United Paleteria y Neveria

4768 International Blvd, Oakland
(510) 698-4789

Recent Reviews

Paola S.

I ordered a tejuino from here 04-1-21 and let me just say how upsetting to get this as a small I usually get a small and it's never this small I was taking like a shot of tequila basically! I didn't order it my bf did and didn't say anything since I didn't get off and his the nicer one to not say anything but come on what happened to their place! So upsetting and the price is ridiculous! $7 for that tejuino !

Venus Williams

This place was actually tried by my sister and mom, but I put the order for them.My sister got the tosti locos, but instead of tostitos, she substituted them with takis. She enjoyed the taste of it and it didnt get soggy that fast.I got a mangonada for my wife. I took one star off. She said that it was too sour, and she didn't have tamrind. So they had forgotten to add the tamarind and it was sour and spicy. Yet she really enjoyed it overall.

Nicole E.

I love the crepes but the chocolate strawberries suck they're dipped in the chocolate and stored in the freezer for who knows for how long and when they are finally bought they are solid the chocolate shells completely shattered + only 1 worker which made the whole service a long period of time

Malik J.

I don't know what happened to the guy I regularly saw there to get my elotes but the new two females that are there now are freaking terrible and extremely rude. The last guy made me wanna come back these two made me decide to never comeback!!

Carlos Soto

Exelent, high quality ice cream

Mel Tafisi

Watermelon is never fresh

CookieCrush IndianBoogie

Best Mangonadas in Oakland!!

El Boogie

Best Mangonadas in Oakland!!

jonathan rodriguez

the customer service is very bad and more bad is that they have cats inside the establishment and those who work there do nothing to get them out that is disgusting for a food establishment

Sisdey Rangel

Nice place

Kate L.

If you're looking for desserts in Fruitvale, this is the place to go. Our kids always try something different--and they're always delighted--but for me the five star review rests on one item alone. The Mangonada. Now I have had other mangonadas, but this is my favorite. Perhaps it's like a first kiss; all others, even better ones, don't have exactly the same zing. Or maybe it's just that the chamoy to Tají­n to mango sorbet to mango chunks ratio is spot on. Whatever it is, now that we've moved out of the neighborhood the mangonada keeps luring me back. Cross the Bay Bridge? For this mangonada, absolutely.

javier soto

Very nice Service ... Thank you

Klester H

(Translated by Google) Excellent service and delicious flavors 🍦🍨🍧

Josh M.

Awesome service. Staff was generous with the ice cream samples and answered all my white boy questions. The food was great! Mangonadas & pine nut ice cream!

Henry R.

Ice cream was on point! Staff was really friendly, gave heaping samples, and were very helpful! Would definitely come again!

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