Buck & Sadie's

2030 Douglas Blvd #28, Roseville
(916) 749-3394

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John Otter

This place was horrible! Made an online order. We never received a conformation email that our order had been placed. While ordering we had selected curbside pickup but when we arrived there was no marked place for curbside pickup. Ok I can let that part go. We go inside and are only halfway greeted by the lady working the front counter. Ok again I can let that go. She identified our order as it was placed in its Togo containers at the service window but tell us it’s not ready, still waiting on onion rings. Hmmmm neither my wife nor I even ordered onion rings. She tells us we need to step aside and will call us when it’s ready. We stand there trying to wait patiently for almost 10 minutes before we finally ask them what the heck was going on. Still took the guy almost 5 minutes to bag up our order. We walk out to the car where we inspect our order only to find it was missing a side salad. I walk back in and tell them only to get looked at sideways, then they had to recheck our order to verify if I had even ordered a salad but after another 5 minutes I get handed a bag with a puny container that had a couple pieces of lettuce, garbanzo beans and a couple tomatoes. Literally only 5 bites and the salad was gone. This place is out right the worst for burgers.

Zachary Cossette

The staff was genuinely kind and grateful people. Excellent service in all aspects and everything I ordered couldn't stay on a plate long enough to take a picture. I will be back to try everything on the menu for sure!

Lauren Sedgwick

When you go to buck and Sadies, you've hit the gold mine. This place not only has phenomenal food, but the people who work there are the icing on the cake. The selection of drinks is incredible, everything is quality. The food ugh so freaking good!!!! I haven't had food or that great of customer service in a looooonnng time. Family owned! Support your local businesses!! And this place in particular deserves an award, I'll definitely be a regular.

Vittorio Redenti

I got the “bacon me love you” burger and the fries. Just amazing! The place is also cozy and warm. I strongly recommend to visit it!

Sarah Giles

Had a great dinner with family tonight again at Buck & Sadie’s! We always have great service but tonight was above and beyond. We didn’t catch the name of the young man who took our order but it was a wonderful experience and the food, as always, was perfect. Please support this small business!

Rose L.

I literally came here for the FROZEN CUSTARD!! Found this when in the area, but I'd drive from Sac just for this. As a Wisconsinite, I'd say it was good, not Kopps or Leons ahhmazing, but a step above Culver's good. Definitely better than Shake Shack. The workers were very friendly, and the place was clean. I didn't have room to try the fried cheese curds, but that's next.


Always welcoming when I walk through the door. The employees are very friendly. I see new smiling faces all the time.The food has always been fresh and delicious. The restaurant is very clean and they were cleaning tables in between customers. That’s a huge plus with all this Covid stuff going around. It’s very pleasant in there. I’ll for sure be going back!

Michael T.

Ordered a Shroomy sub Impossible. Got beef. Didn't realize until a few bites in. Went to the front to check. They said it should have been Impossible and confirmed it was not. Offered to remake it as if being vegetarian is the equivalent of being overcooked. I will NEVER go to this place again!

Johnna G.

Yesterday while shopping for diamonds , i met the owner . She gave me her card , so i stopped in for lunch today . I love this place and will be back with my husband and three kids . You know why I love this place the most ? It's the reasonable prices . Post Covid , so many restaurants are charging obscene prices and even adding an 18% auto gratuity. I had the chicken Cesar (8$) and a double vodka soda ( 8.50$) . The staff was so friendly . The food came quick . The double was only 1.50$ more than a single . I'm super impressed, and look forward to trying the wings and other salads .

Alyssa C.

Not really sure where to start. The food is less than mediocre and their prices are don't match quality. I ordered a Cesar salad with chicken, I got 2 small cubes of grilled chicken mixed in my salad, their croutons are unseasoned and the salad dressing seemed watered down, very disappointing. Left most of it there. My fiancé ordered the BBQ salad and also received less than a chicken tenders worth of chicken in it. The size of the salad is a small kids plate, seriously a joke. The only thing that was decent were the lemon pepper wings, but unless you want cheese on top of your lemon chicken wings, ask them to hold the cheese. (Cheese isn't listed on the menu as a garnish anywhere, luckily my daughter was able to pick it off) Won't return.

Dawn M.

I came in for lunch with two friends. What a nice surprise! It was so much more than a barbecue place. The salads were fantastic! I didn't order the wings, but when I saw the waitress walk by with them, I thought " that's what I'm having next". It was clean atmosphere friendly I look forward to going back. Staff was great

Alondra G.

Shittiest place ive ever been to. Id rather go to wingstop. Worst customer service ans food was bad as well. If you dont want to work there then quick uoubspoil eveybody elses food. Rhey couldnt even make a simple margarita. Building is full of idiots

Christine N.

The burgers were delicious. The staff was friendly and helpful. I looking forward to going back soon.

Cedar M.

My fiancé and I took a chance and stopped in to get some food and the staff was very welcoming and nice and the our burgers were amazing. We definitely recommend this place if you want great burgers, nice ambiance and a welcoming staff.

Brittany Glick

Probably the best customer service I’ve received in a long time at any restaurant! The manager gave us a coupon for being first timers to use at our next visit. So nice!

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