Burger King

205 E Redlands Blvd, San Bernardino
(909) 370-2000

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Neariah Rodriguez-Bolderoff

• Could barely hear the speaker and the woman working the drive through seemed like she could barely hear us• Messed up our order several times, even after correcting they forgot our drinks, luckily we remembered and remind them•they is always some kind of issue even the last couple times we came hereIn case you expect the coffee to be larger here is the size compared to organe juice :)Bottom line I love burger King since I was a child this location specifically should work on the drive through service and the speaker and make sure that works well enough to hear the customer and the other way around. No one is perfect I will update this review my next time around

Lisa Raigoza

Food was great Hot and fresh. Drive-thru was pretty fast! The order taker took everything accurately and make sure she gave us straws, napkins and sauce. Would come here again for a good tasting fast meal.

Lola Cruz

Clean, but to many flies when door opens. Uncomfortable to sit and eat in an establishment that has flies in the dining area

Alejandro Otero

Let me begin with saying that what you see is not what you get and I got somebody else's order

Claude Ward

Place was clean, tried chicken sandwich again, still could not eat all of it. Big sandwich. No complaint.

Freddie V (Fredogg)

Not impressed with the Ch-king, Popeyes is way better, the onion rings were cold and soggy, and the girl didn't seem too nice. Doubt I'm going back.


I take my grandkids here every week we don't order anything fancy but every single time the food is always hot and delicious. They are always so kind

Cristal Santiago

I’m not sure who was at the drive through taking orders in the afternoon but they SERIOUSLY need to get retrained on their customer service- she was way too rude and kept cutting me off. Normally I wouldn’t say anything, but they got my whole order wrong. I tried calling multiple times but your number is out of service. :( I like this place but the service was terrible

Joseph Larsen

Pretty busy and I had to correct the order after I checked the receipt. However, the masks and plexiglass barrier makes it difficult to for both customer and cashier to understand each other.

Cynthia Lopez

App was easy to use and it was nice to order ahead of time

Walter Jones Jr.

Conveniently located right off freeway with great service. Public wifi needs a little tuning up though.

Jesse D.

The fact that I worked for 3 years at an excellent Burger King, probably makes me expect more. But when you get fast food in San Bernardino what do you expect? Still, Burger King's slogan of "Have it your way" changed Fast food. And when you work at BK you MUST pay attention. No mustard does not mean EXTRA mustard! Fine, they made a mistake. But it was the treatment when I went back inside that really stunk! I was treated as if I way a disturbance. And at no time was I offered an apology for the mistake or for my time. When I worked there, we had a stack of free whopper cards for such mistakes! Not here. Just rudeness and more proof of the downfall of BK!

Ruthie Mena

Our Woppers were good. The service was good

Erik Hendricks

Wow had breakfast here.so surprised.Quality of the food was Japan good.A+ WELL DONE coffee was bomb ?too

Saul Felix

BK app is the reason I go often ..good deals

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