Jersey Mike's Subs

8947 Washington Blvd, Pico Rivera
(562) 949-5300

Recent Reviews

Carlos Garcia

This is arguably the WORST Jersey Mike’s I’ve ever been to. The employees are nice but they get my order wrong ALOT! I filed a complaint with corporate last year and they offered a couple free subs for my troubles, when I ordered my free subs…they were wrong. I finally feel comfortable leaving this review because I’ve discovered a new location on Telegraph that I’ll be going to from now on and hope and pray that they have better ownership and management! I added a copy of my recent order history so that no one accuses me of making stuff up.


I've been going a bunch lately, after never having been a fan really. I guess now I know it's a much better alternative to fast food, or at least fried food. Gotta get the juice though and the red pepper spread. They are always super fast and helpful here.

Andre A.

I've been countless Jersey Mike's as a person who eats everyday, I used to work at one, this honestly is the most incompetent working this morning. I stood waiting for two hot subs for 15 min's. My girlfriends chicken sandwich is more dry than a sock straight out of the dryer. My 43 tub is literally dripping, It's not hard trust me. Please fire all the people and hire new ones

Gilbert L.

I ordered the #13 with everything on it. The young man was very helpful being my 1st time there. Great sandwich!!! Will be returning many times!!!

fernando plancarte

Great service n fast

Lennon L

easy pick up. friendly staff

Daniel S.

awesome place, awesome people, my wife and I get subs here at least once a week and are never disappointed... everyone is super friendly and polite... my wife and I go there so much we even get little thank you notes on our packages... thanks Kim... and thanks to all the staff... love you guys!!

joe martir

Love the sandwiches best service

Daniel Sartor

the Pico Rivera location is the best, my wife and I get subs from here at least 2x a week, thanks Stephanie and Kimberly for all your great help and kindness, and even when you are super super busy you smile and are super friendly... love you guys!!

Maurilio R.

Kimberly is awesome, always has the best customer service and always makes me the best #26!

Martha A.

This is the second time i find a hair in my sandwich I'm so upset and disappointed... never ever again returning to this place

Marena M.

Heidy is one of the rudest people I've came into contact with. Don't know why they would ever allow someone like her to work there.

Karen Granucci

do not order from this place - they have the worst customer service

Abelina Portillo

Great tasting sandwiches, made with quality produce you can taste in every bite! Jersey Mike's subs are delicious!

Viry V.

If I can give it zero I would. There is this awesome lady at my apartment complex that is super appreciative of the cleaning crew here, wanted to have lunch delivered to all of them (across the st from Jersey Mike's literally) so she went in and they told her she had to order on grub hub. She explained she didn't know what it was so was it possible for them to just deliver this $200.00 + order. They flat out told her no. Didn't offer to assist her on how to download the app (at the minimum) or anything. I would think during a pandemic "local businesses " would be friendlier to customers. Specially if they are a little older and not completely in tune with "grub hub". Ridiculous. That's why salsa grill got the order instead. Hit them up right next door.

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