Short Stuff Cafe

1505 Eureka Rd, Roseville
(916) 786-3935

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Travis Hester

Amazingly good burrito. Meat lovers burrito.

Troy McMahon

Best breakfast burritos around. Love this place.

W F.

I would leave a negative star or no stars if possible. We have been going here for many, many years. Although the food is good, the attitude of the employees is terrible. I have never given anyone a negative review as I believe everyone is entitled to an "off" day. Unfortunately, this establishment has had more "off" days than "on" days and I won't tolerate it anymore. We had stop getting food from them due to negative experiences every time we stopped by. We were in the area and thought we would try one more time. The hours listed online are not the hours they honor. They decide to close the kitchen when it suits them. Saturday hours are 11am closing. We arrived at 10:38 and the kitchen was closed. They were still cleaning up so I asked what time they closed and and their reply, "The hours state are 11 but we closed now." I then asked what time I needed to arrive to get food. "At 10:30", was her answer. I suggested they change the hours to 10:30 so customers know what to expect. "Talk to the manager" was her reply. I kindly told her I would not contact the manager as I would not be returning because I had too many negative experiences with them and frequently arrived to find the kitchen closed early. Her reply "that's fine, we have plenty of customers." What? Is that how an employee should treat a customer? I told her, "and the other reason, is bad attitudes from the employees". The employees proceeded to talk amongst them, finding it humorous that I would not be back and not caring. The gas station where this establishment is located is great. I feel sorry for them as I know their employees get a lot of complaints about Short Stuff employees. Stay away! Support businesses that care about their customers!!

Daniel Benjamin

No gloves, not much care, not much customer service. Lady is spending more time playing games on her phone then NOT washing her hands than she is providing service to the public. You can be as friendly as can be and you won't get that reciprocated. Food is okay but the build up to getting the food is trash. Fantastic for Gas Station food but that's not hard to accomplish.

Shane C.

Great food, Great people don't get discouraged that it's inside of a gas station like I did at first, thankful for trying it.

Crystal S.

Good spot for a breakfast burrito. I had Dave's Wrap with green chiles and it was BOMB, albeit a bit on the dry side.

Jason Saylor

Best burritos around, I'd go their for a breakfast burrito before I'd go anywhere else

Paul J.

The Dan's burrito is exactly the same from when I used to get them 10+ years ago. A huge breakfast burrito that is perfect for a big boy like myself.

Samantha P.

worse service ever. started yelling at me for no reason and giving looks like we did something wrong. i wouldn't even want to rate this place

Helena Y.

Awesome breakfast burritos with lots and lots of cheese! Located inside the gas station! I will be back again for sure.

Michelle J.

The bacon breakfast bagels and breakfast burritos here are the best you can find in the area!!! The ladies that work here are wonderful. LOVE this place, and it's so affordable too!!


Amazing the most addictive burritos I can find

Jeff K.

Was super excited to try this place gas stations or not. Walked in. Watched one lady cooking while the other lady PLAYED a video game on her phone ( I know because the volume was all the way up!) swiping touching the phone with no gloves with both hands for a solid 3-4 min. Then a burrito was up, put the phone in her pocket grabbed it with both hands, rolled t threw cheese ect NOT WASHiNG her hands. Disgusting.  I walked out. They are also incredible miserable and overall rude as they speak to people. Phone is loaded with germs and whatever else you've been touching.

Rachel H.

They do have the best breakfast burritos, but I just walked in and all three of the people behind the counter had their masks down and were eating right next to all the food and grill. Then one started cooking without washing her hands. If you've been there then you know the area is very tiny. Even without COVID that's just gross.

Kevin Whelan

Best breakfast burritos I've had from anywhere was right here at the Short Stuff Cafe. Food is awesome. They're only open Tuesday through Saturdays though.

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