not worth I don't mind spending money on food but it has to be worth Ito be worth it this clearly wasn't worth it

Chika Emeka

The lumpias were fried to perfection! I got the chicken lumpias and they were good. I also got the raspberry limeade and it had the most random after taste. Not a big fan.

Matthew Seeberger

Creative lumpia that works! Elevated flavors that's not your mom's lumpia, but still pretty good.A little pricey and not very friendly which is why only gave 4 stars.

Jessica Midgyett

It was ok, I follow them on Instagram and I thought the lumpia guy would be nicer but not really he was two busy to even engage in conversation. At the window I felt rushed, they didn't say everything is separate so no fries with anything unless you ask. Spent 50.00 it wasn't worth it!!

David Naguna

This are the best lumpia wrappers alive. Everything is good. Make sure to try the elote lumpia, clam chowder lumpia and theimpossible lumpia. Its the best

Jeannie Kelly

I would love to throw a shout out to the Lumpia Company for the most entertaining Instagram Videos and keeping the realist lumpias from the YAY area! #e40 #FB4Lyfe #707

Kim C.

First time here, and it was pretty legit. I am a tough lumpia critic lol (I make my own). They were out of pork shanghai (bummer), so we ordered chicken tinola. It was good, but nothing to rave about. The adobo wings were though! Will definitely order those again. The surf and turf skewers were 50/50 .... surf (shrimp) was bland and not flavorful but the turf (chicken) was really good. Thai iced tea tasted great (great quality tea). We were comped ube ice cream and bibinka for accidentally forgetting to put our order in, but honestly it took just 5-7 minutes longer and their customer service makes up for it BIG TIME. they kept apologizing and offering us more free treats, and I told them it really was fine. Not a big deal at all. It's amazing how much of an impact customer service has on a place... and this place is on it! We will definitely be back. Hoping I can leave a 4-5 star review next time!

Rashida S.

I had just came from getting my nails done and said aye I'm in the town why not try lumpia co! I follow y'all on ig and came for the new home style seafood chowder lumpia. Man presentation is everything for me and y'all was on point! Nice bed of crispy calamari, lemon wedge with the tastiest seafood lumpia I've ever had. I didn't use the two dipping sauce as I wanted to taste the lumpia in its full flavor. The lumpia where crispy and the filling was great! I also tried the Mac ghetti. It was cool I was just expecting sweet and savory. Maybe add some that meat sauce on the bottom the container with more cheddar cheese thru out the mac Overall I'll be back was a good lunch.

Vincent S.

Lumpias are solid. Appreciate their takes on different foods turned into lumpia forms. Wings - hellllaaaaa dry and overcooked.

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