Amici's East Coast Pizzeria

226 Redwood Shores Pkwy, Redwood City
(650) 654-3333

Recent Reviews

sally M.

I love Amicis! its my go-to. I order delivery a couple times a month. Never a mistake and they get to me earlier than the quoted wait time. Always courteous on the phone. The food is great! I seriously am confused by all the negative reviews. maybe its you.....

W O'Brien

Ordered the New York (basic cheese) with pepperoni and chicken Caesar salad. The pizza tasted like a "upgraded" pizza you would buy at those make your own pizza places like Pizza Revolution or Piology but a bit larger. For a 15in pizza with slightly above average taste the $32 and change the cost is a bit excessive. The Caesar salad was ample enough to share for two and was served with just enough Parmesan cheese and great tasting croutons. A good value for $14. This place has a happy hour option. Thursdays seen like a decent value. For $10 any pitcher of beer (although options where limited to only three). There was plenty of seating options both inside and out. Tables inside have ample spacing and does not have that "crowding" feeling. The biggest disappointment on my visit with the service. The salad came after our appetizer. The utensils came after our salad. The beer came after the utensils. I would say the capacity at the restaurant was 30% at the time we visited.

Neesh Q.

Just got off the phone with an incredibly incompetent "manager". Horrible experience. I ended up cancelling my order!

Ram Ambatipudi

The best pizza and garlic bread. Also, love that there is no additional cost for vegan Daiya cheese on any pizza.

Sylvia V.

This place is just seriously messed up. Called to order a pizza for pickup, phone rang and rang, finally answered, a guy said be with you in a minute and never came back. Called again, more ringing. Guy who answered seriously sounded drunk, could not get my order straight, Calabrese pizza and an order of meatballs. Finally got it together I thought and told me 30minutes, took my name and phone number. i just thought maybe they were seriously busy. Went to pick up, two customers waiting for pickup, four phone and order guys running around like their hair was on fire. 12 year old working the counter said I had no order in the system, couldn't find my name, phone number or order. What a wonderful experience! We left and I doubt we will be back. Can't believe they have any idea of customer service or even what they are doing.... Would like to give it no stars.

Vijay K.

I don't know what the deal with this place is. I've had issues in the past, but continue to go since it's local. Guess it's my bad. Ordered on their website at 8pm for ASAP delivery since my wife was traveling and would be perfect when she was home. Around 8:45 called for an update, they never entered the order from their online system. Blamed everyone but themselves. Said it would come ASAP with a discount, I said it should be free. (We'll see about that). Delivery came 30 minute later with a ring and knock at the door. I thought this was contactless as your website states....thanks for waking up my kid. Get your s* together.

Marcia R.

The one star review is for the fact that you were unable to take a prepaid gift card for payment. Pizza is fine but your system leaves a lot to be desired. Buyer beware

Dennis Wagster

Was good but as parent taking family here can be pricy. But good place casual dinner for two

Douglass Brown

Always amazing pizza. I came on a busy night so table service was a little stressed but I love the menu and will be back.

Connie S.

Had impromptu dinner at our friend's home & he ordered from Amici's. The 3 pizza's & salad were really good. I ate way to much! Disappointing that he also ordered drinks that weren't delivered.

Greg G.

If you want East Coast pizza but are west of Ohio, go here! If you want something else, try Dominos.

Robert Birner

still The Best pizza in SF bay area. Veggie my Fave

Amy S.

I absolutely love this pizza. Their pastas are great too- For me it's all about the service, and their customer service and facial recognition is stellar!

David G.

I have always enjoyed their food and especially their pizza. Although the Cesar's salad is awesome too. Very authentic. I think the price is high so only reason for the 4. If your are good with that then you will not be disappointed. We have used them since founded.

Move A.

Terrible service. I walked in to pickup a phone order. The guy at the cashier couldn't be bothered to even look up. Another employee (manager?) finished attending to a customer. I asked her if she could help me with getting my pizza, to which her response was (as she pointed to employee too busy to look up), "he will help you". I patiently stood by, and a few seconds later, a lady walked up behind me, waiting to pick up food as well. Now suddenly, the same lady who had refused to attend to me, rang up this customer at the second register that was open, and had her out the door asap. Perhaps it might have helped if I were white and female? Meanwhile, the genius at the register finally looks up, is unable to find my order number in the system, , finally finds it and hands me my pizza, then forgets to ask me if I needed napkins, plates etc (which were offered right off the bat to the other customer). Like I said, awful service... Nope, it wasn't busy, can't use that as an excuse Amici's. Will NEVER repeat.

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