Donato Enoteca

1041 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City
(650) 701-1000

Recent Reviews

Xu Lu

Good pasta and wine/charcuterie selection! Not a fan of their pizzas, Italico and Doppio Zero nearby are way better. The ciabatta is really good tho!


Great wine list, Barbers served at cellar temperature, perfect. Great menu, delicious food, superb service. Will return


Great local restaurant, one of our favorites. Comfortable outside dining. We had the cod, excellent and the ravioli again excellent. Wonderful Italian wine selection with great service. We also wanted to note that during the pandemic Donato and Gianluca hosted several fun and entertaining online cooking classes.

opentable dinner

Good food and excellent service.


We always love the food (and service) at Donato. This time, however, we sat in the new booths along Middlefield. It was incredibly noisy because of how the sound bounced off the wall of the building and the hard edges of our space. I'd sit elsewhere.


Food was excellent and good value!

Luis Valente

Great meal sitting outside. Enjoyed the spaghetti carbonara and loved the tiramisu.


Donato is wonderful!


Excellent food, wonderful creations in pairings bringing a modern spend to Italian fare


Wonderful late night dinner ambiance for a weekday, outside meal with great service.


We frequent Donato Enoteca because the whole experience is so satisfying. Not only is this real Italian food, Donato has a creative genius when he prepares his menu. His staff is excellent; friendly, experienced, knowledgeable. During these times, the outdoor seating is wonderful, comfortable, and has great ambiance.


Always the best recommendations from the staff, delicious fresh, home made food & excellent service. We love you guys for our Friday night dates. Even thought this place is known for wine, they make the best cocktails :)


Donato Enoteca has an authentically Italian menu prepared with care. Our waiter was very helpful and made our lunch a real occasion. Almost as good as our last trip to Italy.

opentable dinner

Excellent as always.

Janky T.

So when the cops showed up...I was like, "Great! They're here to arrest the a**holes who have just served me this garbage drink." But nope, they were there to racially profile some random masked bandit... which is unfortunate because every last one of the proprietors of this establishment belong in jail... and in my day job, I am a policy advocate for decarceration... so was that bad. The "martini" I ordered came warm and devoid of anything... no olive... no twist... and no class. The bruschetta boar appetizer... literally brown mush on soggy bread... and that's when we hit the eject button... "Oh, hell to the no. I did not survive a global pandemic to waste a single meal suffering through an outdated boomer's idea of food." As I was pondering this catastrophe and how I could escape with my date without too much additional drama, I looked out the window and was stunned; wait... who's that outside?... is that my girlfriend sitting outside with her new daddy dom with that hooking fetish?... girl... run ‍ Could this evening get any weirder?! Some establishments in RWC need to die... and this is definitely at the top of the list... if you can't mix a drink in a location like this, your days are numbered anyway... but do us all a favor, and quit pretending to care about this community and move onnnnnnnohhhh, my god... more cops just showed up... and a fire engine... and they're shooting at us ahhhhhhhhhh.... And my phone is dying... damn i

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