Golden Dragon

1042 W Highland Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 883-3390

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Romel E.

Honestly did not think this would be as good as it was. The place is in a run down place and ghetto street but one thing I have learned from when I ate there is never judge a book by its cover! As soon as I walked in the atmosphere immediately changed because the inside was absolutely beautiful. The service was great and the food was even better! Great and reasonable prices for the food because they gave a surplus of food! Highly recommend!

Tony S.

Went in for some orange chicken and the 12$ deal. Was an absolute steal. Egg rolls were delicious. Couldn't ask for better, quicker service.

Jose Duarte

Best Chinese food restaurant in San Bernardino. Been a customer for 6 years. The Kung pao chicken is a must.

Enid Lind

I have only eaten here once in the past and I dare say it will probably be the only time I ever eat there. I had a takeout order about a week ago. And even though I had called in my order and waited for 15 to 20 minutes before going to the restaurant, it took almost 20 minutes more when I got inside to get my order. Not only that but there was a line of people waiting for takeout orders, possibly some of them delivery drivers. Regardless, my order consisted of orange chicken (which was decent), eggrolls which were very good, chow mein which I love, sautéed broccoli it was delicious, but then there were these dumplings… Which I don’t know what they were made from but I have never tasted fried dumplings like that before! It was some kind of chewy substance that I could not identify. I also got an order of the spicy fried shrimp, which was so spicy you needed to have some milk standing by. Also the breading was so thick it almost made me sick. The steamed rice was just that-white rice. So out of six items that ran me over $70, my family and I were able to eat only 2/3 of the meal... which doesn’t equate to a very good deal in my opinion.

Helio Castro

Like the food is always good and clean service.

Elizabeth Thompson

One of the last places that you can find to have fresh cooked food no buffet style but order it and it'll come to your table nice hot and fresh. Love this place

Ana Colunga

Love it we go once a week


It was very simple and moreover fits the role of a authentic Chinese restaurant. The style again fits the role, and was very quiet and pleasant. The food was great and the price actually wasn't bad, you also have to know that they put their time into cooking and they check up on you very frequent, but not too frequent. In total we had $33.40 for me and my father which as you can tell was another portion wise which was a great price. Loved it.

Sonia H.

The food is sooo good! I love the crispy noodles with their sweet and sour sauce. One of my favorite lunch spots!

Scott Henderson

Always been a nice place to eat but tonight we stopped by its been a year because of covid people were sitting at tables but were told we can't i think because we were white its a shame

Mario V.

Normally I don't like Chinese food.... My family purchased and I was very impressed. I really liked the taste, it was fresh, and authentic.

Sabrina M.

We were excited to order food from here after reading all the Yelp reviews. We ordered via postmates and awaited for some bomb food. But upon arrival it was sheer disappointment. The food was disgusting. We ordered the orange chicken, vegetarian chow mein, and bbq pork. Orange chicken: the sauce was very yummy but half of the chicken was just fried batter and the other half was over cooked chicken. BBQ pork: most of the pork was just pork fat and not meat! It was all mushy and inedible. Vegetarian chow mein: the veggies were absolutely rank. It left a horrible after taste. Very upset that we wasted $56 on inedible food.

J A.

It's sad that I had to give one star. The food is very good, But unfortunately my recent visit was awful. I waited in their restaurant for an hour and 10 minutes just for soup!! They only care about making door dash, postmates etc orders. My meal was made when they had down time

Austine E.

I had my dinner delivered via a delivery app. The food was hot and I couldn't tell that it had been put into take out containers before I served it on my own family table. I felt the Garlic Chicken was heavy on the onions, but the other items I ordered were great. Not oily, no under cooked vegetables or tiny pieces of protein. Perfect potstickers FYI. The Twice cooked Pork was reminiscent of one of my favorite Henry Chung recipes: Harvest Pork. Chicken chow mein was good. It wasn't sticky nor was it greasy. Well prepared I was hoping for morning leftovers, but my picky eaters ate it all. I recommend!

Arlene Tomes

5 stars. I highly recommend this restaurant to all my friends.

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