Gus Jr

295 E Redlands Blvd, San Bernardino
(909) 825-8219

Recent Reviews

Carina C.

amazing food have been coming for years since my storage is close by. The hamburger special is the best.

Timothy W.

Food is good, but workers are prejudiced. If you don't speak Spanish to the main lady, she treats you poorly. Watched today (8/13/21) as the main lady delivered food all over the restaurant, skip my order to deliver another Spanish-speaking guest, and then tell my order at the top of her lungs 4 or 5 times until I got off my seat to confront her. She did not see a problem with delivering food to everyone who speaks Spanish, and then deliberately not delivering food to those that she thinks don't speak Spanish. I surprised her went I said, "¿y a mí no me traes la comida? Won't be coming back, since I can't tolerate prejudice in any form

Marina V.

food was ok. I ordered the carne asada tacos, and the meat was a lil over cooked. Beans and rice were good. The only reason why I'm leaving a comment was the service at the drive thru window. Thick gal was rushing me to order, when I got to the order, no thank you, do you need anything else? she passed the food and closed the window. I won't come back that's for sure.

Jessica Williams

The worst customer service in this area. Everyone has an attitude like they hate their job and hate the people ordering from them. I simply asked what certain items consisted of and the order taker feels the need to mock and correct you. If this is what you call a staff with customer service you can keep that unseasoned, bland food. Get a new order taker before people stop coming here. Not to mention the 45 minute wait for a single hamburger. Zero stars if I could

Albert Herrera

I love the grilled chicken salad with the pita bread. I go out of my way to go eat here. No complaints.

Kimberly Govea

The remodel is an extreme improvement. The service was ok but surely not the same. Years ago the staff/workers were more personable and family oriented now it's just another fast food restaurant.


Visiting from Florida and stopped by for a bite to eat, overall great food I will comeback for more

Raymond Macias

Always bomb fresh to order food. They also have the real deal Cherry Coke on tap. Amazing burgers great grilled chicken sandwiches you could add avocado and bacon too, breakfast served all day, family combo for those on a budget you can't go wrong.

Aracely Zuniga

Oh no the lady has to work on that attitude. Wish i got her name. But it's obvious she hates it. I am not paying my money for people who hate there job and give bad service. We left not happening there's so many other places to go n better

Ron Brooks

Kind of alert down. Use to have the best steak sandwiches but now just ok. Probably won't return.

Alexandra M.

They're food is great but they're service is terrible , no one ever smiles or greets you it's only 1 girl who is full of joy there and sadly they need to learn from her . Now The lady counting all the coins who I assume is the manager looks like she just woke up ,usually I don't care but her hair was such a mess I wouldn't be surprised if it fell in the food. I expected more from this place simply because they are in Redlands . I myself manage a restaurant and I would never let my employees walk around like they just rolled out of bed . It's not decent or kind of grossed me out ..especially bc she touched the food after she counted the money . SCREAMS COVID!

Debe Newton

This place serves the best hamburgers and chicken salad by far then any other place. I have been going here for 11 years now, and will continue for years to come. I wish other Gus dinners tasted this good!

Brian Arthur

Food was good. Cool selection of choices. Not sure if I would stop by if the drive thru was full


They had nice Customer Service, Good Food, and Nice Dining area I thank this place for the good time it gave me today.

Steve Sommer

My first time being here, and I must say, they have the nicest drive-thru hostess ever. I'm came hoping they had a philly cheese steak, and indeed they did. Now, for all the philly lover's out there, you know as well as I, that the steak must be cut, sliced and diced into small pieces. Not the case here. They throw and entire piece in between two buns and call it a day.You wouldn't try to bite off hunks of steak with your mouth and hands at a restaurant would you?

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