Phở Trường Long

756 Woodside Rd, Redwood City
(650) 369-3767

Recent Reviews


Nice and friendly lady servicing and cooking the food, place looked clean with seating inside. I had the Korean ribs and it was good for the price.

James Bell

Best Pho ever!

gian deguzman

Food was good but couldn't order properly server was kinda in a rush.

Ray G

Great food, reasonable prices, fast service. Ordered and food was ready in less than 10 mins. The lady who took the order was kind and helpful. Pho was delicious. Good portions.Not sure why so many negative reviews but I absolutely loved the place and will return.

Joseph Orecchia

It was very good soup

Ashton Reimer

Excellent! Everything is fresh and tastes wonderful. The soup is the perfect balance of light, flavor, and filling. The egg rolls are some of the best I've ever had; crispy, hot, and fresh.You get a lot of delicious food for the price. Definitely returning soon.

Andrea Knupfer-Marsh

Best beef pho in town!

Nick Rose

I've gone here for a number of years. The food is ok. Mainly, it's convenient for me. I went again today and it was easily the worst experience I've had there. I know they're doing what they can to save money and stay in business. Unfortunately that meant there was only one person working there. Took a long time to order, our food came out at different times, one item was totally forgotten about. By the time the last dish came out the rest of us had already eaten. Food quality has gone down. All things considered it was a negative experience. It's been downhill for a while. Finally giving up on this place. :-(

Sheena Rose

This was the worse service I have ever had!!!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!! When we walked in no one was around and we had to call out for someone. Then everyone else got there food before me and I didn't get my food until they were done. Needles to say that was 40min after we ordered( I ordered the a rice plate). They never brought my drink and the others said the food was not to good. I ended up cancelling the drink and asked them to comp my food but they were not willing to do that. I would give them no stars but that was not a option.

Ray C.

One of the worst experiences I've had. They Did not open on time, the meat in the pho I ordered was insanely undercooked, and how they talked to was like they were trying to make me feel dumb. 0/5

Scott Hayes

Great place, decent food, I've been back several times. Great place to grab lunch

Mark L.

Outstanding.  Fine family, great work on basic dishes (esp Pho) and they do a wonderful job with takeout during the pandemic.  Great menu, made to order.

Decor is EXACTLY what you would expect from a true Vietnamese Restaurant.  Seems that some reviewers have gone there expecting "fine dining" in a "sedate dining room".  Those are the people who don't like Vietnamese food anyhow.

High recommend.

Trang D.

Ordered a vermicelli dish, the pre-frozen egg rolls were not cooked through. The food was mainly tasteless, not how I usually experience Vietnamese food (I grew up eating Vietnamese food). My partner, who is not a picky eater at all, could not finish his food and we had to get him another meal after leaving this place. Won't be coming back. Still on the search for good Vietnamese food in Redwood City.

Ang P.

The fresh spring rolls are delicious.  The pho is interesting because if you get takeout which is often during covid19  you will receive broth, noodles  peppers, and some cilantro with a bit of raw beef in plastic wrap. No bean sprouts or basil ..

Also at takeout they will give you a jar and ask you to tip when you pay.  Unexpected

Amandeep B.

I tried their food before and after covid in case it got better. It did not. Service was bad, food was disgusting, and the lady who works there is always yelling. If I could give negative reviews I would. Everything I ordered was super salty, bland, or gross.  They had to close down to due to rats, and I went on 11/25/2020 and I saw ant trails on the floor. I rather eat somewhere clean and this place is not it. I've had better Vietnamese food in San jose and San mateo.

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