Donut Star

2140 S Waterman Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 824-6555

Recent Reviews

Jose Ruiz

The food is good similar to waba grill in my opinion it's better. I don't really like the donuts there okay

alex martinez

Delicious steak and chicken bowls as well with the breakfast sandwiches? staff is very nice:). My go to spot

909 IE Baker

The best and most fresh Teriyaki and Donuts in town!!!

Shiloh Davis

Excellent customer service and delicious food!!

Jasmine J.

The food is good but they can't get the orders right. Something keeps going wrong. And they will not ADMIT they made a MISTAKE. GEESH. Instead of going back and forth I just won't go back.

Joshua Barajas

Always extremely friends and the food is great!

Hendry K.

I love their steak or chicken teriyaki bowl or plate. And my favorite is the Salmon plate .

Albert Gonzalez

Very good food cook on the spot but donuts in every other kind of thing you need right there good location easy access quick and very very grateful

Marcus stocklin

Love the Food better then waba and a lot cheaper

Gloria S

This place is AMAZING! not only do they sell donuts but chicken veggies bowls and OMG. THESE ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN Waba grill! They're PACKED with chicken! The taste is authentic. I reccomend you trying this place out, you will NOT be disappointed!

mike wazouski

amazing terika i wouldnt touch the doughnuts tried them threw it away after cannot stress how good the teriki is salmon beef chicken all so good i drive 20 mi out of my way to go here do yoursrlf a favor and dont let it sit very long and a bit stingy on the extra sauce

Elizabeth L.

FORGET Waba Grill !!! Period. This place is better in every way. The chicken is always nice and grilled and tasty. Their teriyaki sauce is on point and their portions are excellent as well. I would most definitely recommend this place much better than the mainstream ones. This place is has great chicken and steak bowls!

Monique Castro

Love their ham and cheese jalapeno croissants I always come here after work and pick up pick up the donuts for the family

Jose Martinez

There donuts are the best really good and there sandwiches

Alex Sanchez

Looed so good was about to tear it up then i seen somthing in the. Meat it was meatl shavings from a grill cleaner i took back to them they refunded me it was in both my orders of teriki bowls owner denied i had to show them becarful ! Dounuts were good

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