City Pub

2620 Broadway, Redwood City
(650) 363-2620

Recent Reviews

David Shin

Great selection of beers with a knowledgeable staff to give on point recommendations.

Cori Newhall

Great food & awesome service! The chicken & steak quesadillas are definitely the BEST! Really wish this place was in the town I live in.

Shreyas Purohit

Great place to chill, have a beer and eat some food. We sat outside and had impossible burger. The burger was good and I added blue cheese on top. I just wish they had some special secret sauce on the burger to make it more unique. They have a big selection of beer and are on a street where you can walk into other businesses. There is a lot of parking around and behind at $1 an hour. There is also a Caltrain parking near by at $5.

Dora L.

So as we are celebrating my friends 40th Birthday a waiter Harry asked if we wanted to order food kitchen stops at 7 I said no as were only drinking beer so we assumed the bar was still open ..2 other waiters asked if we wanted to order anymore good as kitchen was closing again we said no as we were only drinking beer so when I asked for another beer he said no as they said they were closing .. I said you said kitchen is closing not the bar the kitchen which he apologized and said your right I asked to speak to the manager and a person came out and said I'm sorry but we are closing people have been here since 11! And they will have to pay them overtime! "Would you like to work over time! Hmmmi didn't tell him this but i worked 7 days a week for 1yr 6mo i have no problem working over time! I work for Kiaser as i tried to sign the check my birthday girl said pen isnt writing and he said you don't have to leave a tip and walked away as I said I wasn't ! What a manager! Will never go there again! I had even told my friend before the rudeness we should tell our docs to bring us here after all COVID crap is better! HELL TO THE NO! Not even if you paid me!!!

Kimberly M.

Great place for beer, brew, and snacks! Met my buddy there on a Tuesday afternoon. Spacious outdoor seating, so we took advantage. I'd read so many reviews about their fried zucchini but I had to try it.. it was delicious! The zucchini wasn't squishy or watery, and it wasn't caked in batter -it truly was yummy I wish the fries were made in house just like the zucchini sticks...

Jean Tech

The best. Hamburgers in town I'm the best prices and quality staff. All Around the menu is quality and delicious. Also quantity is awesome for the price. Good music or Sports if you want it.

Alejandro Molina

We are regulars there,always get love there from staff. The food quality always on point.

Dave Brunjes

Yep. They have Guinness and a turkey burger, keeps me happy. Great pub fare and vibe.


Great staff very attentive, delicious food and tasty beers

Tiffany V.

City Pub is a fun little spot that has been around for quite awhile! Service is great, the place is large and I enjoy the outside dining they have! Ok so there are some amazing things to get at City Pub and a few misses.... Their chicken wings are awesome!!! The quesadilla as well! They have a nice beer selection... Their kids meals are great - my son loved the grilled cheese. I wasn't too keen on the Salmon burger it was slightly fishy and just not super tasty. I just wish they had some more salad options, I think they used to have a veggie plate and it would be nice to see that come back. I always like to have some fresh options available and I think adding that back to the menu would be great. Overall though, this is a great beer and wings spot to come hang with friends!

K J.

We went there to have dinner a couple of days ago and we ordered the cashew chicken salad. What we got for our $16 (plus 3.5% living wage surcharge, plus tax, plus tip) was two dried out pieces of chicken (not cut up), oversized pieces of romaine soaked in vinaigrette, about 15 cashews, and some chow mein crunchy noodles. What? We have been to City Pub before and had excellent food, but this was just awful! And one more thing: if you want to add the living wage surcharge, add it to the cost of the meals. Otherwise, it is telling your customers there is a FORCED tip jar sitting right on their table. Tacky!

Gus Carroll

City Pub is an icon to Redwood City. You always feel at home!

Charlie Soulard

Better before shut dones.Fries missing parm cheese sprinkle.Changed burger bun. Before better.The manager was great but the other guy wasn't professionalHopefully get better

Celene Molina

Everytime I go I have wonderful experience the staff is great love their burgers n ciders I been going their for years one of my favorite restaurant


Delicious hamburgers,and always great rotating beers on tap. Service and ambience always on top. This is one of my favorite places to visit in Redwood City.

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