Mikuni | Roseville

1565 Eureka Rd #1A, Roseville
(916) 797-2112

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First time and Disappointed. Overall felt like an Americanized restaurant which may appeal to many but was not what we were hoping for. A lot of unnecessary excess sauces drizzled over rolls and appetizers. Imitation crab (would love the option for fresh). Very salty tempura. Suggested DMC lobster roll was unimpressive and squishy with 2-3 sauces over it. We were told this is a very popular place but we have had much better sushi elsewhere. Sashimi didn’t taste fresh and delicious. Did enjoy the gyoza and kids loved the edamame and hi-chew treat with their meal.

Samantha Nielsen

Our favorite sushi spot! The fish is always fresh, the service is amazing and the food is great. The wait can get long if you’re coming during dinner, I recommend lunch to miss the crowds. Grilled albacore, freaky edamame and fair oaks rolls are my favorite!

jon barragan

Secret menu item!I've been coming here for 11 years, anytime I'm in the area I'll always swing by. If you get the chance order a Japanese Burrito! It's not on the menu anymore. It was way back when I started going there and they will make it for you if you ask. I normally eat 3-4 rolls but when I get it that's all I need! Always yummy. Had to go 2 times in the 2 days I was there.


This review is for takeout only. Arrived around 3pm on a Saturday. It was still packed and getting a table would take at least 30 minutes. I wasn’t planning on dining in, but heard another customer ask. I wanted to take out food for dinner with my parents at home.The to-go menu was hard to read as it had a lot of stuff. It took me at least 5 minutes to go through and finally decide on what I wanted to order. The cashier said it may take an hour, but at the moment, it could be 45 minutes. I was okay with that. I planned to visit the newly opened One Milk Tea next door anyway. 45 minutes later I was back for my order, and it wasn’t ready. I had to wait over an hour for it, but at least they warned me about that.I asked how many pieces were in the sashimi combo. Our cashier went to ask the sushi chef, but after a discussion, the cashier came back to tell us that the chef recommended chirashi as the number of pieces were about the same, and it included sushi rice. I was not so sure about that, but gave them the benefit of the doubt.The presentation of Chirashi was great. The sashimi quality was okay, but my wife felt that the sashimi combo pieces would have been bigger. I would probably agree with her. The rolls were good, but smaller than I had imagined. I forgot to take a photo of Mel’s roll, but its taste was not bad. The calamari had no flavor and the included sauce was much needed. The portion of karaage was so small that when I opened the box, it looked like someone had already taken some pieces.The overall taste was not bad, but given the portions, the wait, and the location of the establishment (distance away), I don’t think I will be back.

Jami E. Nash

Great food

Jami Nash

Open for the public great service friendly staff great food

virginia joel

Called the location on Eureka for a lunch reservation today and was put on hold for 5 minutes; asked one of my friends to call and see if she could get through to reserve as I didn't want to hang up and get sent to back of the que. My friend gets through, makes reservation without having to be put on hold and I'm still on hold!After 8 minutes, the gal gets back on the phone with me of which I asked, if I was forgotten about / advised my hold time, to which the gal doesn't acknowledge/apologize for and askwhat I needed. Such poor customer service. I hope other customers got better treatment than I did.

Lee Mosbrucker

We have been long time customers to Mikuni downtown. The food has always good but the service at the Mikuni on Eureka it has lead me to my first and only Google Review. If the owners are listening, fire all your employees seating people and get back to what was a good environment.

Patrick Smolenski

GREAT Sushi! It's gets busy, so make reservations and allow time. But the service is quick. It's just that some people don't want to leave (us) because they are having such a great time!

Teri C.

Decent sushi chain restaurant. The fish we had was fresh and ordering from the meal for 2 for $50 was pretty good. It was pretty crowded when I came in for dinner at 530pm already with a line out the door. Parking is a breeze with the lot. The rolls were just ok but at least the food is fresh

Liz J.

We decided to go to Mikuni for a date night and it was amazing. The staff was awesome and so friendly. Christine was our server and she did such an outstanding job. She was super nice and made sure we were well taken care of. She is so knowledgeable and pleasant. She made this a memorable experience for us. The quality of the food is unbeatable. The presentation was stunning. We will definitely be dining here more frequently! Highly recommend!!

Vincent K.

We were seated at a time promised within 40 minutes. Our Dragon Berry mojito pitcher was delayed due to them running out of simple syrup. They had to go out and buy some in the meantime but didn't offer anything to compensate the delay. Our hand roll and sushi rolls took longer than previous visits at other locations. Very disappointed at this Mikuni location.

Lynda L.

I started going to Mikuni when it was just one location near Rancho Cordova (Fair Oaks?). They are still the best sushi in the Valley. Even if you prefer vegan rolls, they are top notch, very tasty and fresh. The staff is busy but attentive. My companion and I enjoyed every single morsel. The freaky edamame is so so good! We'll be back regularly.

Edward T.

This place was very clean, staff was AMAZING, joked with us, and was very attentive. We ordered a spider, a Philly, and several other rolls I cannot remember the names of. All were amazing, a total of 6 rolls, Edamame, 4 beers and an iced tea for 95 bucks!! we will be back!

Enoch L.

Best sushi spot in Sacramento very clean fresh and anything almost you get has so much taste mmmmm yummy.

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