Cuco's Burritos

2855 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City
(650) 362-3474

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Martin Doettling

What a great find on Redwood City‘s taco mile: authentic Mexican burritos, all the meats and fixings plus a vegetarian option with mole. Delicious.

Clay Sesnon

An all Female operation cranking out tasty Burritos & street tacos.

Jesse Raskin

I love me some Chile Relleno burrito and the folks at Cuco's hooked it up! The flavors we all right on, with a nicely grilled tortilla, melty melty cheese, and some good beans. I ordered online and picked up and the food was ready on time. I think maybe my wallet is stuck in the 2010s but I still can't stomach paying $14 for a burrito, especially one that doesn't completely fill me up. But, that might just be the way the cookie crumbles these days.

Ken Brown

Very good.Attention to detail.Good quality.

Cindy N

This is my new favorite burrito place. I've been there a couple times and got the Californian. I prefer it with asada over chicken. It was my first time having potatoes in a non breakfast burrito and it adds a nice touch. I also really like the medium salsa they put in it and the addition of limes that you can squeeze on to your burrito which is also something I've never done before but will do it now. There's a small parking lot in the back since street parking can be a little tricky depending on the direction you're coming from.

Nena H.

Worst service ever if you want to order from this place go in person because they will completely forget about you if your on the phone placing an order. I called to place an order since my husband wanted to bring me lunch to work the key on the phone put me on hold because she had to charge an order and since they didn't put me on mute I kept hearing all the orders she was taking except for mine!!! I hung up called again and said that the voicemail box was full!!!! Just go in person since that's way faster and they will pay attention to you better! I guess I won't be having a lunch today!!!

Christina M.

Ordered carnitas super burrito and carne asada quesadilla with a side of pico de gallo. Both meats were served in a decent quantity and had good flavor. Minus one star for the outrageously overpriced 2 tablespoons of pico de gallo for $3.00, and the lettuce that was well past its use by date.

Lisha D.

Cuco's is hands-down one of the best places for consistently delicious Mexican food. They take pride in making terrific food and do it exceptionally well. Our favorites are the burritos, quesadillas, and flan. Plus, the staff is incredibly nice. We go there often and love it every time.

Claire Hoagland

Tried it for the first time. I had the De Fajitas which is one of their specialties and it was one of the best burritos I ever had. Their chips and salsa are also good! Also this is a women-owned business. So yeah!

Sharing YourPassion

Had a very good Burrito Super with Pastor (grilled pork) for $9. It was done right, not like some of the mushy burritos you get elsewhere. Plus they sear the tortilla a little to give it a nice texture. Big enough for 2 unless you're really hungry. The place is clean and has indoor and outdoor seating. Parking can be tricky. I'll definitely be back.

Ed A.

As my son and I exited Costco around 6pm on Saturday, we looked at each other behind our masks and realized that we were on Middlefield Rd., a few stoplights away from Cuco's Burritos. Therefore, in our continued quest to try and support independent Redwood City businesses, we placed our order on his phone and headed over to Cuco's. The website is well organized to select your protein (e.g. carnitas), level of heat on salsa (e.g. hot) and various accompaniments (e.g. cilantro, sour cream). We ordered a chicken Super Burrito ($11.50), a carnitas California ($14.00) and Agua Fresca ($4.25) (i.e. Jamaica Hibiscus) beverage for take out. Cuco's is a small restaurant with a few tables outside in the parking lot and 1-2 tables inside. During the time we arrived for pickup, there were two patrons eating inside and a two eating outside. One gentleman was picking up his order from bagged Pick Up shelf rack and we could see our completed order as well. We were in and out of the restaurant in 2-3 minutes and drove anxiously home to try our first burrito from Cuco's. We tried the Super Burrito first. It was good and we both tasted distinct flavors of the chicken, rice, beans and salsa. We took a sip of Aqua Fresca to rinse the palate, then tasted the California. Oh my. The flavors were delicious, prominent and somewhat muted the taste of the Super Burrito in comparison. We both have good appetites, but had to take a breather after finishing our burritos, as the portions are filling. Although we discussed which burrito was better, we already knew that our next visit to Cuco's will be for the California burrito!

Malley D.

Ordered a super burrito with fresh avocado from here for pickup. I was really impressed how quick they said it was going to be ready, only 10 mins! Nice big burrito, no small portions here! They definitely included ample slices of avocado, and the burrito was grilled, which I love. Solid burrito with good ingredients; grilled chicken tasted lean and there were no fatty or tendon-y chunks in my burrito. The only miss is that they don't have chips and salsa here, and I love putting salsa on my burrito. I'd like to try the California burrito next time.

Claire Zeltmann

I always get pastor in my burritos here and it’s the best burrito in town in my opinion. My Hispanic bf says that this is the most authentic tasting to burritos in Mexico.

Andy Halvorsen

I've become addicted to their burritos. Everything I have tried in the last 2 months has been stellar. I am having a hard time not eating here at least once a week. Muchos Gracias Cucos!!!!

Michael C.

This was our first time here. It was AWESOME! Mariella was so friendly and helpful. The food is fresh and scrumptious. Had the chili relleno burrito and it was the best chili relleno burrito I have ever had! I wish there was a Cisco's Burros in San Francisco.

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