California Express Pizza

1950 Douglas Blvd A5, Roseville
(916) 788-4444

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Kory A

I wish I lived closer to this friendly establishment. When I'm close I definitely try and stop in. The pizza is very good quality and not overpriced. They also have pasta dishes that are outstanding and refreshingly different. Regardless of how profoundly tasty all their food is, I am even more impressed with their customer service. Every single time I enter this establishment they are so accommodating, pleasant to talk to and really trying to please their customers. Can't wait to go back and try more tasty items from their diverse menu??

Dawn Ornelas

Best experience everytime, always hot, always fresh tasting, and awesome flavors!!!!! Best pizza I've actually had in my 51 years of life, and perfect crust everytime, never greasy, even leftovers. PERFECT!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! And I've only had delivery, and I live in Citrus Heights, the location is Douglas Blvd, HOT EVERYTIME ive had delivery!!!

Bobdawnbobbyornelas Ornelas

always hot, always tastes good, on time, have had delivery 3x's, always 5star!!!!

Amber Muse

Best pizza in town. Perfect amount of sauce and perfect crest. Every. Single. Time. Obsessed is an understatement. Mind you I don't really eat bread or carbs but this place is my guilty pleasure. ?

Lin L.

I love beef on anything. Love beef, period. First time here. Ordered create your own pizza, a small to share with Juan. Cheese and beef. I wish it was ground beef instead of mini meatballs. It tasted good nonetheless. I see a lot of great pizza to choose from. Next time I'll order something g else. The good thing is, if you're Kosher/Halal... this is the place to get your pizza. The gentleman who took our order at the front was super friendly and happy. Good job young man, love going into a eatery when it's all smiles and friendliness. Makes you feel so welcome even if the food is sub par. Go here to try a new pizza place!

Stefanie Helm

Pizza is so good and customer service is always on point no matter who answers. This is our go to spot. Never had a bad experience here.

will c.

This was one of the worst pizzas I've had in a long time. The best analogy would be an airport pizza that has been under the heat lamp for 10 hours.


This place is great. Zero complaints. We’re a family of 5 just looking for a decent pepperoni pizza. When mistakes have been made someone has gone beyond setting it right each time.

Jessie F.

The pizza is good & customer service is great! Everytime I go in psalm is so nice & sweet!!

Nidaa B

So it was my first time trying this place today the pizza and Buffalo fries were amazing and delicious! The customer service was top notch and I definitely will be recommending this place to anyone asking for a delicious pizza place to eat at!! And I will definitely be coming back again!! The owners are awesome too!! ❤️??‼️

Melanie Hardiman

Dude, their service is top notch! They remember their customers and go out of their way to check on your order specifics as well any possible mishaps!I ordered ranch twice but it didn’t show up on my order, bro first of all it’s ranch, so I wasn’t thinking much of it, but they straight up took responsibility for it and apologized sincerely!It’s hard to find sincere service like this so I’m gonna keep going to them!! (Roseville location)Also a great go-to if you have the munchies

Lily V.

This place is consistently amazing! The pizzas are always hot when delivered and they're super generous with the toppings. Great price point for high quality ingredients. The staff are always personable and helpful. I feel secure ordering from them, knowing they observe proper Covid protection measures. Drivers always wear masks when delivering and pizza box is sealed to show it was handled with care and not tampered with. Love this place!

Jennifer T.

We discovered this place when Covid hit. It was good at first but then they started forgetting some of our food each time. The woman owner. Always seems to have an attitude. After that the times started being really off from what we were told. Instead of our pizza being ready in 35-45 minutes, it would end up being another 45 minutes. So frustrating to have to wait there, knowing that other pizza places don't take that long. Waste of time! This happened on several occasions but the pizza was good so we just knew to never be there at the time they said. Last week, we ordered the pizza by phone. The owner was helping me. I got there to pick it up and they couldn't find our order. The owner looked at me like I was making it up. I said you took my order. She did not apologize and really had nothing to say like she could care less. We will never go back there. Good pizza is not worth the terrible customer service.

Ryan Koether

No problem with the pizza. My issue is with the salad. I was quoted a $6 price for an individual size and a $16 price for a party size that will feed four. I opted for the party size. The salad was delivered in a standard size (clam-shell) to-go box filled with iceberg lettuce and a few veggie toppings with cheese. For $16 I expected better quality lettuce at the minimum. The salad I received was only worth $6 at best.

Stephan B.

I pass this location everyday and saw the Open sign. So why not. Service was excellent. They wanted my business. Even offered to bring pizza to thr car when finished. The pizza was respectable. Not A 5 but not bad at all. I'd rather do this than Mountain Bikes.

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