4301 Arden Way, Sacramento
(916) 482-1205

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Jennifer Bomberger

Very rude female barrista told me to raise my mask higher 3 times while I was ordering!!! I think she got off on the power trip ! Most barristas there are really nice! ?

Enrique Beneterra

Kind, friendly staff. Very few times has my order had problems. They seem to only get better with each day.

Jonetta Boutte

Went here today at 9am to drive thru the employee was sitting on drive thru window where they hand drinks out that's disgusting and he should not be sitting on it and there manager had nerves say we dont put drinks on there I'm so done with this location I never seen no employee sitting down on their drive window handing out drinks at no other location shame on them that manger should not be a manger

Jayme Pittroff

Clean store. Great employees.

Cynthia Espinoza

I just love Starbucks! I've tried others and didn't find them up to my standards.

Alex Ramzo

Always fast service.

Jeff Hufana

The workers are so polite and helpful and they are friendly to customers

Sammantha V.

I usually don't type reviews but it was a close Starbucks and we ordered and the person taking our order from the drive through had an attitude when I was saying my order I said "do you have birthday cake pops" then she said "we should have them," then when I ordered it she said they don't and when I went to go pay no one wanted to take my order to pay they just said hold well be right with you and when we got our order it was what we expected the mango dragon fruit is my go-to so I know what It tastes like and tasted like water literally no flavor, the funnel cake strawberry also didn't taste well didn't have any ice like a frappe does as if they just put water and blended it, only good thing was my cheese danish, :(((

rusty shackleford

This is the 5th time they haven't had my ham and cheese Croissants and it isn't that late into the morning. I'm going to the Starbucks on watt Ave from now on, at least they're able to keep their supplies stocked.

jalisa love

I've never stopped by at this location because I saw the longest car line over there. It was no line today and I definitely know:You are greedy guys!

Narendar Osborne

I Love this location because the baristas who service my order always get my order right and I'm never disappointed about the money I spent.. thank you to all the wonderful Baristas

Summer S.

Super weird experience today...usually I have a fine experience and friendly folks. This time I asked for a grande brown sugar oat milk but wanted almond milk with it. They said they were out of blonde roast and gave me something else for the espresso and left 1/4 of the grande cup EMPTY...uh, why? I wasn't paying for a talk in a grande..I wanted regular grande but less ice.

Kyle sanderson

Great service, quality you can expect from Starbucks

Craig Ashby

Kaylene was a wonderful server

Yolanda DeHerrera

I love star bucks and the friendly staff.

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