Nick The Greek

2034 Broadway, Redwood City
(650) 260-0081

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Garrett Burns

Incredible people here. We were in from out of town having trouble with our banking situation. Tried the order again after transferring money. Still didn't work. The gentleman working the counter comped our meals and said it's on the house. Immaculate service.

Ming-Chuan Tsai

The bowl and pita wrap us pretty good, Greek fries is ok. Didn't get the chance to try the fried dessert

IvI C.

Purely based on their customer service I have been to many nicks. I placed an order at 12:50 this afternoon and I got a text that I would be ready at 1:20 I was there at 1:20 and no one even knew the name of my order. I had to leave because I had to be in a meeting, when I called them the assistant manager was so rude and said that they couldn't rush the cooks to cook my food, but what really happened was that they forgot to make my order, and it's fine, but don't be rude and lie on top of that Blame it on the cooks! It's 8 PM at night I don't have my food still and they have my money this is the last time I'll be there!

Mika S.

******The owner got ahold me and issued me a full refund. He thanked me for holding his business accountable***** A friend suggested this place. She got a gyro salad and I got a chicken gyro pita. There was too much yellow mayo sauce in my pita, too little chicken and too much lettuce. There were maybe 5 cold French fries in the gryo too. My friends salad looked greasy. Besides meat there was only spinach and some dry pita. The gyro meat wasn't turning on the spit when we arrived and looked rather grey. Extremely disappointing and gross. I didn't take pics of the food. The worst part of this was the waitress with the blue hair. We arrived, she didn't say hello, or acknowledge us for a couple minutes. She continues to box up orders and talk to the delivery guy for a bit. As we were eating I kept hearing a steady noise in the background. Turns out she was Face Timing a friend of hers. She had her phone resting on a Sriracha bottle table and on full blast in a relatively quiet restaurant. She was on FT while she was preparing orders too. ******The owner got ahold me and issued me a full refund. He thanked me for holding his business accountable*****

Ahmad Gharaibeh

Best gyro in town. Fast and decent prices

Alysa Stanford

Did not have a good experience. Coworkers regularly recommend their food. Wanted to try it out. Didn't realize it was a chain. Ordered chicken souvlaki plate and loukamades. Asked for Greek salad instead of their regular side salad. Got back to my desk and they gave me a side salad in a small box, then "Greek salad" in the main dish box, no fries. The salad and the tzatziki were warm (gross!!!), the chicken and pita were cold. Obviously nothing was made to order. The lettuce smelled weird and tasted like dirt and soap at the same time. I don't think they use extra virgin olive oil. The tzatziki smelled like a baby's diaper. You couldn't pay me enough to eat it. Guaranteed food poisoning. The chicken was actually flavored well but the incorrect temperature threw off the eating experience. The "Greek salad" was completely flavorless and the vegetables cut too large. The saving grace was the loukamades. Not authentic (too dense) but delicious nonetheless. Disappointed there were no Greeks to chat with. Stomach is making gurgling noises. Pray for me.

Alejandro Molina

Good service but the food was saturated with salt n garlic. I did not finish my food n also I said no tomatoes but it ended up in my food.

Kirth C.

Easy decision when we are craving for pita and meat. We always order the Chicken wrap, the sauce is worth noting-- honey mustard making the perfect blend! The kids meal has a generous serving and can opt for rice or fries. We love the bowls with fresh romaine lettuce. You should not miss out on their garlic fries, it is addicting!!!

Vanessa G.

Loved their frozen Greek yogurt. Was definitely not expecting such a big portion for the price. It was tart and tangy with a nice balance of their honey drizzle. I had already had lunch prior to passing by but I would definitely love to return for lunch and try their souvlaki which looks delicious. They have a nice out door seating area too! Very clean! Glad to have found you Nick the Greek :))

Mark Oliva

Food was great. Staff were courteous and accommodating. Tables were available for outside seating. I ordered the beef gyro. It was just right for my taste.

Lara T.

It was a random, pretty hot day and I was suddenly in need of something refreshing like frozen yogurt. Luckily Nick the Greek had just that, and Nick's Fries looked great too so I had to order that as well. Food: - Greek Frozen Yogurt with Baklava and Honey--$5.95 This was just what I needed to cool off from a warm stuffy day. It had just the right amount of tanginess and just the right amount of sweetness from the honey and baklava. The baklava added a nice texture, and the frozen yogurt itself was not dense and rich which was nice. - Nick's Fries--$9.95 Nick's Fries come with feta, spicy yogurt, garlic, and meat of your choice! I opted for the beef/lamb gyro and the flavor of the meat was a perfect combo with the spicy yogurt and feta. Tips: - If the frozen yogurt starts melting too fast, stick it in your freezer for a bit. - Leftover fries heat up well with a quick zap in the microwave and a little baking in the oven.

Jatinder Singh

&50.00 for a party of 3? I think it is a bit pricey.Drove from Sacramento to check this place out, food was cold. Fries were really cold. Had to ask for some Hot fries. Money not well spent. Food was definitely not worth $50.00.

Mike Robertson

Solid fast Greek/mediterranean option with multiple locations. Stands up to smaller mom and pop places. Excellent online ordering platform.

Susan D.

You are safe here with any combination of things because all of the individual elements are good. If you are wondering whether the frozen Greek yogurt with baklava and honey is a good takeout/delivery option, the answer is YES! It stayed solid for much longer than expected. It can save you a trip to Souvla. Don't sleep on it!

Ernesto S.

I tried nick the Greek a couple of years ago in San Jose and became an instant fan of this place. I always order the lamb/beef gyro and doesn't disappoint as it is packed with flavor and meat. After not going to Nick the Greek after a year, I went in the end of February. I have to say that the service was great and super fast. But unfortunately the food was sub-par. It was nothing like it had tasted before. The fries were stale and cold, the meat was flavorless and the whole gyro was nothing like it tasted in San Jose years before. I have to say this was really disappointing and I don't plan on going back anytime soon.

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