Taco Bell

5002 Foothills Blvd, Roseville
(916) 784-7996

Recent Reviews

Dave Fredrickson

Hermine was super friendly and genuine, got the order perfect, even brought it to my table

Matthew Wheeler

They got my order wrong the last 4 times. I onnly asked for nno lettuce onn my tacos. Nothhhing complicated. This location has always had this issuee. Super frieenndly but I have to check my order everyytime for a couple minutes before leaving

Johnny “Hippy Bones” Subang

I've been going to this same taco bell since I was in elementary school, never have they let me down. Even during a lunch/dinner rush I'd get my order in a timely manner!

Phillip Cole

Good Toasted cheesy steak breakfast burrito.

Al M.

Well first off my wife picked up some burritos and tacos for the family after eating those tasty burritos and tacos my and her sister got sick I ended up going to the ER at the veterans hospital my whole lower right side of my body hurt the did a cat scan and said it was food poisoning I wish I could sue Taco Bell I will never ever eat from that dump again my wife did talk to a manager of Taco Bell she apologized and said comeback and the meals is on them Hell No

Leah M.

Clean and friendly. And their always nice to my kids when I let them go in their own.

Jeff McIntyre

It's taco Bell. No tosadas, limited menu. Food was good and cheap.

Patrick McNelly

The people that work at this Taco Bell are very polite respectful and I enjoy that when I go get my food keep it up guys doing good job

Bug G.

Family pack is always our choise when the late night want something. Always good as usual.

Paul Fajardo

This pretty much your average Taco Bell, nothing special, nothing really bad. This location does get really busy at dinner time. Best to order ahead on your app of you're gonna pickup your food

Steven Hart

Food is consistent and fast. If the drive thru looks long its still faster than going inside. They deck all the employees for the drive thru

Kevin Boerner

This is my favorite taco bell. This location was where I worked when I got my first job at 16. Since then it's been fully remodeled inside. You can now also order and pay at the inside kiosk. The only problem is that the drive thru can get very busy and have a long line. I don't mind though because of how fast their drive thru times are. Shout out to Clemente, the best store manager that store has had. Viva Gordita!

Heather S.

The food turns out well, but there is a very random, and very annoying thing that is happening every. time. we go: they forget our drinks. (One caveat, this only happens when you're inside the restaurant not the drive thru). Why?? And they always seem surprised they forgot. Write yourselves a reminder note, people! Lol but seriously.

Elizabeth Waters

Good food for a cheap price, very friendly and fast customer service. Giving away a free taco if immunized, no card showing required. Love that these places are starting to open for in-store dining and that the self-serve drinks, condiments are back. It's a small thing, but feels more normal!

Laura Evans

This store has a great crew! My order has always been quick, complete and without complaint.

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