6140 Medau Pl, Oakland
(510) 339-9646

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Bianca Tamburrino

I walked in with kid at 7:53pm - door was propped open - and was told they were closed. When I asked what time they close, the woman glared at me and told me 8pm.Like that's fine, but update your hours to reflect your ACTUAL last call time so that people don't travel to your business? And maybe be less glare-y about it?Timestamp on photo 7:54pm

Marco Monte

Old Chinese lady had a terrible attitude with every customer. Don’t recommend

david perez

Love this place

Mel S.

*Open for takeout and some outdoor seating on benches* Came here on a Thursday night after dinner for a post-meal dessert. Pretty much your typical frozen yogurt location with multiple flavors and toppings. Safety and service: The person working this evening was pretty adamant about safety (not complaining). We were to use hand sanitizer before going in and touching anything. She had spoons and napkins laid out on the counter to avoid people touching multiple things.

Ty Navarro

Manager/owner immediately comes out of the back to start yelling at me about my psychiatric service dog. I have severe anxiety and tried to calmly explain that this was my service dog and what he does, but the man kept cutting me off and saying he wasn't a service dog, the whole time yelling over me. Wasn't willing to get into it or cause a scene as i was out with a friend and already severely embarrassed by this. Owner clearly judged me by my outside appearance. Incredibly rude and wouldn't recommend.

Est. Sar

5 Stars, for what?Obnoxious and rude lady working there.Sweet powdery strawberry yogurt, odd chocolate tast.

Nora F.

Just left this place. They are so incredibly rude here. And the toppings are old and stay uncovered. Go to the frozen yogurts 2 blocks away where they are nice and have basic manners.

Dreamy Mellohi

Best frozen yogurt place in the area!!

Roger E.

Worst yogurt shop I have ever been to. The 2 women running the store acted like they didn't understand my order. They required that they fill your order. I did not get what I requested. Was shocked when I was charged $25.93 for 2 large yogurts with toppings. I will not return. This is a rip-off.

Donna H

Go in once a week with 5 yr old grandson Max to get our frozen yogurt fix. It is so good, best in the area in my opinion. And the woman/owner who is always there, welcomes and remembers our favorites. So many good toppings!

Alana Cannon

Best frozen yogurt place in the area!!

maya martín

The owner she is very kind ^^

Pamela L.

STAY AWAY! I agree with the other 1 star reviews. This place doesn't deserve 1 star. We patronized this store for years but when I tried to cash in on my frequent buyer cards, she wouldn't allow me to combine 2 cards to get a free small yogurt. I probably spent well over $100 to get the free small yogurt! I was so annoyed with the rude old lady that I gave my frequent buyer cards to another customer, walked out and we're never going back.

Everything H.

The yogurt tasted rancid and warm. We will go down the street from now on. The older lady is very mean. The other was very nice and helpful. I didn't get any but my two sons and husband complained of tummy aches less than an hour later.

Summer C.

My partner and I went here and got the pineapple, blueberry, original tart and strawberry and LOVED them all! I was super happy that they had yogurt chips and fresh fruit as well. I would say the blueberry flavor was the best out of what we tried. Yes, the costumer service isn't the best because the one lady is a bit crabby but because it is Covid times it didn't really matter because we were in and out and the froyo and toppings were spot on! We are likely going to come back for the great food :)

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