Mikuni | Midtown Sacramento

1530 J St STE 150, Sacramento
(916) 447-2112

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Kelley T

Mikuni is a fantastic sushi restaurant in a fun, trendy location. The atmosphere is open and airy, our server was polite and attentive.We ordered the Freaky Brussel Sprouts and Flamin Shrooms for appetizers, then the Miso Ramen,Sea Steak, and Spicy Tuna Roll. It was all excellent and they offer the Sea Steak with red or white tuna, or mixed, which is really cool! All around a great dining experience!

Nasa Rouf

Rolls are great but the salmon aburi is to die for

Norman Franklin

Mikuni is the mother ship of sushi in Sacramento - all other places are compared to her. The food is excellent, the preparation is superb, and the staff is attentive without being bothersome. Somedays I feel like a Mikuni fix, and nothing else will do.

Dottie Hernandez

First time at a Mikuni. Service was good, though I had some difficulty bringing up the menu on my phone. They are not using hard copies of the menus right now as a Covid precaution. I ordered the Marilyn Munroll, it was delicious.

Maxine Reyes

Yum and still need to explore the menu further. Our Server was probably having a Sad day as we didn't really feel his presence. Maybe next time...


Service was great! Scallops and Sushi were sooooo good. I totally enjoyed eating here

Minie Link

Great food. Great staff. Waiting time was faster than expected. Love that they have a gluten free dedicated menu, however I wished they had more gluten free-vegan friendly items. Definitely recommend the restaurant to add gluten free noodles (sharitaki noodles) for their deliciously looking ramen bowls ?

David Carroll

Good timing party of 7 got in 15 min waitGood service ?The food was delicious ?

Nachuan Luo

Food was okay, pretty average Japanese restaurant experience. Sashimi came with a strong fishy taste. I got a slight diarrhea the day after, maybe it was the food.


The sushi I had was very tasty. Order two plates if you’re hungry since portions are small. I had also potstickers and the chocolate mousse desert, yummy. The atmosphere was cool, the staff is very friendly. Definitely would go back!

Hoozuki Kuma

The design of the restaurant is very unique and creative, service is excellent and friendly, food are extremely fresh. Definitely will go back again.


Excellent food. Good vibe. Everything was tasty. Fresh sashimi, excellent warm appetizers. Definitely a great choice.

Where's The Foul

There was a wait! Definitely worth it if you like quality sushi. No menus. You have to look online or use the qr code at the side of the table. We ordered the Annie roll and the Japanese Mafia roll [the long roll]. Both great, but Order the Mafia roll... Was thee most flavorful!!! I do not like cream cheese in my sushi and this roll was AMAZING. Cannot wait to go back. They had Midori Sour which is my favorite drink. They made it perfectly ?

Mike Gomez

We went during the COVID-19 restrictions... No waiting list when we went mid-week for dinner. Good still the same - really yummy. Had the peppermint, sea steak, and various rolls and handrolls. Will definitely come back again when I'm in the area.

Ari D.

I can't believe the number of good reviews. Please take the bad reviews seriously. Horrible.

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