El Pollo Loco

9431 Slauson Ave, Pico Rivera
(562) 942-2567

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Jorge Moreno

Very good flavor. The bad thing is that the burritos had been getting smaller and the cilantro ranch is not free. Love cilantro ranch

Hilda D.

I am not one to usually write reviews but today I had a terrible experience at this location. I used the drive-thru and asked nicely to make sure that my chicken breast were juicy and I explained that sometimes they are too dry. The guy at the window said yes with a smile. He gave me my order and I pulled over to make sure everything was correct. I checked my chicken and one of the pieces was super dry and hard. I parked and went in to ask to please replace my chicken and Rene the assistant manager was ignoring me. Once I was able to get his attention and explain that my chicken breast was dry and hard he rudely took it off my container and threw it back to were they hold the chicken and threw a new piece in. He said all the chicken was the same when clearly it was not. He said all the chicken breast were always dry, I understand it is white meat but it should not be hard as a rock. He was super rude and never apologized. He said if you don't like it call Corporate? What? An assistant manager with that kind of attitude? It's horrifying that someone in charge would have that kind of attitude. Then I asked for the General manager Daniel, I spoke to him and explained what happened and all he said was that he was going to speak to him. I understand that you can be short staffed but as someone who has been a general manager I know that management should never have that kind of attitude because it will trickle down to all the employees. I will not be returning to this location and I will be contacting corporate!

Eduardo Oliva

I asked for 3 pieces breast and wing the three pieces were not welll grilled .......it looks the crew get rush , I don't know why......I don't recommend this location.....

Carolyn C.

Food is good. However, this was the 2nd time I went through the drive thru and did NOT get what I ordered. How difficult is it to get 2 pieces of chicken - breast and wing and end up with a thigh and leg. It's worse when you pay the higher price for the breast and wing. Will look for another location. So, it is 2 for 2 for getting the order wrong.

Atomically B.

I said RICE. for my side. how can you confuse that with CORN. My daughter loves rice. I brought my family here cause we were hungry. 1st time at this location. Do you know how messed up it is to go buy food. just to get home and realize they didnt give us rice. So I had to cook some rice for her.

Cesar Serrano

Food is pretty much the same as any other pollo loco but i noticed that they are super greedy with their cilantro dressing. If you ask for a extra one its like your asking for them to cosign a house loan.


If I have coupon it is really good value clean and eager to please

Jole Saldana

I love pollo loco, I go like 3 or 4 times a week, and I like when Daniel is in the restaurant because everything is perfect.

Monserrat R.

First time at this location wow there customer service is beyond GREAT the Manager Daniel and staff were very Friendly . It's was worth it I enjoyed my lunch at this location.

Dina Roe

It was great to sit inside I de to eat our lunch.

Mauricio Pacheco


Vivky Manzo

Very clean place,very friendly staff ? and fast service!! Highly recommend ?

Steven Herrera

Everything went smooth they got the order right all good...

San S.

I submitted a mobile order and when I picked it up my order was incomplete. I told them I was missing part of my order. They insisted I was incorrect. Finally the lady checked the receipt and saw it was their mistake. Never apologized; she only gave me an annoyed look. I waited for 10 more minutes for my order to be completed.

George Cardona

Good quality food and service

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