The Mandarin Restaurant

4321 Arden Way, Sacramento
(916) 488-4794

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Darin C.

Zero Stars. Worst Chinese Food Ever. Should have read other reviews. We ordered popular plates with Beef, all was slimy and fatty and no one in our 4 person party could swallow one bite. The walnut chicken was like sugar mayonnaise and greasy batter over pieces of cantaloupe. The Owner Made Us Pay for the dishes and not one bite was eaten, and when I said I was not paying, he said he was calling the police. It was like one of Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares where the food is terrible and the waiters work in fear of the owner because they don't listen to anyone and live in denial. Sad.

Marcus H.

Best Chinese food in Sacramento by a long shot, and yes I have eaten at all of them. The quality is fresh (even the seafood) from the bok choy and snow peas and incredible sprouts. Great location too and plenty of parking. The interior was very nice and clean...better than most out there.

Pu B.

For such a huge plaza they didn't have much food selection, but i'm glad i stopped in here. My little brother who just turned 22 and was working with me that week were hungry and who doesn't like Chinese food. Right when you walk in the thing that caught my eye was the bar. There was a couple tables taken and to avoid waiting and to celebrate my brothers birthday we went to the bar for couple drinks, and lunch specials. The owner is the bartender, cook, and waiter that day I don't know what their daily work force is like but he did everything when i was there. Food was surprisingly good and still authentic. After 4 shots of Jameson and some good chinese food we headed back out to work. Will be back when i do my Thursday route in Carmichael.

Ashley M.

Wasn't anything special. I called for take out on a Wednesday night and was told 40 minutes for chicken chow mein and an order of pot stickers. Sounded a bit long for a wait but I shrugged it off. Showed up to pick up my order at the fourty minutes and was told my order my still wasn't ready. Shrugged it off again came back in after fifteen minutes. My order still wasn't ready. Had to wait an extra five minutes. The restaurant wasn't too busy either. Was really hoping the food would be worth it, unfortunately wasn't the case. Had a bite of both dishes I ordered and threw the rest out. The chow mein was a bowl of grease and the breading on the potstickers was wayyy to thick compared to the filling. I'm all for supporting local businesses but this is wildly not worth the money or time.

Pon L.

Writing this so other's do not waste their time stopping at this place. Spent $29 on to go order, got home and no rice included, did they think I stopped and paid so that I can home and do all the work myself? On top of that the classic Mongolian beef which is by far the easiest dish to get right, was definitely not right, all soggy and bland. And the fried prawns well it's battered shrimp!


The service.I called ahead and left work early to catch them open. It was my first time trying their Singapore Noodles. I had tons of questions as a very pleasant young woman got them all answered. I showed up and I was rather impressed at how elegant yet welcoming this place is. When I first walked in I was a bit unsure where the proper place for pick up was. I was greeted with a smile and excellent service as they were expecting me. The order was piping hot and ready. So sorry I forgot her name but she welcomed me back another time and I can't wait to try those award winning Mai Tai she spoke of. You Nailed customer service. ( I'll update yr name later)?The Food.Mike did an excellent job of explaining the Singapore noodle dish. My late hubby introduced me to this dish and this place did an excellent job of preparing, best in Sacramento/ Carmichael that I've had. Fresh items too.I expected bigger prawns though, not salad shrimp. I added one spice of my own. I'm a cook too.As for the Egg Foo Young... PERFECT. ( That is not easily done.) Personally, I would smooth the lumps a bit more in the gravy and if you like the gravy part of this, I suggest Order extra.( Expect to pay.) Its common.PLUSIT TASTED BETTER THE NEXT DAY. Even the eggs tasted freshly cooked still. HATS OFF TO THE MANDARIN RESTAURANT ??????? ???

Jane D.

Don't ever come here, their food was spoiled and we had to send back multiple plates. We ordered chicken and it smelled like fish, and tasted awful. We literally gaged and spit the food out, We also ordered beef which was rubbery and hard. We asked to speak to a manager, but they never brought one. They didn't give us a discount, and they added the tip already to our total bill which was 20%. We added a 15% tip and the waitress came over saying that 15% wasn't enough. Eat there at your own risk, but we went home feeling nauseous and sick

Patrick O.

Very under rated in. The food is great and the Mai tai is a must. It's family owned and the entire staff is very friendly. When you walk in, you might think it's the 80's... but the ambiance is part of the mandarin experience.

Randy CAT

Don't bother calling because they let the phone ring & ring & ring then they hang up on you... I've eaten here a few times and the food can be decent at times but I've been there at other times and the food was horrible.... there's too many good restaurants in town for me to waste my money and time on the inconsistent Mandarin.

Mo M.

My fav place for the ever in creasing pricey garlic shrimp...but ya gotta have it right? Not my item Togo, I goy the sliced Bbq pork, which traditionally...dip in spicy hot mustard then sesame seeds...yum. BUT not the fatty very inedible pieces of not fully cooked pork that I was given. Sooo disappointed...but it's all wrapped up so do you check? I guess I will next time but will for sure not order that appetizer again. The pot stickers are very thick, doughy, blah tidbits as well. Just saying.

Cintia Rodriguez

Absolutely love coming and having Miranda at the bar walk us through their location and what they have to offer. Always a great time conversing, even with other customers. Such a fun and inviting atmosphere. Everything we've sampled so far has been great and a pleasure to have. I can't wait to return and see what else we can experience!


The food tastes good but was on the cold side. Took forever to get the won ton which turned out to be crab Rangoon. We ate it but not what we ordered. Tried a new beer Lucky Buddy. Good. Had tomato chow mien and walnut chicken. Tasted good but the chicken looked like it was pounded to death. And both dishes were cold. Not busy in there so don’t know why everything was cold. Our waiter was the best thing of the meal. This use to be a good place to go but seems like the bar and tender were only concerned with their customers. Also did not like the window sign. Not going back.

John H.

I did not enjoy my food experience here. Did not find the ownership friendly or inviting. When trying to find a restaurant for a relaxing night you want to stay away from one that has political crap in plastered in the windows. That should have been a hint for me. Live ,learn and never again.

Ryan Holland

I told my friends about this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The the food there is great and the team is generous and cooperative. always when we go to this place we pass a pleasing evening. highly recommended.


My family and I loved every bite. The Mai tai was so good. We had garlic eggplant stuffed with shrimp was my favorite. Great service and great drinks. We will be back

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