John's Burger

1155 W 2nd St, San Bernardino
(909) 885-3932

Recent Reviews

Raymond Macias

A classic in the SB John's beings back so many memories. I've been coming here since I was in Highschool, quality and consistent taste. Definitely a must try.

Anthony Garland

Need a debit card machine at the register for easy payments nobody carries cash all the time.

Vanessa Valdez

Best deal around! $7 for a cheeseburger, drink, and fries, $8 if it has bacon! They've been around since the 90s that I know of and are a hidden gem. No dine in yet due to covid but it's too good to not just eat it fresh in the parking lot!

Jason Hill

Good food fast, and good customer service, my son got a double bacon cheeseburger and added a extra Patty to it and we've been home an hour now and you still talking about how good it was LOL

Christine Bierdrager

Simple menu. Hit the spot. Affordable.

Leticia M.

Best burgers in San Bernardino and the owners very friendly. Our family has been going to this place for years. Great at a great price

Ernesto Murrillo

Love this place,was raised in that area grew up on John's burger,best burgers in San Bernardino.

mibaridea mibaridyaa

WHOA! The single bacon cheeseburger was absolutely delicious (and huge). Thin meat patty, crispy bacon, lots of lettuce and onion, a thick slab of tomato, with a healthy helping of 1,000 island and some pickles sandwiched between two buns. I took a bite, then had to instantly take a few more. I couldn't believe how good this burger was!

Maria Yanez

The combo special is big and filling. Better then any other place around. ( just my opinion). I give it t stars.

Vanessa Flores

I have been coming to this place since 1994 when I was a little girl! It is THE most amazing burger place I have ever been to! The fries are crispy and big, the burgers are juicy and the veggies always taste fresh! I moved to a different state but every time I come back home John's Burgers is my first stop! If you are debating whether you should try this place or not, we'll debate no more because I promise you this place will blow your mind! If in the future we have teleporting devices, THIS would be the first thing I'd have teleport to me!

Anamarie R.

I love coming here when I'm out there in Southern Cali!!! It's a must... my dad would always take me and my siblings since we were babies and kids!!!!

Jairo Rubio

Food is delicious. People are awesome. Great burger joint

Yota 909

Best burgers in town been going here since I was a kid totally reccomend

Jason Smith

Great prices for a great meal!! The burgers are delicious! I will definitely be going back!

sergio ortiz

Truly underrated burger shop. Yes it's small and decor could use some remodeling, but this place makes awesome burgers at a great price! Veggies taste fresh and burgers are meaty. I would pick John's Burgers any day over McDonald's, Carl's Jr or any other mainstream burger franchise.

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