Oz Korean BBQ - Sacramento

3343 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento
(916) 362-9292

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The best time to come here is during lunch! If you are able to lunch time is best because they have the same items for AYCE and it’s a few dollars cheaper. The service is always great from the staff. I’m never starving or feel like I’m begging for food. I always enjoy coming here.

Rebecca Pall

Wow! What an amazing place, from start to finish, and fabulous ice cream!

Ryan Miller

Coming from a Nc area where bbq is king , going all the way on the other side of the country we had to give this place a try. Korean bbq has such a big hype and I can see why, it is super delicious and this restaurant was by far our favorite during this stay in the CA area. It is also all you can eat so it is well worth the money. Everything you choose on the menu , you must good on a round grill built in the table. Basically bout as fresh as you can get it, and you get to cook it just the way you like. So many options to choose from and because you can go round after round you can basically try it all. You will not leave this place hungry that is for sure.

Sally Kasper (Sally)

If you like Asian food this is the place. The service here was friendly and quick. We chose the lunch all you can eat. Were were told to choose 3 appetizers, 3 proteins and our choice of veggies. Rice, salad, and sauces are available upon request. We were very pleased with our meal and overall experience. Well be back for sure. I will recommend to anyone!


Whenever I review a restaurant, I always look at a few key metrics, like the quality of ingredients, diligence of the staff, presentation, and a few other idiosyncratic nuances I won't discuss now..No matter what metric I consider, Oz Korean BBQ dominates, standing at the peak. Without question, Oz represents the best Korean BBQ in the greater Sacramento area. We had the pleasure of dining with server Brian, and I must say his energy, and attention to detail, were second to none. He knew every ingredient intimately, was so attentive that it bordered on precognition, and maintained a positive yet restrained attitude that was consistent the whole night. When our food arrived, the pot stickers were as fresh as can be, and each ingredient we cooked tasted delicious. It was obvious that Oz used decent ingredients, as even my shabby skill produced cuts of meat that can only be described as sacred. The cadence of fresh food arriving was pace car perfect, and there was never a moment where we wanted for anything. Unlike Blue House, Brian took the time to change our grill when it blackened too. Truly, a great experience. My only gripe? No leftovers! Haha, give it a try. It's a bit pricey, at nearly $30/person, but it's absolutely worth every penny. We left with full bellies and great memories.

Viet Vu

If you like Korean BBQ this is the place to go. Best customer service I've seen at a restaurant. Good beef, chicken, and pork dishes with side of rice, salad, miso soup, kimchi, etc. Definitely recommend Oz Korean BBQ.

josh osborne

Service was great. Loved the food. Would go back for sure. Great dining experience

Tomoe Ferguson

Good service and food

Julia Palko

It's a cool place. The food is awesome. The setting of the restaurant is beautiful. Great service. A little expensive but that is because of unlimited seafood. Worth it.

David Loza

Very good all you can eat just pay once and for some soft drinks & alcoholic drinks. Overall my experience was good. Friendly services. I notice good teamwork when I was their.

Jessica Liang

Probably the best kbbq place around. The quality of meat is excellent and the staff is super friendly. There's a reason why this place has a waitlist.

Kylie S.

Love, love, love this place!! The food is unlimited and of excellent quality! My favorite is the sesame beef and garlic mussels. The service is phenomenol and the atmosphere is very nice! Highly recommend this place. So worth the wait and travel time!

elita k.

Had a great time here with a friend ! Our waiter was amazing and everything tasted fresh! If you're coming with a party of 2 choose the lunch menu options or individual menu items - I'd recommend the all you can eat only for parties of 4 or more. Everything was reasonable and the wait was only 30 min during a weekday.

Richard K.

Does not allow service dogs Read about service dogs train your staff post notices on windows service dogs allowed or complaints will be filled at justice department

JoMariiz Villn

Awesome service. Note:They did temp check and require mask while not eating. They were not accepting cash at the moment.

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