La Trattoria Bohemia

3649 J St, Sacramento
(916) 455-7803

Recent Reviews

robert m.

Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce = religious experience! Must try.

Mikhail Zinshteyn

Good Czech fare! The gravy in the goulash is dairy-free, which was nice. I liked the steamed cabbage seasoned with cardamom as an add-on. The presentation was lovely, too. I can't speak to the Italian cuisine.

Larry S.

Some of the best pizza in town! The dough is delicious. It kind of tastes like it is made with a baguette dough. This is good thing because the crust is just as good as the toppings! The ingredients they use are high quality so check this place out. They have a nice beer selection, misters on the patio and awesome Schnitzel!

Nicole G.

Delicious meat ravioli!!! So good I wish they were stuffed with just a little more meat.

Janet R.

The service was great. The food however was not great. We ordered the chicken paprikash and some ravioli. They both lacked flavor. The spinach ravioli with alfredo sauce was not good either. The alfredo sauce was very runny. I am used to creamy alfredo sauce and I could make better at home. I tried their pizza once and was disappointed. I gave them a second chance hoping their food was better and I was very disappointed .

Ian S.

La Trattoria Bohemia is such a hidden little treasure that I almost don't want it to be found out... but that would be selfish. The world deserves to know! Amazing. Central and Eastern European cuisine cooked with incredible ingredients and skill. Fantastic staff that make you feel welcomed. The chicken paprikash on homemade spatzle. Let's start there. Arguably one of the best dishes in the city. Great pizza (one of which has said paprikash on it), homemade veggie lasagna, schnitzel, and sausages. For those that have spent time in Central Europe and fell in love with the food and culture, this is a must. Each visit reminds me of my time spent in Germany. My wife and I celebrate big life achievements here. Things like new jobs or promotions, or any other good fortune. I also used to bring my girlfriend here. You know, until we celebrated our engagement here.

Dan Sebby

Great schnitzel! Reminds me of a German Gasthaus.

Shelby B.

INCREDIBLE experience. The quality of the food was superb, portion sizes were plentiful, beer and wine selection was great, and the service was top notch. We ordered the sausage platter, Bavarian goulash, and a side of spaetzle. This was a hidden gem in Sacramento that we can not wait to come back and visit!!

Vetsik M

I keep coming back for their yummy czech food and their delicious Primator dark lager. Czech beer is the best. I would say that this is one of the best restaurants in Sacramento area. By the way, try their fried calamari with one of their beers on tap. That combination brings meaning to my life.

Eve Hogan

Had the calamari. Barely edible imo. Also had the pork schnitzel. A bit dry to me. Rosemary potatoes lacked flavor. Just needed salt, which I'm actually thankful for because most places over salt everything. The chicken soup was actually really good. For the prices they're charging, food just mediocre.

Chris Edwards

Everything here is always good. This is a place where you can feel comfortable ordering something different or new every time and never leave disappointed.

Frank O.

My wife and I had a wonderful lunch yesterday. The food was very tasty and the service was good. We enjoyed the Czech dishes. Lots of food at reasonable prices. We have leftovers for tonight's dinner. Just dropped in before a hospital visit. We will be back under more favorable circumstances.

Ryan Speroni

Chicken Goulash and the traditional beer made this Czech place my new favorite.

Willie Amado

We had a delicious and reasonably priced meal in this unique little spot. It’s not at all fancy, but it’s nice (think cloth napkins, good quality flatware but no tablecloths) and the food and service are were excellent. I also tend to be choosy about wines, and I thoroughly enjoyed the glass I was served. If you’re looking for a meal away from the chains, give them a try!

Nicholas J.

I'm kinda sad I have to write this review. Sad because we've had some great food and summer times here with friends chilling to the live music. Before covid, they had a cosy and hip atmosphere that lended the night to romantic dates. Not a big thing, but tonight they've placed really cheap closet dividers between the tables. To be honest, it distracted me a bit. All the food we ordered before covid was amazing. They had this vegetarian lasagna that rivaled some of the Italian eateries in LA. Tonight... I'm not sure what I got really. I ordered the gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce. The gnocchi came as 4 inch long logs instead of the more traditional bite-size pieces. It came in soup form, with the gnocchi sitting in a bowl of milk (very very loose sauce). I did my best to try it out, lapping some of it up like a kitten. I couldn't eat much and left hungry. That doesn't happen too often. The waitresses we nice and friendly.

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